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Tuesday, November the 24th
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The Sign of Sagittarius
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Gemini, your horoscope 2021 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan
A more or less conscious aggressiveness pushes you to slip verbally around the 9th. Instead, rely on your sense of strategy and a gentle method to steer the debate to your advantage and calm things down. Jupiter commits you to push certain limits. But beware of your instinctive impulses playing tricks on you (the 12th). Vigilance is recommended around the 17th, 20th, and 26th: your enthusiasm pushes you to a fault.

2nd decan:
You conduct negotiations intended to serve an ideal (the 1st and 8th), you plead for a just cause and direct your socio-professional destiny towards your noblest aspirations. You cannot resist your arguments and your magnetism.

3rd decan:
You are in full transformation since 2018. The process urges you to draw a line on the past and be reborn and freed from the weight of the past. Persevere, even if the task is heavy, you will reach (from mid-March) a situation that you will enjoy from mid-March.

1st decan
Reason with your emotions so that they do not mislead you and spoil opportunities to expand your horizons, progress, and surpass yourself. Otherwise, you risk being stuck in your impulses and confronted with an unconscious mind that blurs the tracks and thwarts your aspirations. Control your exchanges to influence things (on the 25th) positively.

2nd decan:
Beware of the hatred you unleash if you antagonize everyone. Expect criticism or hidden malevolence. The current does not flow between you and others. But rely on your enthusiasm, charm and talents on the 11th and 13th. If you have a mission or a cause close to your heart, it's time to defend it successfully (the 14th).

3rd decan:
You do not lack arguments to boast of your merits. The New Moon on the 11th pleads in favour of the realization of your ambitions. Don't use your charm to manipulate your partner, rather use your current strength without making noise and deploying your strategies.

1st decan
Charm to spare on the 3rd and the 21st: you use your hidden resources and originality to make an impression. Projects rally the votes and allow you to get help (on the 26th). The Full Moon on the 28th exalts your talents and your chances to love.

2nd decan:
With panache and enthusiasm, rely on a discreet but effective striking force (the 22nd) to progress quietly. You will see your projects come to fruition because they are based on solid ground (the 30th and 31st).

3rd decan:
Neptune connects you to an ideal. You invest all your energy to defend this cause! Your hierarchy shows itself sensitive to your arguments and your charm (the 14th). The New Moon on the 13th encourages you to continue your quest.

1st decan
Between the 14th and 22nd, don't take any risks in your emotional life. Analyze your situation to learn from it before launching a new cycle with full knowledge of the facts. The Full Moon on the 27th invites you to manage stewardship carefully.

2nd decan:
Your head is full of ideas and projects, but you need time. On the 10th, you dig into the subject and move forward, step by step. Emotions and memories arise and disturb your inner life at the end of the month. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed. Otherwise, you risk thwarting your prudent and constant progress.

3rd decan:
You direct your actions and speeches to score points with your hierarchy. But you hurt feelings if you impose your will on everyone. Rely on your seductive projects to rally the votes without manipulating anyone. It is by communicating your enthusiasm to others that you will achieve your goals.

1st decan
Between the 9th and the 17th, count on Venus to reinforce your seduction and Jupiter in Pisces brings you back to light. Don't overestimate your influence on events and accompany them rather than forcing your way through. The Full Moon on the 26th invites you to listen, cooperate, and take a step towards each other.

2nd decan:
Muzzle your impatience and take a step back from your emotions, so you don't block your progress. If you defend your interests by connecting with your intuition and your quick mind, your charm will do the rest.

3rd decan:
Strategies deployed in the shadows allow you to make a difference. Use your charm and talents to plead your cause in high places or serve an ideal that inspires you. But don't overdo it, at the risk of doubting your intentions. The New Moon on the 11th recommends that you take stock of the past year (before your birthday).

1st decan
Your talents are rewarded at the beginning of the month: a raise, a new position, or a new job. You will have something to look forward to. At the end of the month, some income may be available to replenish the coffers. A long-awaited recognition that you deserve. The Full Moon on the 24th invites you to settle the current money affairs. Whether it is a question of claiming a debt or applying for credit.

2nd decan:
Your radiance helps you make an impression. The New Moon on the 10th launches a new cycle of expansion. You don't lack assets to boast your merits and your originality of tone but don't overdo it. Don't step out of line so as not to get stuck in your impulses (the 14th).

3rd decan:
Clarify an ambiguous work situation on the 3rd and don't pressure anyone to end the day calmly. Your desire for autonomy is legitimate, but misunderstandings with your hierarchy or power are possible.

1st decan
Until the 5th, Venus makes you pass your messages smoothly and communicate harmoniously with your entourage. Bet on the 12th to claim a raise and praise your merits. You take care of your loved ones at the end of the month, but you have to balance investing in work and relaxing. The Full Moon on the 24th invites you to raise the debate and promote your ambitions.

