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Tuesday, May the 26th
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2017 horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius: Your 2017 love horoscope

The winds of change are blowing!
You've lacked the self-confidence (and sometimes the funds) you need to let go and put truly large-scale plans into place. You've wanted to, but felt that things (people, circumstances) have been outside your control and that your initiatives have simply dissolved. Since September 2016, Jupiter has been coming to the rescue, opening up new possibilities and helping you believe in yourself and in the goodness in the world, but it won't be until 2017, Ami Aquarius, that you should manage to make some of your dearest plans a reality. You shouldn't have to deal with any more smokescreens that have been obscuring your path, but you should discover within yourself, and within those around you, the chance, and the resources (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) for accomplishing what you want. No more waiting for a better time. Take advantage now of the stars' good graces to forge on ahead, open up new paths, refresh your relationships and interactions with your loved ones, and commit to a path towards inspiration and the things you would like to build in your life.

Discussions are open!
Though some doors may open, nothing is a sure thing, and some people may run into obstacles of the metaphysical (am I right or wrong?) or judicial (in case of divorce or some other proceeding in family or inheritance matters) or have to make decisions that will force you to break with behaviors and rules of the past. So, you can expect, around the start and end of March, beginning of August, and end of September, to be a little shaken up, but, being a good Aquarius, you already know you have to earn your own freedom - no one will give it to you. So, it is time, Ami Aquarius, to free yourself from the beliefs that are holding you back and take your future into your own hands. You will go about this task with great persistence up until the start of June, when material or financial matters will hold you up at home.

From dreams to reality!
You could be dragged into family debates that you will enter into with compassion, love, and a strong sense of fairness. Those who ask for your help will receive it, and you will maintain your reputation for compassion. During this intense first half of the year, when your deepest emotions will be spoken to, you will be brought to understand who really loves. So enter these conversations (with all your family) as consciously as possible if you hope to bring them to a close, freeing your mind and heart while expanding your own horizons without hurting anyone or leaving them behind. You will start to come out of this period of greater understanding of, and love for, those close to you on June 6th, when Venus will help you improve living conditions for yourself and those close to you in a concrete way, Ami Aquarius.

Fear of commitment?
Make room for love between July 5th and 31st, when your seductive powers, at their height, should attract (and hold) a few looks. If you are in a relationship, you will explore the land of love with relish and rekindle the flame...with passion. If you are still single, you will be absolutely irresistible. Use this end of the summer (between August 26th and September 20th) to bring your family together, commit further in your relationship, and, no matter what situation you're in, Ami Aquarius, reach out to others. This autumn, you will be invited to take a stroll down lovers' lane together and make your wildest dreams come true in love. You will be dead set on moving your relationship to the next level or finding that special someone (with every chance of success) if you are still searching for your soul mate. You should close out this year surrounded by friends, children, and/or your lover. Between December 1st and 25th, you will build your own little world together and look to the future with inspiration, and will get there with the help of inflows of finances on the rise and considerable financial success. Keep an eye on this matter in 2018.

First decan (January 21 - 31): Find balance!
No obstacle should stand in your way in 2017. If, last fall, you started to shake free of a depressing past and to, in some way or another, throw open the hatches, you will have the chance to continue on your path in 2017 and expand your horizons. You will make progress slowly but surely towards your goals and, this autumn, will benefit from a considerable ally to help you increase your happiness. In fact, between October 10th and November 25th, you can count on Jupiter to assure success in your professional life, which should also bolster your emotional fulfillment. At the very end of the year, you will, however, have to put up with Saturn entering the background of your sign, starting on December 20th. It will be time to take a look over your past, think about what you've accomplished, and learn from your previous experiences so you can grow, mature, and get ready to reach a turning point in your personal growth.

