Astrological predictions 2020 for the 12 signs

Written by Alison

The year 2020 begins with a rather rare aspect: the conjunction between Saturn, planet of the restriction, and Pluto, planet of the metamorphosis, in Capricorn. This transit induces a rigorous atmosphere and encourages us to take the necessary step back to introspect and draw a line on what is not essential.

Jupiter also crosses Capricorn, it is not the most favorable sign to this "great benefit" because two contradictory principles meet: Jupiter is symbol of expansion, Capricorn is restrictive.
But Jupiter is in Trine of Uranus during the first months of the year. Decisions are more constructive, happy changes occur, inventiveness, bold ideas emerge and meet favorable echoes ... Provided however that these novelties remain realistic, even concrete. This transit positively influences the world of communication, business and announces an expansion, both collectively and for the well-being of everyone.

Finally, Neptune, from its home in Pisces, enhances intuition, inspiration and idealism. With Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in earthen signs, Neptune can act in a humanitarian context without drifting into a misunderstood spirituality, harmful delusions because Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus are in perfect harmony. Find out quickly what this year full of promise holds for your sign!


Love: Depending on your situation, you have a strong desire to change a routine that has become sclerosing in your eyes. As a couple, you turn a little in circles and you want to become more autonomous, even at the risk of breaking a strong bond. Single, you see the future with enthusiasm and your attractiveness opens many possibilities in your meetings. In all cases, measure out the scope of your actions because some will be irrevocable.
Work - Social Life After a first quarter still limiting or disappointing, you find ways to make you positively notice and evolve in your work. You put all your imagination and your good will. You take intelligent initiatives that lead you to the realization of certain projects. As the months go by, you are more and more powerful and you stand out for your audacity and your constructive spirit.
Form: You are tired after a year of energy and you need to replenish your resources. It is necessary to develop your discipline to be able to manage your daily life effectively between regular physical exercises, moments of relaxation and leisure, but it will also be necessary to choose a balanced diet, to hold you there and to try, overall, to lead a more regular life. The secret of health is moderation in everything.
Advice: Grit your teeth during the first quarter: in spring you find your marks and you can spread your wings, lead your life the way you want and show you self without becoming self-centered. It is necessary to use the beautiful energies which break for constructive purposes, whether sentimental relations or professional ambitions. If you consider your past choices without complacency, you will make good decisions about bold projects.


Love: In your love life, it is time to make decisions to stabilize your recent achievements and continue your story more calmly. If you are in a relationship, it's time to put your situation in perspective, discuss it together and move in the same direction. Single, you have to think about yourself, your expectations, your ideals before trying to seduce. You are inspired, stay alert in all your encounters: love may be hidden where you did not expect it.
Work - Social Life After a hectic first quarter and very productive, you meet in the spring some resistances that make you climb to the niche to defend your ambitions, even to go into force, which is not necessarily the most constructive. Delays and enmities hinder your projects, but your energy and tenacity overcome all the worries. Simply, beware of collateral damage if your interventions are outrageous or if you hurt someone in the process...
Form: You're full of energy, so much so that you do not always know how to spend it positively. The climate then changes and becomes electric, you can show intractable, stressed, sometimes close to burn-out, relax! But not in the couch, rather on a sports field or ride in the forest. Spend time in good company, make new friends that will spice up your routine and open up unsuspected horizons.
Advice: You organize your life but your desire for independence turns too easily to rebellion, you need to develop your discipline and your control over your emotions. Your efforts will pay off, but your stubbornness is a brake on your fulfillment, it is time to change to become a more flexible person, you will thus much more easily benefit from opportunities to evolve in new and exciting directions!


