What are the luckiest signs of the month?

Written by Alison

Luck takes an infinite variety of forms to manifest itself. Of course, many of us associate the notion of luck with money: winning a game of chance, an inheritance, a large sum of money falling from the sky. There is also luck in love: the soul mate met at the corner of a street, the love at first sight that we did not expect, a flickering love that suddenly takes on new colors.

But besides these two great classics, there are other chances: the ability to express yourself clearly to obtain the approval of your interlocutors, the chance to get the job or the position of your dreams, the energy found, the health consolidated, new fulfilling friendships...

Each month, find the luckiest signs of the month and the areas in which they will encounter the most opportunities.

Lucky signs for November 2022

The first half of November is cradled by the energies of Scorpio, symbolizing autumn par excellence, with its falling leaves promising rebirth after a slow and unchanging natural process.

With three fast-moving planets in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury and Venus) until at least the 16th, water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) have every chance of feeling loved, communicating with greater ease and experiencing passion in their love relationships. However, Scorpio faces Uranus in Taurus and must adapt to unexpected changes that are not always the most peaceful.

In this sense, Cancer and Pisces are better off because they benefit from a magnificent triple trine, without suffering the pangs of destabilization. Virgo and Capricorn also feel the benefits of this triple conjunction through the sextile effect: fortunate coincidences, encounters, allow them to enjoy very dynamic moments, friendly adventures and fulfilling loves.

On November 16, Venus enters Sagittarius. In this sign of high ideals, Venus, following the arrow of the Centaur, seeks to raise the level of love by bringing to life the precepts of Sagittarius. With such a Venus, we feel carried away by the high considerations of love and values in general. It is then customary to look for a partner who really corresponds to our ideals. The behavior induced by Venus in Sagittarius is full of joy and beliefs in quite philosophical matters. Note also the presence of Mercury alongside Venus which adds an intellectual touch to the surrounding sky.

The luckiest signs of the second fortnight are the fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and, from November 22 onwards, these energies take on a new dimension when the Sun enters Sagittarius which highlights culture, foreignness, high teachings, philosophical ideals...

Aries, Leo or Sagittarius natives will feel a crazy energy providing them with an excellent intellect, capable of understanding difficult theories, a fluid communication and a pleasant sentimental life. The transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius represents a strong ascension. Scorpio dealt with the unconscious, Sagittarius takes us out of ourselves and into ideals. The gaze is no longer on oneself but on the whole.

Among the lucky signs, Sagittarius natives really stand out because no planet comes in the way of their enthusiasm. Libra and Aquarius also benefit from good opportunities, even if Saturn puts the brakes on Aquarius' flights of fancy.

For Leo natives, this state of the sky represents a breath of fresh air as they are (for some) shaken by uncontrollable events induced by Uranus.
The natives of Aries (especially the 3rd decan) regain color despite the turmoil of Pluto.

Gemini will benefit from an enormous energy from the 16th until the end of the month. But this triple opposition may generate a lot of agitation and it will depend on its management not to disperse itself, to seize the opportunities when they pass within its reach...

Astrology, by its complexity, always allows you to find something positive in situations. Whatever happens, one should not be defeatist: we are part of cycles, and as they say, "the wheel turns". So goes the zodiac!!

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