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Saturday, July the 11th
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2017 horoscope for Pisces

Pisces: Your 2017 love horoscope

Celestial reinforcements on the way!
You have been fundamentally unhappy in 2016, when setbacks or roadblocks prevented you from making your dreams a reality. Saturn, who has been weighing heavy on your life since December 2014, should, in 2017, usher in a new climate that is more favorable for building and constructing, for renewal. Forgotten are your hesitations, lack of confidence in life, others, and especially yourself. In 2017, you will be confronted with cosmic turmoil (around the start and end of March) but will also benefit from flows of energy that will encourage you to transform your life, Ami Pisces, even if it means breaking out of old ways of thinking.

To help you understand your true self!
Up until the 10th, Jupiter will urge you to undergo transformations and metamorphoses, resolve problems that may have divided you and your partner or litigation (divorce, breaking or changing a contract, etc.) processes. This process will require you, at times, to deeply question your relationship, which will turn out, in the end, to be highly positive, allowing you to figure out what is truly important to you, Ami Pisces, and make room for the best to happen. From October 10th on, Jupiter will open up a period of joy and celebration, so count on this giant of the zodiac to urge you to spread your wings and fly. Starting at the beginning of the year, Venus will take over, not letting you get away until the end of April. This sensual planet will make your love-life and desires the topic of the day. Endowed with an irresistible charm and the resolute drive to see how authentic your bond, or emotions, truly are, you will look within your heart, putting your lover to the test and using all of your seductive power to bring them under your spell and explore every facet of this relationship. You yearn to figure out what you truly need, and want, in order to totally thrive. If you are on still looking for your soul mate, you might get to have an experience (or two) that will help you understand what you truly expect from your partner. Though financial, or other, matters seem like they could short-circuit your communication, state your true intentions bluntly if you want your partner to do the same!

In a trance this summer?
From June on, you can count on Venus to promote dialog, helping you get your message across with tact. Between July 5th and 31st, you will come together and take action running your home life, taking care of your loved ones, and improving living conditions for yourself and those close to you. Leave room for pleasure (for both of you) between July 31st and August 26th, when Venus will give your charisma, and libido, a boost. Don't pass this summer by without rekindling the flame, or lighting it in the heart of a particular person you might soon meet this summer, or someone you've loved awhile already. Now is the time to be daring, Ami Pisces, to state your opinion, to look around you for any opportunity to hit the nail on the head.

An enchanting end to the year!
This second half of the year will call upon you to develop and maintain the bond that exists between you and your partner. You won't hesitate to open up and listen to your partner, deciding to commit, or recommit. From October 10th on, Jupiter will start to enchant your journey, as will Venus, especially between October 14th and November 7th, when it will arouse your senses, offering you the chance to experience a rather... hot Indian summer. Between November 7th and December 1st, you will have but one desire: setting sail for love, or, if you're still alone, finding that special someone - and will have every chance of doing so. You should, then, close out this year on cloud nine, Ami Pisces, ready from Christmas on to dream big and look to the future... together!

First decan (February 19 - 28) On your mark, get set, love!
No counter current should slow your momentum in 2017. The cosmic upheaval that is likely to destabilize the other two decans shouldn't even touch you. You should manage to move your love-life in the right direction in 2017: the one you want it to go, that is. Starting on October 10th (and up until November 25th), you can count on Jupiter to give your libido a boost and open up wonderful new prospects in every area of your life.

If you are in a relationship,starting at the beginning of the year, Venus will endow you with the determination to assert yourself and fully express your desire. Between January 3rd and 12th, this delightful planet will urge you to start off the year on a high note. From February 3rd on, you will be dead set on developing your potential, nurturing your love-life, and expressing your sensuality as never before. If you question your seductive power, you will receive an answer that could meet your demands and put your doubts to rest between April 28th and May 15th. In June, you will strengthen your bonds through tender and attentive dialog. In July (between the 5th and 14th), you will make sure to lovingly respond to your family's needs and improve your living conditions. This summer could be real scorcher. Between July 31st and August 9th, you can really count on Venus to heat things up and put you in a trance. Take advantage of this torrid climate to rekindle the flame. This second half of the year, you should get even closer to your partner, and, at the start of the fall, should get to enjoy new high points, unabashedly expressing your mushy sensuality. From October 10th on, Jupiter will ensure that you take off and, between now and November 25th, should promote your romantic ambitions. Starting on Christmas, you will seek to make your dreams and breath-taking plans a reality.