Love: As the months go by, you become more and more wise and realistic about your love life. If you are a couple, you will spend the year building a future where each of you will be autonomous and respected in his/her choices, you will probably want to engage, to get married. If you are single, you are more selective in the choice of your conquests, you do not seek adventure but a beautiful relationship, solid, complicit and sustainable... Your charm does the rest.
Work - Social Life It's a great year to invest in your ambitions. You will have a lot of work, maybe new responsibilities but your goals are achievable with effort and diligence. Your ironic tone, your curiosity and your critical spirit maintain a good atmosphere, it will be perfect if you avoid to disperse and if you are attentive to the details. Success depends on your discipline and your organizational spirit.
Form: To spend a beautiful year without losing all your resources, you must learn how to manage your energy costs. You do not need a diet but a balanced diet, stop nibbling and try to eat at regular times. Take advantage of your friendly circle to encourage yourself to practice a team sport or a physical hike such as hiking or climbing.
Advice: The 1st quarter is a little heavy, the constraints and the responsibilities do not tire you but the sky clears up with the wire of the months and you will take advantage of it to give free rein to your inventiveness, you can find original solutions to improve your daily life and to endorse your homework without feeling prisoner. Just identify your needs, your means and make a synthesis. Afterwards, it's a matter of courage and willpower.


Love: This year, you are doing your best to remain independent, you stop to cling to your imagination to enter the reality. As a couple, you think about changing your relationship in the direction of your real aspirations, without unnecessary compromise. Single, you are more lucid and therefore more demanding in the choice of your partner. Your openness, however, promises beautiful meetings.
Work - Social Life The 1st quarter is tiring because filled with constraints and rigor but, in the spring, the climate evolves and you can finally expose your bold ideas, your creative talent or your ability to work independently. You will then have the opportunity to aim for new objectives, more in line with your interests, your abilities and your desires. Your professional relationships improve greatly, especially with your management or the administration.
Form: You are very dependent on your state of mind and your moods often rub off on your physical form. You need to discipline yourself gently, to get out of your comfort zone, but above all, to physically burn yourself. It's a good time to choose active recreation, motivating people and better manage your diet. All combined will take you to the end of the year in great form, physically and morally.
Advice: You must take confidence in yourself and stop complying with obsolete rules related to a past that must be left behind. This is the time to show your new abilities, to believe in life, in the other, in yourself and set yourself ambitious goals because you are able to succeed. Your need for independence tints this year full of potential but still it is necessary to express your ideas and pass from the imaginary to the concretization.


Love: It's a year to get married! More broadly, the celestial configuration, starting in the spring, invites you to stabilize your relationships and engage yourself. You are overflowing with goals that you really want to share. As a couple, you take a step up your duo: marriage, baby, real estate purchase? Single, you become more serious and you seek more to attach to you than simply to please. There is a real chance this year to meet the soul mate and keep him/her!
Work - Social Life This is a constructive but tiring year at work, especially during the first quarter when you will experience hierarchical constraints or administrative obstacles. But starting in the spring, partnerships flourish and you are likely to find the right people to share your goals and support you in all your endeavors. Do not be discouraged by obstacles or transient worries: you have in your hands something to evolve very positively in your career and in good company!
Form: This year's supported activities make you feel the energy you need in the depths of your life. But you need to recharge your batteries from time to time and, for them to last longer, nothing like moments of relaxation with friends, a serious diet and daily exercise. If you have a sedentary job, put yourself to sport, if your activity is more physical, rest without falling into laziness.
Advice: During the year, the others will take more and more importance and force you to make some compromises, you may have to change projects, to innovate, to move ... In all cases, it is the flexibility and tolerance your best allies for a full year of novelties and gratifying agreements. You develop your autonomy while learning to act in concert with others, a beautiful discovery!


