Astrological Predictions for 2021 for the 12 Signs

Written by Alison

At the beginning of 2021, the sky is a little tense. Saturn and Jupiter, with opposite principles (expansion for Jupiter, restriction for Saturn),are together in square with Uranus in an axis Aquarius/Taurus. This is an explosive situation in which it is better to be cautious and think before taking risks. Fortunately, Pluto is calming down a bit and the destruction it symbolizes should be less scary than in 2020. However, we can count on this distant planet, master of metamorphoses, to put an end to systems and beliefs that have served their time. Pluto is in charge of cleaning up the ground before we can finally lay the foundations for a healthier future for us and the planet.

Neptune always gravitates in its home of Pisces and contributes to make emerge more humanistic, more fraternal impulses but all this good will must be channeled not to sink into confusion and utopia.

Uranus continues its course in Taurus, regularly colliding with Jupiter and Saturn and risking provoking rebellions. An enormous thirst for freedom and independence is blowing over the world. At some point, political leaders will have to take this into account in order to limit the damage... To discipline this planet full of surprises and turnarounds, we can punctually count on Saturn, which channels excesses of all kinds. However, changes are inexorable, so it is better to be prepared for them.

Jupiter, for its part, only reinforces the energies already in place and underscores the desire for independence that hangs over our societies. But Jupiter, if it is not evil, exaggerates everything and it will therefore be a question of moderating our claims and demands, so as to remain within the realm of the possible, the feasible.

Now is the time to go through your predictions, sign by sign, to find out what the astral climate has in store for you in love, work, social life, and health for 2021.Now is the time to go through your predictions, sign by sign, to find out what the astral climate has in store for you in love, work, social life, and health for 2021.Now is the time to go through your predictions, sign by sign, to find out what the astral climate has in store for you in love, work, social life, and health for 2021.


Love: In the past year, you have used enormous energy to reposition yourself in your work, your emotional relationships, or your personal aspirations. In 2021, you are investing more concretely in your long-term destiny. Do not try to speed things up: your future must rest on solid foundations. In February, take advantage of the happy influence of Venus to strengthen your emotional ties or create new ones. In June, take care of your home to improve it and make it more comfortable. In July, there are new opportunities to meet new people or to get more seriously involved in a story in progress and, at the end of the year, Venus will accompany you with its benefits until March 6, 2022!
Work - Social Life: In 2020, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have caused upheavals and destabilized you professionally. In 2021, some openings are confirmed, and others are on the horizon. This is the time to channel your talents, wisely manage your potential and moderate some of your excessive desires: by dint of wanting to stand out, you risk isolating yourself because your initiatives will not please everyone. You need time and perseverance to reach your goals, so you will need to curb your tendency to do as you please and be more patient.
Form: You are tempted to defy fate or to take inconsiderate risks, beware of incidents and accidents that would stop you dead in your tracks. Jupiter invites you to take the time to recover, to disengage a little, otherwise, beware of inflammation and repeated falls. Uranus reinforces your desire for independence while Saturn calms you down and imposes a waiting time. These two contradictory tendencies could push you to blame, to excess, to imprudence. Use your feelings to avoid slippage and be prepared to take advantage of the beneficial influence of Jupiter, which strengthens your prospects for the future, and Venus, which exalts your power of seduction.
Advice: In 2021, you have a strong will and determination, but your projects also require time and patience is not your forte. Do not neglect any step and don't overestimate your powers, consolidate your projects and make sure your partners are ready to follow you. If you detect reluctance or even resistance, do not take it negatively, you probably want to go too fast, without giving yourself the time to build something really sustainable. If this is the case, there is every chance that the sky will bring you back to order: delays, blockages...


