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Sagittarius, your horoscope 2019 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan:
Venus boosts your assets of charm between the 7th and 16th but will not be able to help you avoid going through some turmoil due to problems or financial negotiations that put you on edge (the 8th)! However, you can count on your passion and your desire to get noticed (or even impress your audience until the 15th) to defend your interests. The full moon on the 21st invites you to affirm your ambitions, and from the 20th, the Sun invites you to communicate all over!

2nd decan:
Saturn recommends that you act prudently when it comes to your finances (the 2nd) and act with circumspection to try to improve your comfort and the well-being of your loved ones (the 4th)! You will, indeed this month, tend to forget the limits and constraints and act as you please (the 13th)! Fortunately, at the end of the month, Saturn is urging you to raise the bar and adopt a little more rigor in the management of your budget or in the expression of your enthusiasm, which is currently a little disproportionate!

3rd decan:
You have an eloquence and arguments that hit the mark at the beginning of the month (the 4th)! Whether in love or in business, it's time to argue your case! If you aspire to discover and exploit new potentials, for example, to gain your life by doing what you like, avoid asking too much or making too many waves around the 19th and 23rd where you will have less value to add!

1st decan:
Gifts to exploit or discover between the 3rd and the 12th and your sleeves to roll up between February 14th and March 1st to show what you are capable of, but also to put your firepower and your efficiency at the service of the community. The full moon on the 19th places your professional activity in the limelight while the sun, from the 18th invites you to give all your attention to your loved ones. At the very end of the month (the 28th), you sometimes act with authority to improve the well-being or manage stewardship!

2nd decan:
The current goes well between you and an entourage who is, a priori, sensitive to your influence, your ideas, and your proposals on the 3rd, 8th and 17th where you will not go unnoticed and could be acclaimed both socially and privately, or even professionally! If you are able to manage your budget well, (on the 18th and 20th) you will be able to come to the aid of your relatives and release the funds necessary for the realization of a project (real estate?) which matters to you (the 17th and 19th).

3rd decan:
Beware of conflicts of interest or possible clashes on the 2nd, where if you try to defend your ideas and your rights a little too much, you risk making waves! Today you should also prefer to smooth things over and play your charm to shake up the beliefs ... gently rather than unsheath the weapons! Your arguments and your communication could hit the mark on the 8th and the 9th. Your originality could mark minds on the 18th but give up over doing it (the 13th and 20th) if you want to guarantee that your talents are rewarded!

1st decan:
Until March 10th, you should have a cordial (if not very pleasant) relationship with the world around you! From the 20th, there is room for love and soft cooing! The full moon on the 21st invites you to build castles in the sky. Whether in the company of your loves and/or your friends, you will have it at heart to open a future that inspires you! At the very end of the month, you are not immune to an incandescent return of an old flame or a sudden burst of love at first sight, an unexpected announcement (a baby) or any event that could make you happy!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 6th invites you to take care of the well being of your loved ones and make every effort to improve the exchanges within the clan. You will know a priori what to do and what to say to achieve it (the 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 20th, and 24th) and do not spare your efforts, which you put without any reserve, toward the service of the community!In the meantime, do your best to please everyone!

3rd decan:
If you opened negotiations last month, they are likely to drag on from the 5th! They will not really resume until the 28th so do not try to speed up the movement in March at the risk of annoying relatives who may be involved in the debates and would not appreciate that you tried to force their hand (the 14th and 15th)! Praise your qualities and merits (the 15th, 16th, and 21st) and the interest one would have in following your directives and wait wisely for the dialogue to be relaunched and closed (not before next April 7th)!

April :
1st decan:
Until the 15th, count on Mars (the planet) to take a stand and defend your rights, interests, and ideas with social and/or private partners who will struggle to resist your arguments and especially your impressive striking force. Venus will then endow you (between the 20th and 28th) with a crazy, irresistible charm and the sun (from the 20th) will invite you to roll up your sleeves and take care of your duties and, without delay, put yourself up to the task but also at the service of the collective!

2nd decan:
Inspired (the 2nd and 10th), you will enjoy the energies of the new moon on the 5th to express openly and fully your talents and exalted creativity. Also, bet on these flows that carry you to reignite the flame or light it in the heart (and body) of whomever you covet. Delicious meetings and loves at the top of a month's program where you will not be afraid to discover a story!

3rd decan:
You should be able to conclude to your advantage (on the 7th) debates that started within the family last month! Be careful (on the 10th) to avoid going beyond certain limits (especially in the area of finance) if you do not want to unbalance your budget and create conflicts with those around you (the 12th and 13th). You aspire to exploit new capabilities that are emerging but may have to deal with the time to achieve it. However, rely on the reinforcement of Jupiter (14th) to support you in your initiatives, enhance your brilliance, and go to the front line! The full moon on the 19th invites you to build castles in the sky. Bet that, boosted by the Jupiterian flows, your enthusiasm will increase tenfold and you will not deprive yourself!

