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2018 horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius: Your 2018 love horoscope

Love: Important but not a Priority?
Since the autumn (at least) have you been more mobilized by growing your career rather than by pampering your little heart and magnifying your loves? Since the fall of 2017, Jupiter is involved in strengthening your thirst (or your possibilities) for success and invites you to reign supreme but probably a little more at work than in private! This does not mean that you will leave your partner or ignore Cupid's solicitations, but in 2018 you will favor initiatives that will promote your social success more than you will think about formalizing a link or committing yourself in any way! Uranus also stimulates your desire for different encounters or to vary your pleasures.

In 2018, within your relationship or on your quest for love, Ami Aquarius, it is time to preserve this freshness, this bit of fantasy, this desire not to lock yourself in (settle down) in order to allow the link to last without risk of sinking into a routine that annoys you and worse bores you! The free spirit of the zodiac invites you to renew the pleasures or to find someone who will be able to astonish you constantly. Also count on Uranus (native of the 1st decan) to affect significantly, in 2018, your family serenity and compel some this year to willingly or forcibly move the lines in family! Starting November 8th, 2018, Jupiter promotes projects and makes you want to open the future to your idea? An excellent opportunity then to build tender castles in the sky?

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): mature decisions ... to take in 2018?
Fall 2017 has brought you to the pinnacle on the professional level and you do not know where to turn? Expect then that Saturn, who worked behind the scenes of your decan since December 20th, forces you to set the record straight or at least to review the past in order to get rid of what doesn’t not work anymore, and for some to turn a page! This "great teacher" of the zodiac will, therefore, hardly favor in 2018, an unbridled expansion in love because your main objective will be to take stock of the past years (in all fields) to learn from them and try, in the future, to act more in line with what you have understood from before and especially this year! You will have to think a lot and concentrate on the work to be done without being constantly tempted to postpone it! So do not expect to make too many sparks or live a dazzling year because you will need to withdraw from the game in order to find out where you are and especially ... who you really are! A time of inner loneliness that will probably allow you to address the expected bumps in the road between mid-May and early November? In this period, Uranus comes into the realm of your theme dedicated to your most intimate roots, your family and loved ones and may well cause you to review or even rearrange a structure that no longer satisfies you. No more question in any case to pretend or to zap what is wrong or what angers you but instead of looking your intimate universe in the face in order to make the necessary changes that will help give it a new lease on life or decide to turn the page and move definitely toward something else. Awareness and inevitable turmoil should shake you up a little in 2018, but also allow you to finally live more authentically and without making more unbearable and sterile concessions! If the end of December 2017 saw celebrations and festivities, and forced you to look closely at your heart and your loves, then Venus will strengthen your charm between January 18th and 26th as well as your ability to live your desires (while continuing to think) between February 10th and 18th! Bet on Venus again between March 6th and March 15th to get your messages across smoothly and win the votes of your loved ones and between March 31st and April 8th, to smooth the edges within your family and make every effort to improve your conditions of life and those of your loved ones! Between April 24th and May 2nd? Venus increases your sensual appetites, allows you to shine and seduce in all directions and between the 13th and 22nd of June, this delicious planet will invite you to listen to each other (a little more than yourself)! In August (between the 6th and the 17th) you now want to widen your horizons, to solve the current problems and will approach the start of the school year (between September 9th and 29th) determined to build your reputation and your social influence. Enough to undoubtedly have the means to now live as you see fit based on what you understand from life.

In a Relationship, a year of assessment and a questioning of a lifestyle or a relationship that must, whatever the circumstances and consequences, evolve. Especially if you were born in the early decan (before the 24th)! You must, however, look to the past to sort out what is essential and what is superfluous and decide what still holds steady in your relationship. You will then be able to make the necessary changes to preserve unity but not without moving the lines. A year that could well shake your foundations but ultimately to restructure them so that they are able to welcome and foster the emergence of a future that inspires you. Moreover, from November 8th, 2018, Jupiter invites you to multiply projects and to figure out if you want to do it with or without your partner or even with someone else?

Single, you aspire to evolve your private life. At the same time, you will have to deal with your emotional past and learn the lessons, in order to get started on new adventures or build a framework (a home) all month, which can help you develop your emotional life! There will probably be pages to turn on the family front and adjustments to make with your entourage in hopes of opening a new chapter in good conscience and then decidedly on new bases!