Love: In 2020, you have felt the need to change your life, to settle elsewhere or otherwise to develop new ambitions. In 2021, the planetary energies grant you what you have been asking for, but this gift also contains responsibilities related to the expansions that are appearing. You feel torn between your need to free yourself from the past and the need to assume your duties, to seriously tackle the path that is opening or being confirmed. You aspire to live quality relationships, to make tender projects. Venus exalts your charm, and you have no trouble seducing, you take care of your loved ones by improving your living environment. At the end of the year, Venus begins a long race in Capricorn and will accentuate your desire to make the relationship evolve with all the chances to succeed.
Work - Social Life: In 2020, opportunities to assert your ambitions have presented themselves but you have had to abandon certain behaviors of the past. In 2021, the sky is the limit for you to make a commitment, to sign a contract, but these new responsibilities may seem heavy and curb your thirst for autonomy. You have to find a balance between opportunities to move up the ladder, to secure your bases and the desire to break with your reputation as a good and wise student, so you will be shared. Do not overlook any offer that could take you to the top, even if it is only for good reason. This obligatory passage allows you to prepare the ground for something else that will emerge and become clearer in 2022.
Form: Opt for a reasoned and patient approach to events, Jupiter offers you the opportunity to spend the year in Form. Do not be overwhelmed by your emotions or a desire to go too fast at the beginning of the year. In 2021, do not dramatize situations, navigate between responsibility and fantasy. Do not give up your creative dimension and, if the pressure becomes unbearable, calm down by investing yourself in two parallel fields and you will not have the feeling of neglecting your essential needs. This is your chance to follow your intuition to determine your direction, because a calmer year is on the horizon and allows you to be reborn.
Advise: In 2021, certain openings are made, and the field of possibilities widens. But you must assume your responsibilities and make efforts so that your hopes are translated into reality. Do not force destiny, follow the movement because it will eventually put you in the right place, the one that allows you to realize your dreams and find a smile.


Love: In 2020, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter induced inevitable structural changes, a symbolic or real mourning, a page to be turned. In 2021, a feeling of liberation from the weight of the past allows you to be reborn and finally broaden your horizons. You can rebuild on a better foundation or move on to something more fulfilling; it is your entire existence that is oriented in a different way. Accompany this upward movement in 2021, look ahead, do not look back on a past that prevented you from evolving and taking your destiny into your own hands.
Work - Social Life: After a time of stagnation, the sun rises, and your horizons open up. Count in 2021 to discover new paths but take them with the utmost circumspection. The main risk is that you will want to speed up the movement or just do as you please, with the risk of being reprimanded or getting stuck in your tracks. In 2021, jump on the moving train, but respect the rule, even if it means postponing your creative impulses until 2022.
Form: In 2021 you have to deal with delays and therefore frustrations but do not accelerate the movement because you will pay the price: Saturn is putting obstacles in your way and you must accept it, willy-nilly. If your original ideas, your impulses are legitimate, this does not exempt you from building on solid ground, even if you have to postpone (until next year) your personal achievements. Mars sometimes pushes you to exaggerate, you must take the time to recharge your batteries!
Advise: You benefit from openings in 2021, Jupiter encourages you to surpass yourself but not to go beyond the frame, otherwise Saturn will ask you for accounts. In 2021, seize the chance to love and blossom but respect the limits, do not act impulsively by neglecting the law and certain rules, bend a little: you will straighten your head in 2022!


Love: Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter have shaken your ties, they have pushed you to question your quest for sentimental harmony, they have influenced your life as a couple or your emotional expectations. In 2021, Saturn and Jupiter gravitate in the field of radical transformations, it is no longer possible to procrastinate, to cheat: you must let go of what no longer makes sense to you and review the foundations on which you build your exchanges. You have a thirst for novelty, you want to give up habits to function more in harmony with your evolution. Take the time to continue the story or to rebuild a relationship that better corresponds to your aspirations. 2021 requires active participation on your part, evolve to open a future that inspires you and transforms your life.
Work - Social Life: In 2020, Jupiter has fostered new associations and collaborations. In 2021, you can make them pay off by solidly anchoring the foundations to clean up your cash flow, redistribute roles or streamline the structure. Even if the income is important, you will have to spend your money more wisely, perhaps saving money by reducing your day-to-day management. Recognize that everything takes time and conduct your business constructively in 2021.
Form: The beginning of the year is risky, to avoid a mishap, brake from time to time! Do not tempt the devil in 2021, if you do not wait for your time and force your way, it will be at your own risk. No major influence affects you; it is not that common! You can therefore continue the metamorphosis in progress without too much loss of energy or low morale.
Advise: In 2021, the forces of change are on the march. It is up to you to seize them to progress, to achieve what you hoped for without exaggerating your powers. A little moderation, patience and good judgment will allow you to orchestrate your evolution wisely. Do not abuse your powers so as not to offend sensitivities, at the risk of being slowed down by your overly spirited impulses to the taste of those around you or by a timid economic and social situation.


