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Monday, July the 16th
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Predictions horoscope for 2017

  Written by Alison

In 2017 the horizon is clearing up! In order to seize the opportunities that will pass at your arm's length, find out, sign by sign, what the stars have in stock for you in love, work, social life and fitness.

Aries: Uranus and Pluto slowly appease the violent relations they have been maintaining for such a long time and finally allow you to take possession of your life. With Jupiter who encourages promises and engagements, your existence will finally gain new colors!

Love: This year is great for getting married, entering into a treaty (or divorcing, for some of you). Relationships with others are in the spotlight till October and you will gain profit from this delay for going ahead on solid ground, towards a long-lasting story.

Work – Social life: Until October you will be able to break free from weighty situations and to install a climate of confidence within a new crew or in a revamped ambience. Confidence and partnership will be the core of your success this year.

Fitness: During this year boosting development you can fix up some ancient problems that have become obsolete, make a resolute turn towards your future and harness anything excessive or impulsive you could have in yourself, for staying fit till the New Year!

Gemini: Uranus induces surprises, Jupiter and Saturn make alliance early this year for balancing your aspirations and implementations, your life in couple, your engagements and personal development. This is a year that should bring you maturity.

Love: You are still a bit of a victim to your phantasms; however with a little willpower you should discern the real feelings that you experience or inspire. The year is truly propitious for commitments, responsibilities, for a marriage…

Work – Social life: Long-term collaborations are encouraged and your creativity reinforces your eventual talents of spokesman or writer. This is also an excellent year for selling, prospecting, for acquiring customers or an audience.

Fitness: Saturn risks messing you up if you lack discipline. The sky is favorable to you, but you still have to be willing enough to maintain a lifestyle appropriate to your needs.

Leo: Jupiter animates your relations with proximity, Saturn engrains you in reality and Uranus opens new prospects to you, take good profit from all this until October at the least.

Love: You are going through a year of long-standing delights, of powerful relations, with a promise of durability in the bonds you will make. Stay selective in your choices as they risk carrying you far and for a long time!

Work - Social life: This is a great year for creative work, for anchoring your creativity in concrete products, for outpacing ideas and heading towards long-lasting implementations. The sky is especially favorable to agreements and contracts in the very early part of the year.

Fitness: You are sailing with the fair wind and at times you will abuse your forces or overindulge at delicacies. In any case, excess risks causing you nuisance, weight gain or nervous exhaustion if you don't control your energy the best way you can.

Virgo: Develop your intuition with Neptune, your resistance with Saturn and your resilience with Pluto. This year is not an easy one but its advantage is high constructiveness for a more evolutive future.

Love: You will have the resources for anchoring the existing relationship but this year establishing a new love story will be more difficult. You can however pave the way and define your priorities, this way you will gain time for 2018…

Work - Social life: You'll have to keep a tight hold on board, between constraints, responsibilities and an avalanche of work. But a reward is waiting in the end of this journey: promotion, employment, recognition of your capacities.

Fitness: You need to keep control over yourself this year as you'll have to exploit your vital forces for keeping your course. Schedule some rest at the beach, some relaxation moments if you don't wish to finish the year down on your knees…

Scorpio: While waiting for Jupiter to arrive, structure your attains and refine your strategies in the shade. You can invest your energy with great efficiency.

Love: Like for the other spheres, you are waiting till October to find plenitude and to anchor your affections for long term. While waiting don't hesitate to show your sociability, more openness and more tenderness than systematic conquest.

Work - Social life: You stake a lot on your intuition and creativity for renovating your methods. They should lead you to success starting with this autumn and promotions might then compensate your efforts in 2018.

Fitness: Your physical state depends on your affective balance and financial security. So consider relaxing and taking care of yourself: exigent sports do you good allowing you to blow off your steam. Why not provide for getting away from this world's noise from time to time in order to replenish your resources.

Capricorn: Jupiter and Uranus ally against you and get on your nerves. This year you will have to resist utopian ideas, insatiable wishes or a desired independence that however you will have to try to negotiate on the quiet. Pluto and Uranus cease shaking our foundations. So profit from this regained peace for learning lessons from the past, the ones that will allow you from now on to go ahead in the right direction.

Love: Stake on your intuition while staying honest and not asking for the moon! Communication is your chief trump this year for consolidating your relationships and constructing new ones. Express your feelings outright but all the same don't disregard listening to the other person.

Work - Social life: You are rather solitary this year. You take up your responsibilities with discretion, you weave the lace of your future commitments with more or less insight, according to your relationships and information you get. Stay vigilant!

Fitness: You'll need to relax this year, the stress risks showing up frequently and being expressed in unfortunate initiatives, excessive violence acts or furious exhausting work. Strive to measure out your efforts and commitments.

Aquarius: Pluto invites you to explore your inner worlds, Neptune to develop your talents for tempting in fine to increase your revenue. Uranus boosts your intellectuality in search of the new, of other lands to explore, encouraging audacious initiatives and favorising original and passionate encounters. Saturn calls you to build castles in the air without however precipitating the movement. It is high time to construct for long term. Jupiter remains your ally till October, encouraging you to push aside your former limits and facilitating your take-offs whether they be sentimental or professional ones!