2nd decan:
Avoid getting carried away at the risk of suffering the consequences. Your uncontrolled instincts are leading you down the warpath. Instead, use your unconscious forces to nourish your talents and your sense of diplomacy to smooth things over. The New Moon on the 8th invites you to exploit your potential and claim its just recognition. Your exchanges with your loved ones become passionate around the 13th.

3rd decan:
Rough communication could fuel misunderstandings and sow doubt in the minds of those who direct you or have authority over you (on the 6th). If you aspire to serve an ideal, begin by clarifying your thoughts and intentions. Enough (on the 15th and 24th) to make requests aligned with the reality and possibilities of those you are asking for. On the other hand, if you persist in making inadmissible requests, you risk hurting people's feelings and offending authority.

1st decan
You feel like chatting with your loved ones but master your language because, until the 14th, Mars will push you to raise your voice in your family where this tendency is very badly received. On the other hand, if you mobilize yourself to help those you love, restore the house, or manage the housekeeping, it will be appreciated. At the end of the month (the 23rd), Venus reinforces your seduction power and sensuality to end the summer in beauty.

2nd decan:
Do not provoke anything or anyone on the 1st and 2nd. Use your creative genius on the 3rd to please your own. But beware of verbal slip-ups dictated by your impulsivity (the 4th, 6th, and 19th). If your communication remains fluid, it must deal with obstacles and events that can slow things down. Wait for the 20th: the current is flowing better. You are better connected to your inner voice to dare (the 22nd).

3rd decan:
You spend time with your family (between the 7th and 16th) while keeping an eye on your mission. It's a work in progress that inspires you (the 10th and 25th). You want to improve your living conditions and those of your entourage (the 11th and 26th). However, avoid making too many demands in a hierarchy or to a higher power. If it remains attentive to your ambitions, it will not grant you everything (the 11th and 20th).

1st decan
You distribute your talents and express your emotions to reassure those who trust you. But your goodwill to serve the common cause is of little use to you on the 17th: despite your commitment, people remain deaf to your efforts. On the 25th and 29th, assert yourself in love or business. Your radiance and your determination should convince.

2nd decan:
The New Moon on the 7th urges you to take care of your loved ones and take stewardship to improve your living conditions. If you aspire to live a harmonious daily life, avoid letting yourself be disturbed by inner turmoil that could only disturb the frequency (the 23rd).

3rd decan:
You are obsessed with a personal or professional goal that takes you away from your own. Don't manipulate your loved ones (the 6th and 22nd). Rather transform your home environment to make a difference. From the 27th onwards, your exchanges with them go around in circles but continue to work for the common good and avoid overdoing it. Otherwise, you risk having your sincerity doubted.

1st decan
Between the 7th and 16th, Venus invites you to listen to the other. Rely on this benevolent attitude to anchor your relationships on solid ground and associate yourself. At the end of the month, act adequately with your mission. Don't get stuck in your entrenchments. You don't want to be blocked in your impulses.

2nd decan:
The New Moon on the 6th invites you to love and to do everything to be loved in return. You are insistent, ardent, and determined to take a step forward. Whether professionally or emotionally, you lack neither arguments nor charm to convince (the 17th).

3rd decan:
If you want to evolve (on the 4th) and score points in business or love around the 15th and 28th, avoid manipulation. It's the best way to make the situation evolve to your idea. It is by playing fair with others that you will convince them.

1st decan
Clever and charming, you make the situation evolve to your advantage (the 6th). But on the 10th, an abusive demonstration of authority plays against you and incites others to slow you down. Use dialogue (on the 29th and 30th) to reassure those around you about your intentions.

2nd decan:
The New Moon on the 4th invites you to team up, but don't let your original ideas interfere in collaborative work with others. Otherwise, you risk rejection or mistrust of your proposals. Renounce imposing anything on the 17th: we find your methods dubious or dictatorial. Opt successfully for the soft method and strategically influence your entourage on the 19th.

3rd decan:
An obvious talent on the 1st, enough to mark minds but do not use these assets to manipulate your entourage. You serve the common cause or carry a mission or an ideal. However, it is necessary to balance between rejection and ambitions to prove your devotion without giving up your ambitions.

1st decan:
Jupiter gives you an advantage starting December 29th. A proposal comes back on the table, a confirmation of commitment, anything is possible and will be revealed before mid-February 2022. Bet on your determination, between December 13th and 27th, to make an impression on everyone.

2nd decan:
The New Moon of the 4th speaks of agreements to conclude, contracts to sign, and collaborations and associations to cultivate. Rely on your intuition and originality that push you to transgress preconceived ideas to transform your situation (the 20th). But don't abuse it! Beware of an authority that restrains you and frustrates you in your expectations. To regain sufficient leeway, wait until the 30th: you will be judged on your work and commitment.

3rd decan:
You put your energy at the service of your evolution. But do not impose an authoritarian approach within the teams in which you work or in your family. You aspire to serve a cause, but you have difficulty understanding the intentions of your hierarchy? Count on your commitment (the 20th) to make an impression and end the month and the year rather happy with yourself.

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