1st decan:
Between the 6th and the 11th, you think deeply and act without delay to move the lines daily, change pace and your approach. Whether it's lightening your schedule or redistributing tasks and managing stewardship differently, you'll have plenty of ideas for changing the old processes that matter to you (on the 8th) and will deploy your good will (on the 18th) to get your messages (and accept changes) across smoothly! A sense of strategy and a decoupled striking force should actually help you move in the right direction (the 22nd)!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 4th asks you to honor the everyday life and act in favor of the community whether it is family or professional! You will do it with dedication and zeal on the 9th where your initiatives should pay off and be suitable for everyone! Ditto around the 16th where you will know a priori what to say and what to do to make harmony reign in a clan that is calmed by your intuitive approach and full of compassion and empathy for the other!

3rd decan:
You aspire to recognize your talents and merits (the 1st and 3rd) but will have to try (the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 9th) to do it politely and not exceed the limits. While you want to exploit new talents that emerge and impose your vision of the world ... on everyone, but it is not because you are full of enthusiasm that you must take your wishes for orders. Count on Saturn to bring you back down to earth and on a sense of measure (the 11th) and then express what you are feeling deeply without risk of scaring an entourage on their guard!

1st decan:
Negotiations in progress to change your professional activity or manage the stewardship more comfortably on the 7th? You will benefit, this month, from a sharpened flair that could help you (the 27th) bring about the transformations that you want to put in place since last March (or even 2018) and which will be likely to suit your quest for more freedom of everyday movement!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 4th invites you to take a step towards the other! You would then be well advised to follow its advice rather than doing things only your way and forgetting in passing any rule of caution and sense of nuance around the 9th and 16th! Fortunately, Saturn watches over you and, as of the 18th, takes charge of raising the bar and then urges you to undertake the transformations and improvements you want to implement at home without overestimating your possibilities (financial in particular)!

3rd decan:
Goodwill and interpersonal skills could allow you to express your talents and your emerging abilities and imbue your business with a creative thrust that drives you (the 3rd)! Just be careful not to exaggerate your possibilities and not to impose anything on anyone on the 18th, 19th, and 20th, where, if your appetites are enormous, your will to win is implacable. However, you risk frightening those who hold the power and the money if you ask too much or are a little too authoritarian!

1st decan:
Debates about your ambitions and your desire to push the boundaries of the possible risk dragging on from the 7th! This will not prevent you from vehemently defending your point of view (the 8th) and trying to influence your entourage by playing your charm! However, be careful not to overdo it and do not try to force the hand (especially not of your boss) around the 11th when the current will not pass. Ditto at the end of the month (the 29th) where you would be well inspired to wait for the exchanges to become more fluid before taking a stand!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 2nd invites you to make every effort to change your situation. Perhaps first and foremost on the financial front. Since last winter, Saturn recommends the utmost caution, so avoid making excessive demands that will not succeed (the 9th and 17th). Rely on your ability to inspire others (your relatives) to initiate the changes you want to make in your family life (the 11th and 18th)! At the end of the month (the 25th) you will have a dynamic cosmic climate which will relay your ambitions and allow you to accomplish a lot and in joy (the 25th)!

3rd decan:
Negotiations started in June resurface from the 19th? Be sure to address topics that get stuck without trying at all costs to take credit for yourself (the 14th and 21st), stay clean and bet on consultation to try to effectively influence your interlocutors (the 25th).

1st decan:
You definitely have a hard time arguing without getting upset (the 2nd and 16th) and you risk bypassing exchanges and compromising the outcome if you try to impose your point of view without letting go. Certainly, you aspire to control in a freer, more autonomous way your life, your activity, and the daily routine but it is not by systematically taking a stand that you will manage to convince people on the legitimacy of your proposals, ideas, and desires! Fortunately at the end of the month, by combining charm and authority (on the 24th, 28th, and 30th) you will have a much happier hand and the opportunity to then guide the debates to your advantage!

2nd decan:
A nice summer month where you will have a happy hand in business (the 7th) and in love (the 8th). Nothing will seem able to stop your strides (the 11th and 21st)! Take advantage of this blessed time to have a good time, push your limits, assert your ambitions on all levels with all the chances of scoring points, marking minds, and even some hearts in passing!

3rd decan:
The exchanges are re-launched from the 1st. Bet on your irresistible charm (the 14th) to advance your files, evolve your loves and try to steer the summer towards what is perfect! The full moon on the 15th invites you to communicate and make every effort to make yourself understood and appreciated!

1st decan:
Determined to win on the professional level and direct your activity to your idea, you will not lack arguments or confidence to influence your interlocutors, or even ... your boss (the 1st and 2nd)! From the 23rd, the Sun invites you to build castles in the sky and solicit, without reserve, the support of your close relations, faithful ones, and your clientele or an audience that will support your projects! The new moon on the 28th confirms this trend and enlightens your initiatives!