Love: 2020 has affected your daily life, your private life, you have faced turmoil that has shaken your physical and moral balance, but some opportunities have presented themselves to get out of it. Count in 2021 to confirm these openings and to take a step forward. You will have to deal with limitations, even frustrations, but with the certainty that the horizon and the future are opening up. In the meantime, count on Jupiter to build Love connections, to make interesting encounters or to get involved. If your couple falls apart, you can take advantage of the cosmic climate to break up. Venus encourages tender exchanges, invites you to make your relationships evolve, to make projects and it gives you a very attractive radiance. You are listening to yours, but you focus on your love and your personal development.
Work - Social Life: In 2021, Jupiter is promoting your social expansion and associations. Whether you want to change a contract or sign a new one, get a more rewarding job, rely on it to show who you are and what you are worth. But you will have to take on your tasks without any leeway. You will not always live it well and you may rebel. However, temper your impatience to avoid exposing yourself to power struggles from which you will not always emerge victorious. It is a year full of promises and constraints. Jupiter opens up new associations, but you must obey a little to hope to express your potential. Begin by accepting your responsibilities and constraints, which will only diminish if you show that you are a reliable partner.
Form: Pluto weakens your physical balance by destabilizing you, depriving you of the security of the past. But it is to better regenerate you, in 2021, bet on a benevolent situation to rebuild your morale and your physique. Keep control of Mars, use its energy wisely. Driven by unconscious forces, it could however push you to act impulsively, against your interests. Beware then of the risks of falls and inflammations.
Advise: 2021 offers you opportunities to meet, engage and warm the atmosphere between you and others. It is up to you to balance between the desire to break away from a conditioning that slows you down and the need to consider a climate that recommends caution. In order not to scare your partners, keep your crazy ideas to yourself and be reasonable so that they will agree to accompany you.


Love: In 2020, the economic situation has affected your emotional life, the sky has forced you to bend over your loves. In 2021, it is necessary to define a new daily management likely to allow everyone to blossom by leaving a routine that tires you and by trying different experiences. But you must also assume your responsibilities, you must break with the past, give your family life a new lease of life to end the previous cycle by leaving nothing unfinished behind. A pressure that you find hard to bear but which, if you accept it, will finally leave the field clear for the life you hope for in 2022.
Work - Social Life: In 2021, there is no shortage of opportunities to evolve, find a job or change jobs. Jupiter opens doors for you; it allows you to progress and collaborate with a company, to serve the community by getting involved. But it will be difficult to unleash your creativity because Saturn curbs your tendency to act too personally. Limits and restrictions are painful, but you had better respect them in 2021 so that you can be trusted. Show that you can be counted on and you will be comfortable in 2022.
Form: Avoid playing hard to get with a constraining sky and take the time to rest and recharge your batteries to prepare the next step without risking exhaustion. Do not rebel in the face of constraints, you can endure, not necessarily fight because you risk losing a lot of energy. No major upheavals to be expected in 2021, so take advantage of this time to recharge your batteries and move forward without the risk of running out of fuel.
Advise: This year gives and sometimes seems to take, yet it is by dealing with these limitations that you will manage to prepare for what comes next. Stay confident in yourself and your ability to reinvent a daily routine that, if it is still dragging its feet, will take off in 2022. The year 2021 is a year of opportunities to bounce back and show what you can do, but you have to prove yourself and endure limitations. Do not give up, because you are working in 2021 to open the future in 2022.


Love: Heaven has exposed you to significant family changes in 2020. Real or symbolic bereavements have upset your balance and forced you to draw a line under the past. Whatever the context, nothing has been simple, but you are approaching 2021, strengthened by Jupiter which lights up your sentimental landscape. If the atmosphere is conducive to exciting encounters, the conception of a child or the expression of your creativity, everything is subject to restrictions because Saturn curbs your aspiration to lightness. You have to hold back your impulses, compose between your desire for fantasy and the need to follow Saturn's injunctions that call you to order. A year of possible openings but also of frustrations to bear while waiting for 2022 which, finally, will release you the bridle.
Work - Social Life: Jupiter exalts your creativity in 2021, it makes you want to shine, to show what you are capable of, and it reinforces your desire to be appreciated and recognized. You also compose with Saturn, which calms your enthusiasm and invites you to limit your thirst for novelty: there is no question of revolutionizing the functioning of your company subject to unavoidable social or financial constraints. Wait until the ramparts give way and you can give free rein to your talents. In 2022.
Form: Take a step back from events and recharge your batteries, as diminishing energy expresses itself abruptly and exposes you to incidents along the way. Do not take these recommendations lightly if you want to keep up the distance and restart with a bang in 2022. To optimize the right trends for the year, do a lot but not too much.
Advise: In 2021, you are wavering between emotional openness, sentimental fulfillment, and the need to deal with restrictions that dampen your enthusiasm. Approach the future with an open heart but know that building or restoring meaning to a story takes time and patience. Jupiter increases your fertility and encourages you to seek recognition for your talents, but remember that you are accountable, contain your outbursts of pride and excesses, and expose your talents by serving the common cause rather than your own.