If you are in a relationship, you will be led, up until mid-June, to take care of your loved ones full-time. You will throw all of your drive into dealing with problems, bringing up important questions together, and handling money matters that will arise. Throw yourself wholeheartedly into this mission that should soon help you to once and for all smooth over differences of opinion, bring all those that are important to you together and move your family life in the right direction: the one you want. You will have discussions to lead and decisions to make but can hope to come out the victor between June 6th and 16th, when Venus will help you get everyone (or almost) to agree on what is really important. You will also get to relax and fully enjoy the present moment between July 5th and 14th, when your absolute charm should help you hit your mark and rekindle the flame. You can count on this end of the summer to be your ally in your love-life, helping you commit, or recommit (between August 26th and September 3rd). This fall should allow you to take your relationship to the next level, and, in December, to dream big together. Between the 1st and 9th, Venus will help you take flight, strengthen your friendships, and endow you with a contagious enthusiasm. Enough to make you end this year on a high note, welcoming in Saturn, who will pull you along, urging you to reflect and mature on the 20th and in 2018.

If you are single, you will open up and share more with your loved ones up until June. If you have to bring up touchy subjects with your loved ones (either about money, an inheritance, or a separation), you will bend over backwards, making sure to communicate with a sense of perspective and open-heartedness that will help you elevate debate and put everybody in agreement in the end. You could still get (between February 3rd and 19th and April 28th and mid-May) to form a relationship with someone new that could end up lasting a while and that you be dead set on nailing down in the second half of the year. From the summer on, your chances of hitting your mark, turning a few heads, and committing yourself exclusively to your romantic life with start to take form. Between July 5th and 14th, Venus will favor love at first sight and endow you with a nearly irresistible aura. Between August 26th and September 3rd, if you have found that special someone during this first half of the year rich in opportunity, you will now desire, without a doubt, to take it to the next level. If you are still looking for your soul mate, keep your eyes open: they're not far off. This autumn will turn out to be very good for your emotional fulfillment, especially between October 14th and 22nd, when your romantic needs will be considerable - and satisfied. Use the final month of the year (between December 1st and 9th) to step into the future with your lover, encouraged by your friends, who only ask to get behind you!

Second decan (February 1 - 10): You will regain confidence in yourself - and in love!
In 2016, you may have felt that you are running after goals that continue to elude you and that you had to handle fears that often made you doubt everything, including yourself. Since the end of October 2016, Jupiter has started to open up new paths to you and push you forward. Breathing a little easier now? In 2017, you won't have totally gotten free from the hardship that was hard for you to handle, since, most of the time, it had to do with your inner demons (lack of confidence in yourself and in life). You should at last manage to get free and enjoy more open, fulfilling perspectives and possibilities. Expect certain setbacks and roadblocks to re-emerge around March 30th and the beginning of August. But, if you end up understanding that you're the one feeding your own fears and making not very productive choices, 2017 could offer you the chance to detach and push your own limits. You can count on Jupiter to sweep you off your feet between March 24th and August 20th, offering you some great opportunities to make your ambitions, romantic or otherwise, a reality starting at the end of November and all throughout the 2017-2018 winter, which will greatly favor your fulfillment.

If you are in a relationship,in 2017, you will shake off the doubts that are still preventing you from making your plans a reality and will dream of building your own future. It's not, however, a matter of going it alone but rather of keeping in mind the important role other people (friends or relatives) play in creating your future. And so, up until the summer, you will have to bring up financial matters with your family and realize that discussions can and will drag on a bit, especially starting at the beginning of March, when emotional issues will cut your momentum and block communication. You will get discussion moving in the right direction again starting in mid-April and, between now and May 26th, should come to some sort of agreement with your loved ones (siblings, etc.) about what is really important. Venus will invite you at this time to do everything in your power to bring people closer together and bring harmony to relations with your family between June 16th and 25th. Starting in the summer, you will have more time to dedicate to your love-life and to your children (or to having one?). Between July 14th and 22nd, expect to see your bond grow even stronger. You will desire to rekindle the flame and use your astounding charm and libido to reach your romantic ends. The second half of the year should enable you to get closer to your partner and commit more deeply than before to your relationship. This fall (between October 22nd and 30th), you will do everything in your power to move your relationship to the next level and bring the other into your dreams. At the end of the year, you will enjoy help from Venus in making your plans a reality, reconnecting with your circle of faithful friends (between December 9th and 17th), and from Jupiter in giving your career a boost and gaining the means to truly reach your goals.

