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2018 horoscope for Virgo

Virgo: Your 2018 love horoscope

Love: Get Out of Your Shell !
You will have not have any trouble connecting with the outside world in 2018, where your thirst for human or intellectual knowledge is accumulating. You can network and make different contacts and why not, important emotional or social encounters. No question this year of staying confined to a small circle of people that you know for a while but to expand your universe in order to meet your desire to share, communicate and get out of your comfort zone. Since October 2017, Jupiter invites you, without too much reserve and from now until November 8th, 2018 will allow you to cross paths with people who meet your expectations and stimulate your desire for discovery, enrichment and personal fulfillment. Also expect a crush that could give (color) to your emotional world, why not?

Whether you are already in a relationship or still on the quest for that special someone,, in 2018, you benefit from positive waves and cosmic influxes that carry you, Ami Virgo, put you on the right track and cause chances for happiness (which are not really a priori because we attract what we radiate) or warm relationships that were on their last breath or have gone through some turmoil. From November 8th, 2018, Jupiter will promote your family life and encourage you to start a home or improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones. A year of opening to cross with curiosity even if some (from 1st decan) have to contend with Saturn who asks them to observe their motivations and their expectations and really invest really in the bonds of love!

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd) : Review the Passage!
If the autumn of 2017 encouraged your initiatives to reach out to the world and establish new, warm contacts with people who seduce you, then Saturn has invited itself into your world of relationships and especially lovers since the end of December and could tarnish this charming picture a little. In fact, you have been going through (until the end of 2018) a period of reassessment of your emotional life, which will undoubtedly prevent you from giving your body and soul, from acting and loving with the greatest spontaneity. Did you (in 2015?) have to make an awakening, driven by family events that forced you to redefine who you really were? You now intend not to fool yourself (anymore) and risk not valuing the worth of your bonds. It is not a question of pouring yourself into romantic effusions but instead of studying closely in order to understand what really connects you to the other and if your relationship really allows you to express what you have become over time! So expect to be more cautious in your exchanges, even cool down the atmosphere a little. Try, however, not to put the weight of your questions too much onto the other because it is you who are primarily concerned by this astral influx, which is not necessarily fun but ultimately precious. In the long run, you will be able to understand who you are and how you can experience the relationship by integrating your understanding without ever denying yourself! Fortunately, you will receive some help from Venus who will be your ally in February (between the 10th and 18th) where this delicious planet will invite you to listen to each other ... for the best! Also, borrow from her in order to push back some of the previous limitations and develop your ties favorably between March 31st and April 8th and extol projects that can help you take off together between May 19th and May 27th. Venus will boost your power of seduction between July 10th and 19th and will push you to express more openly your potential and desires between August 6th and 17th. Between the 9th and 31st of October, you will have the opportunity to strengthen communication between you and your partner and others. If you feel that the current does not pass as well from the beginning of October, take the time to sharpen your arguments in order to know what you really want. Jupiter will invite you to tighten the ranks as a family, or to found one, or at the end of the year, root yourself in a place or environment that you like where you will then be aware of the work (on yourself) accomplished and the results obtained or in the process of being obtained!

In a Relationship, you will hardly be in the mood in 2018 to contend with the demands that are bothering you and holding you accountable. It is then time to question yourself on the merits needed to determine if the role you play or are given in the relationship is right for you. You have changed a lot and evolved in recent years? It's up to you to know what needs changing or ending in order to make you feel right with yourself! A review of the passage, which is not necessarily nice to face but that should eventually strengthen your couple or at least allow you to recognize yourself within the relationship! Count on Uranus (between mid-May and early November) to get out of a previous confinement and give wings to your loves. The only essential? Abandon some outdated beliefs (about you or your partner) to broaden your horizons together.

Single, you will not necessarily want to embark on the adventure in 2018? You think too much! Saturn reinforces your natural mistrust of emotional outbursts and in 2018 you are committed to establishing serious, deep bonds that correspond to your basic needs ... otherwise nothing! If your moods that are sometimes a little naughty restrict your love prospects a bit in 2018, you will however potentially meet someone who makes you want to invest. In early November you may even be tempted to commit yourself and why not install a cozy nest to share ... Between mid-May and early November (and more specifically this summer), Saturn will work with Uranus to broaden your perspectives and help you give up some misconceptions that were trapping you. The opportunity then to find that special someone?

2nd decan (September 4th- September 13th) : Yes !
If for some time you were subjected to turmoil more or less trying in love and had to deal with passions or emotions that were a little disruptive or too often prevented you from living harmonious relationships or making lasting and truly fulfilling encounters, in 2018 you will enjoy a planetary network that is rather complicit in your emotional universe and you should finally live great moments of sharing with your partner. Jupiter allows you to take off the blinders (or drop those of the other) and opens new and wonderful perspectives. You find the right way to understand what connects you to who you love and how to better manage your couple. If you're still on the lookout for that special someone, open your eyes and your heart in 2018! The sky will play by your side and could greatly relay your desire to live in a duet and especially in unison around mid-January when your loves take off; in May where you will not have to be begged to do what you like and love who you want (around the 25th), August (around the 19th in particular) and September. A cosmic background that will undoubtedly help you in 2018 to strengthen ties or to create very precious ones. Venus will beautifully strengthen this great trend in January (between the 2nd and the 10th) in order to mark a milestone but also in February (between the 18th and 26th). You do not want to direct everything and everyone in April (between the 8th and 16th) where you are ready to embark for the land of love and between May 27th and June 8th, where large and tender projects could enthuse you! You will radiate and have the opportunity to seduce whoever you want between July 19th and 28th and will be eager to live your desires between August 17th and 28th. From December 23rd, Jupiter will promote family life and why not the facilities for two or the start of offspring!