Love: You succeed at harmonizing your relations. You learn to distinguish, to take a step back to look at events and especially at your emotions too often in a mess. In 2017 you will certainly have an opportunity to start a new solid and long-lasting relation or to drastically reorder your couple (ancient or recent one) on a better basis.

Work - Social life: You gain autonomy and independence which should allow you to act without feeling squeezed like an orange. Conditio sine qua non for launching great new initiatives in full possession of your resources with all the chances for seizing true success in the end of the year.

Fitness: You are bubbling with energy and, despite normally being a bit hypochondriac, forget your obsessions and profit from your relative carelessness to accelerate the movement and accomplish acts of heroism. Whether it be in love or in business, stake on your Olympic shape for taking off, avoiding nevertheless to go beyond the sonic barrier.
Taurus: If you have honestly stricken your balance last year, you should be able this year to restart based on new foundations and start constructing an existence that is nearer to what you truly strive for.

Love: Slow but steady, you regain control over your love-life by leaving aside jealousy and illusions destructive for your feelings' cultivation. You are really inspired, both in your encounters and in management of your affective attains.

Work - Social life: Till October you structure your objectives, abandon unachievable fancies and you will terminate the year in triumph if you have wisdom to associate with right people.

Fitness: As always, you are prone to excess, affective, financial or alimentary. If you admit and then manage these transgressions with your typical common sense, then your energy will allow you to keep perfectly fit all the year long!

Cancer: The grip between Pluto and Uranus is coming loose but the one between Uranus and Jupiter is tightening. In the first months of the year you will come across some more tensions, you should resist temptations of excess, of needless expenses or of frustrating avidity.

Love: Reckon on your clear-sightedness rather than on your desires that are quite unmeasured early this year, for working out your love objectives. Saturn enters in Capricorn during the Christmas holiday season, you will therefore be ready to commit, to take up your responsibilities in your couple.

Work - Social life: Your work will claim a good deal of attention and energy as the situation is uneasy or changeable throughout the 1st semester. However you elaborate excellent methods, set better structure to your activities and, in the end, you are headed for medium-term success.

Fitness: Don't overindulge too much early this year, in order to preserve your mind, heart and liver up to the mark. Saturn encourages you to keep fit and if you exert regularity and rigor you'll then be able to envisage a true well-being course in autumn.

Libra: Gain full profit from Jupiter's last favors before October! He will only come back to your sign in twelve years! Make use of Saturn's great force as well, for growing, working, learning and bringing yourself to discipline.

Love: Love smiles to you in January and some of you might decide this year to get married or to dare living together. However you still have to work out compromise, to accept renunciation and to avoid excess…

Work - Social life: Relocations and trips are favored, this influence is excellent for salespeople and artists. In spite of everything, the professional sky remains highly exigent, prompting you to slightly neglect your family life.

Fitness: Beware of those kilos till autumn: Jupiter encourages all kinds of excess. Take care of your skin, teeth and hair as Saturn tends to demineralize your body. Decent balance between activity and relaxation seems necessary.

Sagittarius: Uranus favors folly acts, new delights and surprising encounters, difference more than constancy and fidelity in love. Neptune slightly muddies the waters and the family play, Saturn invites you to draw lessons from the past for inaugurating a new evolution cycle and, till October, Jupiter supports your friendships system and develops your protection.

Love: The most important thing for you will be determining if your love is truly sincere and can endure. Renouncing authenticity and making concessions is out of the question in 2017. Count on Saturn's rigor for evaluating your feelings as honestly as you can.

Work – Social life: A promotion is possible and you merit it! In fact, if your social position gets firmer, it is above all due to your work and your sense of responsibilities. Your friendships might also turn out to be precious and open the gates for you.

Fitness: Make efforts to attain your objectives but nevertheless avoid excess. Otherwise? Saturn will call you to order and to measure. Stake on the austere plant to build and rebuild yourself. Not for wasting inconsiderably your precious cartridges unless at your own risk and peril!

Pisces: Pluto inspires you grand projects and makes you desire to devote yourself to a cause, to incarnate a mission or to flesh out a dream. Saturn keeps you somewhat enraged at work but equally offers you an opportunity to progress, to climb up the ladder and to confirm your legitimacy in the professional field. Neptune inspires you and in October Jupiter will exalt your ambitions and should let you from now till autumn 2018 to render them concrete.

Love: Whether you are in couple recently or for a long time already, you will have a mind this year to transform, to make your duet evolve! Doing with what you have is out of question but instead there is making decisions that suggest themselves for making things happen efficiently in the right direction. All this for getting to the heaven of heavens together starting in October, for taking off, for pushing aside certain limits that have still been restraining your impulsions!

Work - Social life: Your seniors risk being pertinacious and you've got an impression that your creativity is stifling under those constraints. You'll have to manage to find the balance between inspiration and discipline, in order to fortify your foundations in the end of the year or to quit… amicably.

Fitness: Saturn slightly reduces your resistance and you will have to hold control of yourself for keeping fit. Your social or professional life mobilizes you full time and tends to exhaust your resources. Don't hesitate from time to time to take to the open for recovering your resources if possible in enjoyable company.

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