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Friday, May the 29th
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2017 horoscope for Virgo

Virgo: Your 2017 love horoscope

Your path is clear!
In 2016, all of us had to put up with duties and responsibilities in our family lives that weighed us down and sapped our morale and creativity. It's hard to thrive and be happy at home with certain problems arising, coming back to the surface, or dragging on, ruining our joy of life and making you doubt everything, including yourself. In 2017, solutions will appear, doors will open, and you, Ami Virgo, will have the opportunity to push things forward, transform your life, environment, or way of operating without leaving you exposed, all while accepting a certain amount of upheaval in how you do things. This will allow you, and your loved ones, to function better as a group.

New options ahead?
You can count on a progressive, dynamic, and productive environment to create, or recreate, your own private little bubble as you see fit, choosing inventive solutions that will require you to change your behavior and your view of your relationship. This positive growth won't happen without a few bumps and scrapes along the way. You will be exposed, Ami Virgo, (start of March, end of August, September) to certain tensions that will force you to think and reflect deeply about what you wish to keep or get rid of in your life so that you can continue on in the best conditions possible. You will have to delve into certain topics and make decisions so that you can figure out what your priorities in romance really are and set new challenges for yourself so that you can bring your family closer together, give up old ways of thinking that are only holding you back, breathe new life into, and add a little spice to, your relationship, and/or expand your horizons, changing the way you think about those around you and modifying your relationship, making it more open to the outside world, more creative.

A decisive first half of the year!
At the start of the year, Venus will invite you to open and up listen to others and pay close attention to what they say. Now is certainly not the time to play the lone wolf. Starting on February 3rd, this sensual planet will inflame your passion and arouse strong emotions within you, pushing you to start useful and necessary discussion about the relationship you are currently in or wish to start. At least up until June, expect to vacillate between various possibilities that are likely to put some meaning back into your love-life, and your relationship, or shake up your usual way of doing things. If your exchanges with others have been disrupted by conflict or by things left unsaid (at least since 2015), you will throw your heart and soul into examining the grey areas (in you or your partner) so that your relationship can move forward in the right direction: the future (according to you).

A promising second half of the year!
Between June 6th and July 5th , Venus will elevate discussion and give you the desire to blow past your previous limitations, find that special someone, and take a walk down lovers' lane. Be prepared for large-scale plans between July 31st and August 26th, when some of us might decide to expand your family, move house, or dive into love. Venus will urge you to take a step back and examine recent events between August 26th and September 20th so that love, on October 14th, can come back onto the scene, when your absolutely irresistible charm and desire to love (and be loved) should really help you, Ami Virgo, shine bright and steal hearts left and right. Starting on October 10th, you can count on Jupiter, too, (up until November 2018) to favor harmonious, thrilling interactions and communication with others and the chance to make useful, and, for some, pleasant new acquaintances. You will close out this intense year open to what your family has to say, determined to improve living conditions for them as well as yourself (between December 1st and 25th), in a trance, and burning with the desire to (re)kindle the flame from Christmas time on. Happy New Year!

First decan (August 23 - September 3): A promising mix!
Without a doubt, you went through some patches of turbulence in your family life, but, in 2017, it should be smooth sailing for you, avoiding any storms that might upset the other two decans' serenity. So take advantage of this year of protection to strengthen your foundations, bring people closer together, and finish up the work you've been doing on your putting down roots, building a family, and settling down. At the very end of the year, Saturn will invite you to closely examine your romantic life, to sort through your emotions and take a look at your approach to romance, so that you can finally figure out what your expectations in love really are.

If you are in a relationship,and had to go through some hardship in your family life, you should, in 2017, get to enjoy relative stability and plan for changes to make in total peace and quiet. You will do your utmost to heat things up and improve your family's living conditions. You will start this year off with open ears and listening to what your partner has to say (between January 3rd and 12th). You yearn to rebuild your bond and spice up your love-life between February 3rd and 19th. Expect, however, to have to put up with some tension that could temporarily shake up your romantic life and weaken you a bit. Now is the time to question and challenge your view of your relationship and finally breathe some new life back into it between April 28th and May 14th. Between June 6th and 16th, you will yearn to take off together for seventh heaven and will seem satisfied with the direction your couple is moving in. This summer (between July 31st and August 9th), you will dream up big, thrilling plans together. Take advantage of Venus' temporary withdrawal into the background of your sign (between August 26th and September 3rd) to take stock of the past year and learn from it. The fall will welcome you with open arms and, under Venus' charming and watchful eye, you will shine in all your glory between September 20th and 28th. From October 10th on, Jupiter will take over (up until November 25th) and endow you with an astounding charm that should encourage communication with those close to you. You will close out this productive year on a high note and under Venus' gracious auspices, who will augment (between December 1st and 9th) your desire to fully enjoy the present moment with family and exalt your sense and romantic urges between Christmas and New Year's day. You will, however, have to put up with a demanding Saturn, starting on the December 20th, who will put your back up against the wall and urge you, in 2018, to figure out what your emotional needs are at this point in your life.