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th) : One Does Not Hinder the Other!
And if this year you feel more concerned by the extension of your social power than by your loves? You have all (or almost all) the assets to develop your activities and explore gifts that may well allow you to reach the pinnacle and shine with all your light front and center! No question then of missing out on the promises from a sky full of good news and professional development. And love in all this? If you have your head a little elsewhere in 2018, nothing will prevent you from also scoring points in love if you have time to seduce and intend to retain whoever you seduce ... In 2018 , no doubt you surf on an obvious radiation to attract attention, hit the bull’s eye or light the flame deliciously even if some may just be content to impress their audience. In early January (until the 10th) Venus will help you to strengthen a believable magnetism and develop tender plans that evolve in secret or to use this powerful magnetism to captivate whoever you want! Between January 26th and February 2nd, this delicious planet makes you irresistible. Between March 15th and March 23rd, do not hesitate to play up your attractions in order to forge promising links or communicate successfully with everyone. You will also know what to say and what to do with family between April 8th and 12th to narrow the ranks and distill the good word, the one that will make everyone agree. In May you will definitely do... whatever you like. Especially between the 2nd and the 11th, when you burn to reignite the flame sensually with your partner or you will warm the heart of whoever you like, with success! Focus on tender dialogue between June 22nd and July 1st to get closer to each other and nurture a creative dialogue and engage (re-engage). If in August (between the 17th and the 27th), Venus strongly encourages you to change the relationship, to look together in the same direction and to realize without further delay your ambitions in love and puts you in the spotlight, then you are therefore in excellent position to be seen, admired and coveted between September 29th and mid-October. However, be careful not to overdo it and moderate your appetites a little from October 5th, if you want the year to end as lavishly as it started while waiting for the end of December (the 23rd) so that Jupiter gets involved to boost your projects and build tender castles in the sky!

In a Relationship, You will have a lot to do in 2018 and you want to develop your professional skills, even cultivate exceptional gifts that you will have every opportunity to exploit concretely in order to boost your career. At the same time, be sure to associate your partner with your achievements if you want them to follow you, accompany you and help to further increase your happiness. Venus will often be your ally and could then allow you to win and flourish on all fronts. Why deprive yourself of it even if you will, in 2018, sometimes need to think to lift your nose of the books and pay attention (even more) to your other half!

Single, you will never stop performing in 2018 and then have little time to devote to your quest for love? Wrong! You will often be relayed by a cosmos complicit in your happiness and favorable to your blooming on all fronts ... emotional included. So take advantage of the current generosity of the sky, support of Venus and a breathtaking charisma to create sparks in all areas and ignite the heart and body of whoever you want!

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th) : Push the Boundaries of the Possible!
In 2018, you have probably managed to open up new fields of action, new doors and to secure your future in one way or another. By focusing on your originality you have convinced your entourage that your plans were reliable and that they were right to believe you and follow you! You have, however, probably encountered a resistance, which found your ideas crazy and your ambitions disproportionate. In 2018, if your emotional world does not seem to be shaken by the economic situation, you will have to deal with the presence of Pluto who will settle in the shadow of your decan for a while and invite you to look at your dark side (or at least what is buried in the innermost recesses of your soul) to illuminate it or at least try to integrate into your existence that part of yourself that you have often thought was unmentionable or must be kept hidden. Now it's up to you to ask yourself the right questions, sometimes the most uncomfortable ones in order to approach and probe your subconscious to bring out facets of yourself that, if you accept and channel them creatively, can only enrich your psyche and your life. A year that should subtly but definitely change your outlook on yourself, then on the world and lead you to accept yourself as you are and to love yourself as you are! Take the time for reflection and transformation that you will inevitably face sooner or later. A path that should already bear fruit this year. Especially in April when this inner flame could well fuel your external radiance and bring lots of success on all levels! You have to avoid, at the beginning of the year (between the 10th and the 18th of January), letting yourself be overwhelmed by your little demons at the risk of upsetting your entourage (on the 13th). Then count on Venus between the 3rd and the 10th of February. to strengthen your power of seduction and charm whoever you want. In March, you will shine in all directions between the 23rd and the 31st and may create sparks in love (and elsewhere) in April. In May, Venus will invite you to do ... whatever you like between the 11th and the 19th (if you do not provoke too much and do not abuse an offensive dialogue)! Bet on the discussion to tighten the ranks in love or catch in your nets whoever you want, in July (between the 1st and the 10th). If Venus invites you to push the boundaries of the possible, to try to evolve the link or find that special someone between August 27th and September 9th, you will probably be a little stuck in your impulses then and will undoubtedly be able to fully express your desires and realize your ambitions in love from mid-November. While waiting to launch yourself into big projects next February!

In a Relationship, if you accept to reflect and perhaps to give way to part of a shadow that seeks to express itself, to emerge from your unconscious, rather than to continue to deny it, you will have the possibility to integrate it and use it to reinforce your external influence and reinforce your influence on your entourage in 2018 and especially in April. You will have work to do on yourself that will take time but ultimately allow you to be yourself fully, to confront and overcome your fears, whether they are to love or to not to be loved!

Single, Pluto tickles your deepest instincts and invites you to take a look at your most secret mysteries. It's a story of deciphering meaning and importance in order to integrate them harmoniously into your being and your existence rather than repress them, to constrain them sometimes without really understanding them or hearing them. The best you have to do in 2018? Go out to meet yourself, search your most secret abysses to finally put these revealed resources at the service of your blossoming in good conscience! The situation will actively serve your purpose in April and Venus will often be at your side to strengthen your chances of loving and being loved. The opportunity to live an intense year internally and externally!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
A year of challenges and social success to be confirmed? Little time to love? False! It will just be necessary that your dear and tender half adapts and follows the rhythm. The stolen moments will only be more inspiring and titillating and will allow you to give the best of yourself on all fronts!

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