In a Relationship, if you feel some difficulty in communicating serenely with your partner and you often feel agitated by conflicting emotions you should (in 2018) benefit from very positive cosmic waves that can help you to tune back into each other and then compose together a harmonious love song. Take advantage of Jupiterian and Venusian currents (see dates above) to reinforce your couple and bring the communication up to date (and for the year)! You could then flirt with the most ideal version of your couple and congratulate yourself for having managed to cross some pitfalls together and reconnect with a delicious osmosis as sensual as it is emotional and why not, also spiritual. You will probably have to question some modes of operation that kept you in a form of relationship that no longer suited you. Then you can be reborn from your ashes or simply give color and meaning back to your relationship. A beautiful year crowned by the landing of Jupiter at the end of December, which will invite you to improve your family life even more and why not make a baby!

Single, In 2018 it’s now or never to start an adventure with all the chances that it fulfills you and why not ... it lasts! Jupiter will give you an outstanding charisma and a generosity that could seduce many! Do not hesitate then to take the plunge. You may not be disappointed at all. If you had been shaken up by difficult relationships, these days, no promises that an encounter is relaxing but certainly ... exhilarating. You could feel in phase on all levels with someone that will make you want to go further, to liberate yourself and finally abandon yourself to the vertigo of love. Do not resist too much (or too long) and believe in yourself and in the other. At the end of the year (and in 2019) Jupiter could allow you to strengthen the bond and make you want to settle down and start a home!

3rd decan (September 14th- September 22nd) : Evolution (and Revolution) in Love?
Sometimes, against all odds, you succeeded in moving the lines in family in 2017 and opened doors likely to renew your exchanges with your friends. However, not without changes on which merits to operate, even revolutions to undertake but with ultimately the feeling of having been able to evolve your links in transforming what should be! In 2018, Uranus continues to encourage your initiatives to break some codes that no longer work and to emancipate yourself from the rules most often enacted by others (your parents in particular) and that you find now obsolete or even inhibiting! The planet that signs the big changes in life will perhaps jostle you a little (until mid-May and between November 6th and March 6th, 2019)! Also in 2018, count on Pluto, which could well shake up some of your certainty and security in 2018! Under the guise of the "lord of metamorphoses" you will then face some emotional upheaval and work on the instinctive part of your attachments between early February and mid-July. No question then to rest on your laurels but to confront with your shadows, your fears your strongest desires and repulsions! If Pluto invites you to explore more viscerally your passion, it is ultimately to exalt it but also to help you channel it. You could then reach new heights and enjoy strong relationships around mid-April when Jupiter will join forces with Pluto to boost your chances of loving, of being loved, of making great encounters and of enjoying the present moment in excellent company. It’s up to you to make the party last. To achieve this, you will sometimes have to accept looking at the darkest part of your being and your desires. Do not reject it but integrate it as harmoniously as possible in your behavior in love. Venus will set fire to your loves in January (between the 10th and 18th! Be careful not to play too much ... with the fire at the risk of ruffling feathers. Count on this delicious planet between February 26th and March 6th to open a creative dialogue with your partner. Between April 16th and April 24th, you will have all the elements in hand to evolve your bond in the right direction and should between June 5th and June 13th, get a good shot at the moon! Enjoy a dazzling radiance between July 28th and August 7th to create sparks in love. Between August 27th and September 9th, you will aspire to fully live all your desires, but you will probably have to keep up your momentum a little since the beginning of October and re-evaluate your priorities between the end of October and the beginning of December. However, you will renew with your desires and greater freedom to act and realize them from mid-November and should end the year decided to keep open the tender debates with your lover!

In a Relationship, Pluto comes to start some (sometimes delicious) trouble in your loves and invites you to question a mode of operation that runs a little on empty. Prepare yourself to be slightly troubled and sometimes anxious yet from time to time exalted, passionate and to not live a calm love in 2018! It's up to you to take up the challenges that Pluto imposes on you and make the most of them (especially in April) to warm up the atmosphere and give your relationship a breath of fresh air, even if you are emotional, you will be deeply moved and may not necessarily be very reassuring. This is the price to pay in order to renew the bonds deeply and perhaps to express who you are more authentically but not without first having to master certain instincts that could do you more harm than good. Think about this in order to continue to love without falling asleep or falling into a tailspin!

Single, Pluto comes to awaken your senses and your desire to invest in sensual relationships at the height of your most secret and intense desires ... Do not be frightened by needs that make themselves heard and that may seem excessive. Rather, mobilize yourself as consciously as possible to explore and channel them so that they allow you to take off but not without forgetting to fasten your seatbelt. A cosmic background that could therefore encourage exhilarating encounters, passions (keep your eyes open in April) but also asks you to explore the darkest corners of your being to make your instincts accomplices to your fulfillment rather than subjects of torment and painful excess.

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A year that could significantly help you connect with the outdoors. If you are rather reluctant on the relationship front, it is now or never to try your luck, to move the lines in love but also and more widely on the social front where the best is waiting for you. Take advantage of your influence and contagious optimism to widen your surroundings and build precious bonds with people who inspire you and could relay and serve your desires!

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