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2019 horoscope for Libra

Libra: Your 2019 love horoscope

Love: Keep Your Feet on the Ground!
Enthusiasm and a broadening of sight that pushes you to see everything (and do everything) big? With the risk, in 2019, of overflowing a bit or ignoring certain limits and making some errors in your aim. You must, therefore, be careful to channel or even contain your desire to improve the daily routine a little and can count on a slightly strict cosmic climate, Ami Libra, to take you back down to earth and especially allow you to achieve some of your ambitions without neglecting your family responsibilities, or putting the budget, or balance of the tribe in danger!

It will be a matter of moving between crazy ideas and projects that are a little too optimistic, a vision of the world and the future that seems to want to skip the problems and a necessary and imposed maturity that will help you streamline your momentum. Enough, to finally achieve them, Ami Libra, without getting anything or anyone in trouble!

You will be called to order in 2019 and will have to respect certain codes and norms that are sometimes a little too restrictive for your taste but which, while keeping you more or less in line, should help you reach your objectives and, why not, ultimately, an ideal. If it was a question of enchanting or re-enchanting the daily life, of finding miracle solutions to the problems in progress, then you will have to agree to reduce the wind in your sails a little but should end up being rather happy with yourself and what you will have accomplished for the good of all in 2019.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): Change the Codes!
Jupiter has certainly allowed you (between last November and December) to warm the atmosphere between you and your loved ones? Full of good will and determined to convey your zest for life and your ideas to improve the atmosphere within the clan you see your popularity rising and enjoy an influence with your loved ones that builds your confidence! You may then be tempted to use these flows that carry you to manage some of the turbulence that may shake up your feathers a little since March 6th and to question the balance of your relationships or your relationship with your partner and others in general. At least in a way that will force you to change them. It may, indeed, be to change the mode of operation in your relationships, to dare to express your individuality, or your thirst for independence! No (no longer) a question of following the daily routine or at least purring quietly but to renew what must be in your personal relationships so that they continue to be full of life and interesting. Expect to be surprised sometimes (or to surprise) and to see unexpected elements in your private life, events that you have not thought of, that can help you break the routine and push you to revolutionize a little (a lot) your habits and then adopt another attitude vis-à-vis your lover or whoever you want to attract! It’s the only way to move the lines and hope to finally close the ranks around a different, but certainly more exciting, version of life together! Venus will advise you to pay attention to your loved ones between February 3rd and 12th and bet on your irresistible charm between March 1st and March 10th to hit the mark or reignite the flame and open (and maintain) the dialogue between April 20th and 28th! This summer (especially between July 28th and August 5th) you will have a head and a heart full of ideas! Featuring a magnetic aura (between September 14th and 22nd), you will approach the start of the school year with a fanfare. Between November 26th and December 4th, you will be listening to your loved ones. And in December count on an increased power of seduction to hope to flirt with seventh heaven. Without forgetting that from the 2nd, Jupiter serves your words and ambitions in family and could, in this area, give you a big boost around December 15th!

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): A beautiful Enthusiasm to Channel!
Jupiter tends to exalt your enthusiasm and your desire to express it without limits, to take advantage of this energizing flow to undertake and try to improve the daily routine to your idea. Why not if you do not forget to take into account the realities of this world! While you have in mind an ideal vision of what your family life should be like day-to-day and you are willing to achieve your goals, you should consider channeling your ambitions a little if you do not want to get carried away, and especially surpass your limits and your means around January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st, where you will often have eyes bigger than your stomach! Saturn who, since the end of December, tends to weigh down your daily routine a little and give you additional tasks and responsibilities should then help you restore balance or at least calm things down a bit by inviting you (sometimes firmly) to come back down to Earth! Count on this austere planet to force you to reduce the wind in your sails but also to structure what must be (and especially your interesting plans, although they are a little too optimistic) to achieve your goals and really lay the groundwork for a better life and a more fulfilling clan. Saturn will put you back on track (in the safest way) around January 31st, June 18th, and November 9th. A bit of frustration but in the end the possibility of really concretizing and realizing the projects that are important to you and overcoming all the obstacles, in order to harmonize your bonds sustainably! Venus will support your efforts between February 12th and 22nd when she will plead your case at home and allow you to communicate without rushing anyone, boost your desire to have a good time and seduce between March 10th and 18th, and to establish a tender and supportive dialogue between April 28th and May 7th! You will undoubtedly build some tender castles in the sky between August 5th and 13th and will literally shine between September 22nd and 30th! At the end of the year (between December 4th and 12th), you will be keen to meet the needs of the clan but between December 28th and January 5th, you will want to rekindle the flame in the heart of your partner or light it in the eyes of whoever you like, until mid-January when Jupiter could contribute to the development of your family and intimate bonds!

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): In Search First ... of Yourself?
You have probably crossed an area of turbulence in your relationship and more widely too. Until March 6th, 2019, Uranus continues to play the spoilsport and exacerbate your reactions to your partner and the others. You thirst for more autonomy and freedom within your relationship. Unless it is your partner who claims their share of independence. Anyway, let's bet that your exchanges will not be easy. By the end of winter 2019, it's time to finish the job and really know where you are and what you want to live with ... or without the other! Also count on Pluto to take over and if this "lord of metamorphoses" does not put pressure directly on your love, it may well force you to do a cleanse in you and around you. Childhood behaviors continue to influence how you work in the present and there are shadows in the area concerning family or genealogy that you need to connect and ultimately try to enlighten. An inevitable work to do to break with a past that pulls you too often back and keeps you from the best. This will definitely help you rebuild on a sound, solid, and more creative basis! Venus will help you in your quest by keeping you in touch with your family between February 21st and March 1st. Count on this delicious planet to boost your charm (and your libido) between March 18th and 26th and your desire to take a step towards your partner, between May 7th and 15th! You will probably want to build tender castles in the sky between August 13th and 21st and use your outstanding power of seduction between September 30th and October 9th to hit the mark and end the year concerned with the well-being of everyone and restoring harmony between you and your loved ones between December 12th and December 20th! Jupiter will stimulate your enthusiasm, your ability to influence others, and win votes between February 14th and June 6th and between October 13th and December 2nd. A good dose of optimism that will allow you to lower what’s at stake and (despite the fundamental questions to be addressed) to have a good time!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

No question of being lazy but of continuing to probe your heart, your past, and your ways of working in love to know where you are, what you really want, and maybe even more who you really are. A quest for authenticity to accept, in order to hope, sooner or later, to accede to happiness and real fulfillment that is to say based on a true knowledge of yourself! The best way to finally connect with each other without cheating or fantasy and therefore in good conscience and then on whatever basis you will agree should be sustainable!

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