If you are single, nothing and no one will be able to stop you for loving in 2017, when you'll get the green light. No disruptive impulse should impair your enthusiasm or desire to break out of this solitude that has been weighing you down. You will get to enjoy Venus' favors, starting in January, who, between the 3rd and 12th, will give your seductive powers and charm a considerable boost. From the beginning of February and up until mid-May, you will be dead set on expressing your desires, taking care of your appearance, and bringing out your best qualities in order to attract your partner's attention and/or seduce whoever you wish. You'll have every chance of hitting your mark. Between June 5th and 16th, you will chat and mingle like no one else and should manage, without too much difficulty, to get your messages across, 100%. Between July 5th and 14th, you will be dead set on spoiling your loved ones and taming any possible family conflicts. Love is awaits you this summer (if you haven't found it already). And so, between July 31st and August 7th, you will be open and exposed to Cupid's arrow and new, exciting encounters. You will have ample opportunity to strengthen a recent bond (or make a commitment in the first place) or seduce whoever you set your eyes on between September 20th and 28th. From October 10th on, Jupiter will sweep you off your feet and could, between now and November 25th, help you make one of your dreams a reality. Venus will continue this trend between November 7th and 11th, giving you the confidence and desire to push the limits. At the very end of the year, you will no longer be afraid of looking forward, together, and in the same direction!

Second decan (March 1 - 10) Blue skies on the horizon!
Did 2016 keep you down? Have you had the unpleasant and unshakable feeling that you've had to choose between dreams and reality? In 2017, though your future may look hindered by court cases that seem to drag on or by a persistent darkness that still hangs over your relationship, and relations in general, you will have numerous advantages on your side to help you make a clean sweep and not only assert, but realize, your romantic ambitions before the end of the year.

If you are in a relationship, Saturn may have weighed heavy on your in 2016, riveting you to the ground and forbidding any dreaming. In 2017, you won't have seen the last of certain tensions or court cases (financial dependence problems, among others) that will still darken your horizons at the end of March and beginning of August but will still get to count on Jupiter to clear your skies and illuminate your romantic prospects between now and the end of the year, which looks to be... enchanted! Between January 12th and 23th, Venus will endow you with a knock-down charm but might push your back up against a wall a bit starting on February 19th when you will question your seductive powers. If you are in charge of managing others' interest, the common good, make sure to be clear when discussing delicate topics to avoid any potential differences of opinion. You will be dead set on making an impression on your partner but make sure to avoid any and all manipulation, which could blow up in your face. From June on, you will know exactly what you want and will open up joint dialog, which should pay off and comfort you (and your partner). You will spend time this summer improving your living conditions (between July 14th and 22nd), ensuring your loved ones' well-being. Make room for love and mutual pleasure between August 9th and 17th, when Venus will warm hearts, bodies, and the ambiance. Your bond will be strengthened between September 28th and October 6th, when you will want to do everything but go it alone. In November (between the 15th and 23rd), you will feel more in tune with yourself and seek to reach great, new heights with your partner. Jupiter will help you out from the 25th on. From then on, you will evolve and grow under clear skies, finishing off the year determined to make this short lull and respite last indefinitely.