Love: This year, all your ambitions are getting stronger, including your emotional projects. You want to build and stabilize your story in the long run. As a couple, you make wise decisions together for a more comfortable and supportive future. Single, you will not stay because each meeting can be the chance of your life so stay attentive and available: your qualities are highlighted!
Work - Social Life You have confidence in yourself and your means and you are right: the sky of 2020 is very favorable to your ambitions; your seriousness imposes on your hierarchy and you have no trouble finding collaborators if you work independently. You dare to step out of your comfort zone and this bold attitude brings you luck, it may be the beginning of a great career: we cannot do without you.
Form: You are experiencing multiple opportunities this year and you are present on all fronts. Between a career that progresses and loves that are anchored, you do not miss energy to shoulder your new responsibilities but do you still have moments of relaxation, give yourself some hobbies if you want to stay in beauty and fit until the end of the year. Do not assume your strength.
Advice: With such a favorable sky, you can only grow and flourish in all areas of your life but do not overdo it! Your energy and your will are strengthened, and you aim for the best, so that your passion does not exhaust you too quickly. All the lights are green, keep your confidence, you are on the right track to realize your wishes.


Love: It's an important year in your emotional life: you definitely bond, or you break to regain your freedom, your autonomy. So, if you are in a relationship, either you formalize your relationship to anchor it in the long term, or you put things in order to start on a new basis. Single, you are much more selective in choosing your partners because you aspire to an authentic and lasting story.
Work - Social Life Some concerns are to be feared with the hierarchy or the administration, but you also have the possibility of progressing significantly in your work, all depends on your good will and your reactions to the authority. Do not aim too high, too far, just do your job as best as possible, the rest will come in addition. It is necessary to develop your tenacity and your discipline which are your two weak points.
Form: You feel braked, locked in rules that do not suit you necessarily and you tend to rush in the stretchers, which causes a lot of stress, trouble and consequent fatigue. Discipline yourself to begin: follow a physical exercise program, eat a healthier diet and try to erase the excesses you are too often subject to.
Advice: The sky now requires more control, better control of your emotions and the pursuit of realistic goals. At this price, you could quickly progress, but it is necessary to leave aside your whims, your states of soul and your displaced claims. It is time to grow, to mature and to take on new responsibilities, if possible, with a good heart... If you remain realistic, you have every chance to satisfy your ambitions before the end of the year.


Love: This year is a big change in all your associations, especially in love. If you are in a relationship, you think together about how best to evolve, or even transform your relationship into a stronger, more sustainable relationship. You commit yourself but you also seek to maintain a certain autonomy. If you are single, you want a serious meeting and you prefer to develop a personal project or take care of your career rather than launching into a passing love affair...
Work - Social Life This year is tinged with a certain discipline to acquire to evolve positively. Changes are likely in your personal life, but they should not affect your business. It is also a good year to become independent if this is your wish: you will then benefit from support and even some luck in your efforts. Show yourself up to your ambitions.
Form: You may suffer a few strokes of fatigue due to stress and worries at work or at home: many things change, sometimes brutally and anxiety wins you. To compensate for these moody moods, air yourself, change your mind, give yourself some hobbies and, above all, do not laugh about the past, but trust a different future.
Advice: You tend to assert your freedom without putting a lot of nuances. Your indiscipline could get you into trouble, both at home and at work so know how to balance your requirements by remaining realistic and considering your means rather than your sometimes-unreasonable aspirations. Limit the risks, show yourself philosopher when you encounter an obstacle and above all, relax ... As the months go by, the atmosphere is calmer and you can recover.


Love: It is a great year to renew your love life, to give a concrete character to your relationship. If you are in a relationship, you may want to get married or buy real estate together or have a child ... If you are single, a meeting can suddenly get you down, give you a taste for responsibilities, make you jump, cross a cape In any case, you tend to "fit".
Work- Social Life You focus on your work, even if you still have a hard time accepting certain constraints or limitations. Your wiser and more responsible attitude should, throughout the year, bring you rewards, promotion or happy change of position. You are attentive to all occasions and material success is at your fingertips. You develop your independence to finally navigate according to your criteria.
Form: You are by nature a little undisciplined and you risk, this year, to commit some excesses in the concern to do well. Take care to keep the distance until the end of the year, compensate for intellectual work through sports or outdoor recreation. Show yourself more rigorous in your food choices and think from time to time to rest, to calm your perpetual agitation, to make the point serenely...
Advice: You have great assets to evolve greatly this year, yet it is necessary to use them wisely. Be careful that your enthusiasm does not become temerity, that your taste for the good things of life does not turn into greed with the excesses that entails. In all, show yourself wise and measured and you will win on all the charts.