If you are single, you won't miss any opportunity to in 2017 to not be anymore! For this first half of the year, expect to meet some important and significant people in your life, when emotions will run high and you will desire, and not rush, to reach a decisive turning point. Venus will boost your momentum, and your popularity, between January 3rd and 12th, as well as your sensuality and... appetite. Your sensual, magnetic charm should work its magic on whoever you set your eye on between February 3rd and 19th, and between April 28th and May 14th, too. Any recent romances that you've started should move quickly forward between June 6th and 16th, and, if you haven't already succumbed to love's pull, your desire to could be fulfilled. You will be overflowing with imagination and ideas for catching, and holding onto, another's attention between July 31st and August 9th, when your friends, too, will be present in your life. Take the time to mull over your past romances, to take a step back and examine recent events between August 26th and September 3rd. Venus will urge you to think and reflect upon your decisions and to get ready to jump back into love between September 20th and 28th. You'll really work your magic on everyone around you! Give precedence to exchange and dialog between November 7th and 15th and count on Jupiter, between October 10th and November 25th, to bring important people into your life. The end of the year looks to be a propitious one for your emotional fulfillment and will boost your libido, especially between Christmas and New Year's day, despite Saturn, who will make you ask that vital questions (starting on December 20th): who do I love? How do I love? And why? You will use your hypersensitive sensuality to make some sparks fly and have fun!

Second decan (September 4 - 13) Your love-life is moving in the right direction!
Was 2016 a tough year? You may have had to deal with family problems that clipped your wings and put you down in the dumps. In 2017, you still won't have gotten over these difficulties or beaten all the challenges you were facing, but you will be able to break the deadlock and start up new, constructive discussion. Count Jupiter's presence at the end of the year (starting on November 25th) to help you build creative dialog and bring your loved ones closer together.

If you are in a relationship,a dark configuration seemed dead set on undermining your relationship, perhaps causing you to doubt everything, including your partner and yourself? In 2017, your horizons will be clear, and you should get to enjoy a dynamic first half of the year that is favorable to your couple's growth and evolution, helping you reach a turning point and add some color to your relationship. And so, you will be bound and determined to really listen to your partner, especially between January 12th and 23rd, when your attention will be appreciated. You should still expect to go through some turbulence (the end of March, especially) and strong emotions up until June. You will have found the means to get your relationship back on the right track and push the limits (between June 16th and 25th) that having prevented you from thriving together. There will for certain be certain rules and habits that will have to change, some adjustments to make, but you should come out the winner at the end of this first half of the year, when your passion will be exalted and questioning and positive restructuring encouraged. Make room for thrilling new plans between August 9th and 17th, when you and your partner will both look towards the same direction. Make sure to take some time to get your priorities in order between September 3rd and 11th, to kick this autumn off with a rollicking start, sure of yourself and determined to exert your seductive powers, which should work their magic on your partner. Between November 15th and 23rd, you will seek to build creative dialog with those close to you and will do everything in your power, between December 9th and 17th, to bring your family closer together and improve your living conditions. From November 25th on, you can count on Jupiter's support in opening up, and elevating, discussion, giving your morale a boost, and transmitting your contagious enthusiasm to others.