If you are single, you may have felt in 2016 that you were moving forward with weights around your legs (er, fins) and that you would never get to achieve your romantic aspirations. In 2017, after some hemming and hawing that might have been annoying but useful for figuring out what your real desires and priorities are, yearning to live your life according to your desires and take flight. Take-off planned for the end of the year, when certain legal battles (at the end of March and start of August) will be put to rest and totally forgotten, and when you will manage to dedicate yourself to your happiness in the long term. In January, you will enter a new stage in your romantic life. You will reject fantasies, doing everything in your power to catch whoever you want in your nets. Up until the end of May, you will navigate between exaltation and doubt, between a need to shine bright and seduce whoever you want and the determination to understand and bring to the light what, up until now, has separated you from your partner: your unconscious fears and doubts, and perhaps too strong of a need for a bond that has led to making certain concessions that you now want nothing to do with in 2017. In June (especially between the 16th and 25th), you will have seen every angle of the question and will then be able to communicate (in your romantic/emotional life) with a full knowledge of the facts and at the top of your game. You will spend time with your loved ones, seeking to enhance your daily life between July 14th and 22nd, but will have but on idea in mind between August 9th and 17th: having fun and hopefully in good company. Moreover, you could have some charming encounters that just might last if the relationship you had at the start of the year has now run its course. Feel like making a quick commitment at the beginning of autumn? Between September 28th and October 6th, Venus will urge you to reach out to others. No more limiting yourself in November, but rather: think big and love the way you'd expect others to. Venus will, in fact, call upon you to do so between the 15th, 23rd, and 25th, while Jupiter will take over after and should ensure an unforgettable end of the year - and in good company.

Third decan (March 11 - 20): Dare to push things forward, but have a back-up plan!
Since December 2016, a favorable cosmic climate has enabled you to forge ahead without eroding the foundations you stand and rely on. So, you have the chance to make a choice and take some calculated risks. But, you will also have somewhat difficult decisions to make at the beginning of March and the end of September. You should, however, at least manage to make it out of a dangerous situation (court cases, financial problems) on top, finishing off the year strengthened by your successes and from getting to evolve without endangering yourself.

If you are in a relationship, you have had, since last December, the chance to open up new possibilities for yourself but without having to totally break with the past and while managing to still preserve and guarantee your security. If you have to confront any sort of legal battle concerning your relationship (divorce, financial issues), you will find a way to make it through this sensitive situation by breaking new ground and relying on your desire to explore other paths or by freely exploiting your own potential. You will start off this year with Venus' help, endowing you with an irresistible charm between January 23rd and February 3rd. Your seductive power and desire for love won't prevent you from having to deal with existential questions between April and the start of June or ask deep questions about your relationship. You will manage to come up with answers that will help you open up constructive discussions between June 25th and July 5th. You will be dead set on bringing your family closer together or build your own cozy little nest between July 22nd and 31st. In August, time for festivities. Love will reclaim its place of prominence, and you won't let any chance to rekindle the flame and fully enjoy the present moment pass you by. In October, decisions that had to be made will be. Between October 6th and 14th, you will once again get close to and reconnect with your partner. Between November 23rd and December 1st, you will do everything in your power to make your hopes reality and bring your partner into your dreams. Jupiter, starting at the end of January 2018, will take it upon itself to broaden your horizons and open your heart, and your future, wide.

If you are single,since last December 2016, you've enjoy a favorable influx of celestial energy, helping you to thrive in every area of life. Sure, you won't be able to cut through certain hard-to-handle tensions at the beginning of March and the end of September but will enjoy a sufficiently comfortable climate for taking action without taking a hit. From the start of the year on, Venus will give your seductive powers a boost and make you want to please. In April, though you may have had to question whether your ways of doing things are really effective or were obsessed, and destabilized, by whether your relationship is on solid ground, you will come out with clearer intentions and with a better understanding of your partner's between now and the beginning of June. You will have time to test your love and figure out whether there is any point in going on. From June 25th on, Venus will urge you to rally others around tender conversation or bring you into contact with someone new. You will spend time with family between July 22nd and 31st but will be bound and determined to dedicate yourself to your love-life and to pleasure between August 17th and 26th, when the summer will be hot - and your libido, too. Now is the time to hit your bull's eye and succumb to Cupid's arrow, leading, perhaps, to a relationship that could last longer than a summer. In October, you may feel like (after looking into the matter at the end of September) making a commitment early on in the relationship but certainly won't want to go it alone anymore. Between November 23rd and December 1st, Venus will invite you to have daring, to outdo yourself, and try the impossible. You won't need to be asked twice to jump into romance until Jupiter shows up at the end of January 2018 to open the doors of love, and many more things, wide!

My advice:

A year full of surprises. Jupiter will push you into a corner at times, forcing you, in some way or another, to push things forward and move your relationship to the next level. But, you can count on this powerful planet to help you push back your limits (and your fears), to outdo yourself, and fully realize your romantic ambitions. You will be dead set on entering your future as you desire.

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