Love: In 2020, your exchanges with your entourage were complex. In 2021, you are installing a better atmosphere in your home. More open to others, you will close ranks and improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones so that everyone is at ease at home. However, these aspirations must consider certain limitations. If you want to change your communication with others, to break habits that are stifling you, you must wait before freeing yourself from them so that you can live and breathe without being accountable. It is not in 2021 that you will completely escape the past. Agree to bend for a while longer, waiting until 2022 when the pressure will dissipate.
Work - Social Life: The astral environment of 2021 is more about managing your privacy. In order to blossom, you refuse to feel limited by an activity that takes you away from your own. You want to free yourself from social obligations that tie you down and you privilege your personal expansion, even if it means breaking with too demanding functioning or associations that consume all your time. In 2021, certain family responsibilities will force you to let go of your professional responsibilities to assume your responsibilities at home.
Form: Do not play with fire, Mars invites you to recharge your batteries rather than run into the wall. Do not take any unnecessary risks, inflammatory problems could slow you down if you do not take a step back from your emotions. Take advantage of this less efficient time to recharge your batteries.
Advise: 2021 opens up private opportunities and contributes to your personal growth if you consider your limits before committing to projects that are beyond your possibilities. Wisely assess what you can envision while you wait for the road ahead. 2021 is geared towards a demanding private life, you have to wander between unavoidable responsibilities while you wait to break away from conditioning or work that no longer interests you. To be continued...


Love: In 2020, you were wondering about your potential or facing financial problems. In 2021, the skies encourage you to put your family relationships in order and to maintain more authentic ties with people around you that you find intrusive or burdensome. This is the year to review your exchanges with your loved ones based on the understanding you have acquired, to renew the freedom you lack. You have to deal with responsibilities from the past in order to emancipate yourself from a network that prevents you from leading the life you want. No question of escaping your duties, postpone your flights while waiting to settle what is stuck in your family, you will then do what you like.
Work - Social Life: In 2020, material issues were at the center of the debates, you were struggling to express your talents. In 2021, you are back with more material ease and an open-mindedness that makes you want to increase your skills. Whether through training, or by enlarging your usual circle, you are pushing back the limits. But consider the constraints that do not allow you to do what you want to do, even if you feel resentful about it. This year opens up the field of possibilities while imposing rules on you and preventing you from spreading yourself too thin.
Form: In 2021 there is no need to accelerate the movement. Just broaden your horizons, nourish your mind, and look forward to being able to freely express your ideas next year. Saturn plays with your nerves and you must contain your thirst to free yourself from alienating responsibilities, obey it to avoid exhaustion and depression. Take the time to recharge your batteries to be ready, from mid-January 2022, to go for it!
Advise: Some movement, contact and communication that enriches you will boost your morale, even if the past and some family responsibilities remain. The solution? Facing, assuming, but not for long. Between a tendency to express the best of yourself and delays, you have to wait until 2022 to see the floodgates open. In the meantime, do your best without rebelling against an unavoidable economic situation, sharpen your assets and broaden your field of expertise to put all the chances on your side.