If you are single, you may have felt that all was lost in 2016. What with your family life on the skids, you asking for (too) much, your relationship with your partner, others pointing out your weaknesses more than your strengths and undermining your aspirations, you could have just felt like giving up. In 2017, you will get back on your feet and enjoy better conditions for loving and being loved. In January (between the 12th and 23rd), you have increased enthusiasm and attention, helping you seduce whoever catches your eye, and, between February and June, a new romance could emerge, going back and forth between a strong desire to put down roots and hesitation, due to bad past experiences. No matter what area of life, you will have the assets you need to score a bulls eye and turn a few heads. You can hope to reinforce your recent success or find that special someone between June 16th and 25th, when your horizons will be clear, and you will feel ready to go for it. You won't hesitate to dream up big, thrilling plans (perhaps with friends) between August 9th and 17th but should, between September 3rd and 11th, take a break and look back over your past in an attempt to learn some valuable lessons from it. The autumn seems to hold a few wonderful moments with your partner in store for you (if you've found your soul mate) to make the most out of by glowing bright and stealing hearts left and right between September 28th and October 6th, when you will be absolutely irresistible. You should end this year of rebirth on a high note with the encouragement of Jupiter, who, on November 25th, could increase your opportunities for coming out of your shell and enjoy some promising encounters. You can count on Venus, too, between December 9th and 17th to bring your family closer together. Happy New Year!

Third decan (September 14 - 22): Positive growth!
Winter 2016 let you open up the hatches and enact some positive changes at home. You can count all year long on a positive climate for protecting your assets and enter a period of restructuring that is likely to help you push things forward in your family life. This won't, however, come without having to make decisions or take risks (at the start of March, end of September), though you can be sure to take action to improve what you have to!

If you are in a relationship,Saturn has been forcing you to face, since December 2016, family concerns and duties that must be dealt with, and so it will seem necessary to you to make important decisions to heal wounds and bolster morale, but sticking to the same foundations you've been relying on. You will take a firm hold of the problems that exist, determined to move discussion forward and turn the situations that have been thwarting your, and your family's, fulfillment around in a positive manner. You will start this year off listening to your partner, and others', needs (between January 23rd and February 3rd)! You will then be confronted with tension and strong emotions that you will have to try to effectively control and channel if you wish, after some hesitation and debate, move discussion along in the right direction, once and for all. It will be a matter of transforming what could taint and ruin the mood at home into a fertile ground for understanding, and expanding, what your possibilities are between June 25th and July 5th.
Between August 17th and 26th, you will no longer be afraid to dream big and ask for help from friends who seem willing to support you. Take a short break between September 11th and 20th in order to look back on how far you've come and gain some distance on recent events. You will start of this autumn strengthened by your success and determined to use your obvious magnetism to make an impression and steal a few hearts. The end of the year will strengthen your bond with those around you between November 23rd and December 1st and bring your family closer together between December 17th and 25th, when you will both fully enjoy the present moment.

If you are single, and Saturn has been weighing on your family life since December 2016, forcing you to take on more responsibilities towards your loved ones, you will get to enjoy support from Uranus, who will help you come up with innovative and constructive solutions for pushing things forward and breaking the deadlock. You can count on the stars to be on your side in 2017 and to help you confront and tackle possible life challenges that may arise and to reaching a decisive turning point, enabling you to make a long overdue break with your past. During this lively, dynamic first half of the year filled with opportunities to get (back) in touch with others and come together, expect to have you life turned upside down and fall prey to powerful emotions. If you are on a quest for your soul mate, you could hope to find them and do everything in your power to hold onto them, bringing them into your daily life, no matter what happiness, juggling bursts of emotion with family duties. From the summertime on, Venus will help you throw the hatches open. You yearn to find that special someone and will raise your standards up a notch or take a walk down lovers' lane, hand in hand with a lover that you succeeded in winning over during a first half of the year that was favorable to new romances. You are overflowing with thrilling ideas and, between August 17th and 26th, will desire to share your good fortune with friends. In September, consider taking a step back to see what progress you've made in love and to find out what is really important to you. You will burst back onto the scene between October 6th and 14th at the top of your game and practically irresistible. Take advantage of your assets to hit your target (if you haven't already). The end of the year looks to be rather promising. In November, you are sure to have the chance to bring a sensitive chapter in your family life to an end, reaching a decisive and positive turning point that will start up constructive and productive discussions with your family. Ditto for December, when you will do your utmost to bring your family closer together and end the year on a high note, and successfully, too.

My advice:

This is a year when your family life should take positive steps forward. Saturn will continue to push certain responsibilities on you and ask you to find the right solutions to heat things up at home, bring your loved ones closer together around a common cause, and change up the rules and parameters that have been alienating rather than helpful. You will have your work cut out for you but also your eternal desire and lively imagination to open up more creative possibilities, giving life, energy, and a future to your relationships with others.

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