2nd decan:
Use your charm to convince your hierarchy (or your bankers) to grant you what you claim while remaining (at least a little) realistic because if you do too much and especially ask too much, your dynamic approach will fall flat or will annoy some! Above all, give up imposing your will on anyone because if you are carried by the enthusiastic bubbling of Jupiter, it is not sure that it will guide you in the right direction, in September, when you will have a little too much of a tendency to take your desires for orders and your dreams for reality (the 21st?)!

3rd decan:
Venus assures you of an obvious radiance which should help you favourably influence the world that surrounds you (the 7th and 13th) and express more openly your talents! Also count on the Sun (on the 13th) and Mars (the 19th) to finally convince (in high place) that you do your business and that you are capable of a lot, and in particular, to exploit a potential that needs to be revealed to everyone!

1st decan:
It is time to take a step back in order to properly assess the progress made, refine the strategies put in place, and then be able to soon resume the reins and control the operations in full possession of your means. So try, in October, to slow down the pace a little and question yourself, and why not, breathe a little too!

2nd decan:
A head full of projects (the 7th) but the funds are missing? Perhaps agree to reduce the wind in your sails on the 14th. The best way to achieve your goals (the 15th and 20th)? By agreeing to take a little altitude on the events. Enough to manage them more consciously and then more reasonably! Caution is still strongly advised at the end of the month when an overflow of assurance and an authority that is a little too asserted could only harm your projects and delay or even compromise their financing (27th)!

3rd decan:
You aspire to deploy your wings and take off pronto (the 1st) but be advised to lower your level of requirement a little if you want to be followed! Wait until Jupiter lands again in your decan (on the 13th) to take a stand and make sparks. The opportunity finally to shine with all your fires and to build castles in the sky! The full moon on the same day exalts your creativity and favors your loves!

1st decan:
Until the 9th, Venus exalts your radiance and makes you want everything but from the 19th, you would, however, have an interest in moderating your appetites and putting them temporarily on pause if you do not want to act or react in a way that is too counter-productive. Especially around the 24th where your nerves could be put to the test if you do not let go and you will want to control the daily routine that is a little tense! Fortunately, at the end of the month, a Venus, who is consensual and inspired, should help you navigate between the pitfalls and ease tensions!

2nd decan:
Guided by the wise advice of Saturn, you understand that you can reach your goals and why not a family ideal by advancing cautiously rather than relying solely on your enthusiasm to convince. Whether it's to narrow the ranks, start a home, buy or sell a property, prefer to reduce the wind in your sail a little and build on solid ground (the 9th) rather than in the wind!

3rd decan:
Determined to achieve what is important to you, however, beware of a determination that could discourage some who may then seek to slow your impetus (the 5th)! You have, this month, some beautiful cartridges (Jupiter) to convince and if you agree to expose reasonable demands, they should be bonded around the 12th where your authority combined with your dynamism will conclude and persuade your entourage that your plans are worthwhile to be followed! Irresistible on the 24th, bet on an exceptional radiance to make sparks and light or reignite the flame with whoever you like!

1st decan:
From the 2nd, Jupiter invests in the field of your theme dedicated to money and income from your efforts! A deserved prosperity and a fair reward for your hard work and perseverance. Get ready to receive the manna, and why not, win the moon around the 15th when your daily routine could be impacted by a promotion, a raise, or a new orientation of your activity that is likely to meet your expectations!

2nd decan:
Not very realistic (the 8th), you could achieve what you like if you agree not to ask for too much or exceed the limits (and especially your means) on the 11th. By taking a step back (the 13th) and by agreeing to reduce the wind in your sails a little (the 19th), you will accomplish a lot!

3rd decan:
An end of the year where your deep thoughts could help you explore more fully your potentials and gifts previously ignored or insufficiently exploited (the 3rd and 22nd)! Prepare yourself for next January to mobilize your strengths and get the most out of your abilities! It will be a question of not (no longer) scattering yourself but of making choices pertaining to your destiny that will push you, perhaps, to express the fundamentals of your being and all that you feel now ready to accomplish!

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I like it I don't like it
Sagittarius Lady tears, sign for Sagittarius
Posted the 29/03/2019 at 07:31
I just want to be HAPPY WITH my children
I like it I don't like it
Sagittarius Ghosty, sign for Sagittarius
Posted the 05/03/2019 at 05:51
I will like to hear about my future plans.
I like it I don't like it
Sagittarius Taera, sign for Sagittarius
Posted the 23/01/2019 at 05:06
Things are falling apart,really. Is there any luck for me this year?
I like it I don't like it
Sagittarius Ogbogodo, sign for Sagittarius
Posted the 14/01/2019 at 21:39
Will i be able to win big amount of money through betting?
I like it I don't like it
Sagittarius uncle bill bill, sign for Sagittarius
Posted the 10/01/2019 at 11:35
Did a good career, making very good money, enjoying my job, and life.
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