Love: In 2020, global pressure has favored radical transformations. In 2021, you are making the lessons you have learned bear fruit so that you can better exploit your potential. Impulses, new desires emerge and seek to express themselves. Proceed in order because, while the year opens up the field of possibilities, 2021 also exposes you to frustrating limits. You wish to live your emotional life more freely, but you are held back by influences that limit you. You have to deal with time and responsibilities that you do not appreciate but which are unavoidable. If you want to free yourself from everything that prevents you from living your love life to your heart's content, you must calm down and control your all-consuming appetites.
Work - Social Life: You have asked yourself what determines your relationship with the outside world in 2020. In 2021, you put an end to your loneliness and apply the lessons learned. You have significant opportunities to make the most of your resources but, if you are distinguished by eccentricity, you are back in line by a sky that requires you to base your activities on solid ground. You have to weave between your desire to evolve quickly and the imperious injunction to follow the rules.
Form: Channel your forces so that they do not come together against you: you are not immune to inflammatory problems or stress that can affect your physical and moral balance. Do not force yourself, channel your energies so that you do not run out of them later on. This Advice of Wisdom applies to all areas of your life. A year to exploit to get back on track and accumulate enough energy to stay on top in 2022.
Advise: Your potential grows and openings appear. Do not miss the chance but remain cautious. If you aspire to satisfy your desires, make sure that the other person agrees and that you do not go too fast. In 2021, dare without abuse, do not cross the line, calm down so as not to suffer setbacks. You must build on solid ground and follow the movement, not get ahead of it. Give up doing too much until 2022: your legitimacy will be less contested.


Love: In 2020, the sky forced you to break with the past, you had to free yourself from beliefs that prevented you from moving forward, from realizing yourself. In 2021, count on powerful influences to begin a new cycle of expansion, the fruit of an evolution accomplished over time, lessons learned and integrated. You are projecting yourself into another dimension of yourself, refocusing on your own needs and personal aspirations. If the other person agrees to follow you on your path, everything will be fine, but if he or she finds that you pay little attention to your loved ones or their desires, everything can get stuck.
Work - Social Life: If you have the feeling that you are stalling, if your creativity has come to a standstill, count in 2021 to open up new perspectives, to launch a new cycle of socio-professional expansion. Count on Jupiter this year to strengthen your desire to fully express who you are. You will not continue as before unless your current work satisfies your need to develop yourself freely. However, this requirement will have to deal with family, friends, and environmental pressures, and with the need to build on a solid foundation, with the passage of time.
Form: Only one Advise in 2021: avoid any forced passage. Do not rush into the stretchers, the pressure forces you to slow down the movement. Wait patiently for the barriers to fall (in 2022) before accelerating. You will be able to move around sheltered from bad weather, but do not exceed your limits.
Advise: Jupiter and Saturn favor your expansion in 2021 but put the Forms on to do whatever you want. Patience is your best weapon to put up with what frustrates you. Wait until 2022, and then compose between the ardor of Jupiter and the rigidity of Saturn to structure your approach before you launch. Adopt a good rhythm so as not to trigger criticism from those around you that weakens or destabilizes you.


Love: In 2020, you have made plans to blossom fully, you have also encountered interferences that have forced you to question your aspirations. If you have dodged this examination of your motivations, you will not escape it in 2021, the sky invites you to clarify what limits your emotional fulfillment. So, look at your relationships before launching a new cycle of expansion with full knowledge of the facts and in full possession of your means. Do not let the past, your fears, doubts, or complexes get in your way. In 2021, regardless of your emotional situation, proceed with uncompromising introspection. Jupiter is your guide in this quest for understanding and happiness.
Work - Social Life: Projects were launched in 2020 but you have encountered obstacles. You are going through an ordeal that helps you to sort out between what you want in the future and what is no longer suitable for you. If your future is at stake this year, it does not mean you are moving on. You need to liquidate the outstanding, finish the job before you embark on new adventures in 2022. In the meantime, do not get angry if you are held back by the past, a little more courage before deliverance and the possibility of launching a new cycle of expansion that will open in 2022.
Form: Channel your thirst to freely express your thoughts, your communication is surprising because it stands in contrast to the past. If you find that you are being held back, that you are being bullied in 2021, put these obstacles into perspective, reminding you to be more careful. Take advantage of positive currents to regenerate yourself and lay the groundwork for a future that inspires you without running out of energy or resources.
Advise: Do not try to speed up the movement in 2021, end it first with shadows from the past, whether they are doubts, fears, complexes, or fantasies to be abandoned and, in 2022, launch a new cycle of fulfillment. Approach the future without dodging what disturbs you, because it is this demanding inner work that will allow you to free yourself and evolve towards a better version of yourself.


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