Love: In 2020, you really want to evolve as a duo, to balance your personal progress through authentic, solid and reliable relationships. If you are in a relationship, you are looking to install your relationship in security and duration: you get married or move in together, you have common projects and you support each other's personal projects, resulting in a nice complicity. Single, you may be more attached to your social life than to your loves, yet anything can happen this year!
Work - Social Life You are very good this year at work. You have excellent relations with everyone, and you are able to progress quickly in your activities. Your talents are recognized, your availability is appreciated and a promotion, a bonus is quite possible. You are confident and your optimism grows, which only adds to your potential. Your popularity also increases, in short, all the lights are green!
Form: Your body is balanced, like your mind. Your sober nature helps you a lot to avoid excesses and your taste for physical exercise finds use. You can probably make some progress in your diet yet you are aware of your strengths and limitations and you manage them wisely. Serenity and openness are your best form assets this year!
Advice: You evolve harmoniously in 2020, do not be afraid to take on challenges, expose your often original ideas, even unusual and use your creativity to find every day new opportunities to develop and progress in the areas that interest you. Your natural assets are sobriety, discipline and common sense, these are the weapons that will make you a winner on the whole line.


Love: This year, your friendly life is in the foreground and you count on the support of your loved ones to overcome your moments of discouragement or doubt. If you are in a relationship, unstable moods can irritate your partner, but at least you express your discomfort. If you put the forms, you could discuss it rather than arguing... Single, you make little effort to please but you like to let yourself be seduced. This method can work very well if you remain attentive and available.
Work- Social Life This year, you ask yourself a lot of questions about your professional ambitions and you are looking for new niches with confidence and curiosity. But beware of your impatience and carefully consider the details before making an important decision. Your intuition helps you a lot to find good deals and develop the best strategies. Your relationships are particularly rewarding and beautiful agreements could result.
Form: This year, you are in great shape, but you tend to enjoy a little too much, without counting in your reserves. To keep the distance, you need to decompress from time to time and radically change the register: play sports if you have a sedentary job, relax if your work is very physical. In any case, ensure a good balance of your diet and manage your sleep better.
Advice: Throughout the year, your progress is constant, you develop realistic goals and you are full of audacity and courage. Just watch your impulses, your impatience to not spoil, on a whim, the best opportunities. The pace will accelerate over the months, your autonomy grows and you feel more free, so have patience and savor every good moment: your situation evolves.


Love: On the affective side, this is an important year: you are able to make important decisions to live together in a spirit of complicity and tenderness. This could lead you to formalize your relationship or, if you are still single, to be more selective in choosing your partners. The sky of 2020 accompanies and supports these good dispositions: happiness is at your heart and you feel that the time has come to "fit"...
Work - Social Life You develop your ambitions and your will to succeed supports all your activities. It's a great year to make you stand out at work: you are more disciplined; your creativity does not prevent a sound sense and your abilities are recognized by your hierarchy. Your confidence in you is growing and all your relationships are improving, which allows for rewarding exchanges and perhaps promotion in the coming months.
Form: You manage this year to be wiser and more realistic, your stable moods guarantee a good shape because you are more optimistic in remaining realistic and you manage with a beautiful intuition your time and your energies. It's a great year to make good resolutions, whether it's exercise or diet, you're particularly careful to keep all your resources under control to go further, higher...
Advice: Many things change but gently and for the greater good of your personal fulfillment. It's a great year to review your skills and accomplishments before you successfully pursue the goals you care about, whether it's love, work or family. Do not be impressed by negative people, trust yourself and move confidently!


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