If you are single,you may have felt like you were tilting at windmills and fighting invisible enemies that have been preventing you from making your desire a reality in 2106. Since the end of October 2016, Jupiter has been helping you keep your head above water and throwing open the hatches. In 2017, you will continue to ride out this great energy and should, between now and 2018, break free from your chains and torment (usually due to your own fears and inner turmoil). Starting at the beginning of the year, be prepared to have to deal with money debates at home, where such matters (financial or emotional) will take up most of your time and energy up until summer. Don't ignore or skip over any problems that could end showing back up later and open yourself up with all your heart and mind and listen to what your loved ones intentions and proposals are. You will have the ways and means to elevate debate, take action, and make decisions while keeping in mind the greater good. If you've been busy during the first half of the year dedicating yourself first to ensuring your family's well-being, keep your eyes, and heart, open in February (from the 19th) on, as well as between May 14th and 26th, when you could meet some great, new people. You will be more capable of truly committing to your love-life starting in July (between the 14th and 22nd, especially), when Venus will endow you with an magnetic aura that will let you seduce whoever you wish, hit your mark, and turn a few heads. It will be up to you to keep your recent relationship going or to throw yourself into a delightful romance between September 3rd and 11th. This fall, you will have wings and the desire to set sail for love with your partner or to find that special someone, somehow. No more just settling - reach your ideal! You will end this year on a high note and pulled into thrilling new plans that will enjoy support from your friends or a new lover, who just might be part of your vision of the future.

Third decan (February 11 - 18) Love soothe your hurting heart!
Since December 2016, you've enjoyed an atmosphere that is favorable to making your long-term plans a reality. Buoyant flows of energy will let you push the envelope, shake up people's ways of thinking, and bring fresh life to your interactions with others - especially your loved ones. You can count on this friendly conjuncture to make whatever you want a reality in 2017 and to make important decisions (even if they shake things up for everyone around the start of March and end of September). You can also count on a serious boost from Jupiter up until March 24th, and between August 20th and October 10th, expanding your horizons and making your romantic ambitions, among others, a reality!

If you are in a relationship, you've no longer been afraid, since December 2016, of looking at the long term and doubling down your enthusiasm to help you make what ever plans are important to you a reality, building your own future as you see fit. All throughout this constructive first half of the year, you can count on Venus to bring to an end productive discussions with your loved ones, who you will have to persuade that your ideas and plans are indeed well founded. You will likely have to bring up delicate financial matters in January and April but should end up gaining support for your shared vision of collective well-being before the beginning of July with Venus helping you bring your family together between June 25th and July 5th. You will then be able to thrive more freely in your private life starting in the summer and especially between July 22nd and 31st, when you will shine in all your glory and won't hesitate to rekindle the flame with your lover. Take advantage of this summer fall to get closer to your partner, commit, and listen to them. They will be grateful for it between September 11th and 20th. You will do everything in your power between October 30th and November 7th to take your relationship to the next level, broaden your horizons together and will get the opportunity at the end of the year to make your dearest plans a reality (between December 17th and 25th).

If you are single,that should change in 2017, and, if you start up a new romance, should manage to make it last this year. You won't, however, be able to avoid family discussions, up until the start of July, that will take up much of your time and energy, requiring patience, an open mind, and an open heart if you want them to move in the right direction, taking the interests of the group into account. You will be brimming with ingenious ideas that will help you start discussions back up on April 15th, when, after a short period of stagnation (starting at the beginning of March), you will charge full bore ahead, elevating, and ending, debates with general agreement from your family before the summer. These concerns over your loved ones won't prevent you from loving and meeting thrilling, new people between May 26th and June 5th. It is really, however, from July onwards that you can enjoy a more mobility and freedom of movement when it comes to your love-life. Venus will give your libido, charm, and chances of hitting your mark, a significant boost between July 22nd and 31st. The fall also looks to be promising and could bring you closer to someone you like between September 11th and 20th, perhaps bringing a commitment with it? You can expect your relationship to grow deeper, to move to the next level, or to find that special someone if you haven't already this fall. At the end of the year, your desires really could be fulfilled or you could, between December 17th and Christmas, make your romantic plans a reality or close out this year on a high note, surrounded by your friends and lover!

My advice:

This could be the year for laying foundations for your life and the plans that you truly care about. You can count on Jupiter, until the fall, to help you push your limits and the boundaries of what is possible and on your open heart and soul to do the rest. Which is...? Gaining support for your bold plans and ideas and convincing your loved ones to follow you!

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