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The Sign of Cancer
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Horoscope 2017: key dates to keep in mind!

  Written by Alison

The new year is at its start, with its lot of challenges to be met, opportunities to grasp and occasions not to be missed.

Find out, sign by sign, dates to be kept in mind for the year 2017 that offers to be a highly promising one.

Aries: Till October Jupiter supports your evolution and saturates your relations with others. With a crash now and then, with ardor all the time, you've got 9 months for enriching your exchanges, coming to terms in the field of feelings or in the professional sphere, for individualizing yourself and then adapting, that's a whole program! Saturn encourages your enterprises and suggests you fine responsibilities until the year end.

Dates to keep in mind

Friday 27 January – Thursday 9 March: The passage of Mars in your sign increases your ambitions, develops a pressing urge for action and conquest, but you'd better channel this fine energy and not take initiative too impulsively or rush into hasty action. You could also generate tensions in your relationships if you lack tactfulness and diplomacy. Tolerating authority will be tough for you. However the period promises to be very favorable for starting up a personal affair!

Friday 3 February – Monday 5 June: Venus is passing through your sign and moves retrograde between the 5th March and the 15th April. An opportunity for you to anchor your love relations in passion and in duration. Your relation to others and to material values evolves. With retrograding Venus your strive for independence increases. So beware of quarrels susceptible to impair your affective relations. Your impulsive attitude can equally urge you to spend countlessly.

Thursday 5 October: The full Moon in your sign supports your actions and your desire of strong relations, of more infusing ones, of novelty? The moment seems perfect for going straight ahead, setting to motion, making yourself available and grasping the emerging occasions to love and be loved. Watch out for your leaping moods and stubbornness that could lead you to adopt a not really conventional behaviour and inflame certain animosity.

Gemini: Since this spring your energy is increasing and you will be all ready for love in summer. Jupiter who is to play his last tricks in the friendly sign of Libra from now till 10th October should incite gratifying encounters. You are likely to experience intense moments, whether in the sentimental sphere or as to more… material pleasures.

Dates to keep in mind

Friday 21 April – Sunday 4 June: Mars will pass through your sign and should considerably boost your energy and enthusiasm. But avoid doing too much, beware of spreading yourself too thin. Your conqueror spirit is prompting you to new horizons: you make new encounters, plunge into studies of a new subject. Your mind is boiling with ideas that you'd better consider sorting out in due course. You will tend to act fast and risk excessive precipitation. Whatever the circumstances, you will be able to reckon on your friends' unfailing support.

Tuesday 4 July – Monday 31 July: Venus will be transiting your sign, stay available and vigilant for seizing every opportunity – a sentimental, financial or professional one – that will pass at your arm's length. A bit of agitation, lots of exchanges of views, you will feel like a duck to water, from an unexpected acquaintance to a love date. You will have all the time you need to transform eventual crushes into solid relations truly developing in long term provided that you put forth a bit of rigor in your endeavors, some consistency in your choices, frivolous or changing at times.

Friday 1 December – Sunday 24 December: With Venus passing in your complementary sign of Sagittarius, enjoyable and valuable exchanges seem to be favored. Salespeople will sell, talkers will talk, lovers will love and intellectuals will cogitate without cease. These good dispositions will be manifested during this period within your couple or family, in your work context or in agreements you will make in these several weeks.

Leo: Uranus sets aside some more sweet surprises, an improvised trip? Saturn supports your ambitions, embodies enterprises and initiatives that you will commit yourself to on a long term basis. Investments and responsibilities will not scare you anymore. Jupiter accompanies you in parallel till October, favoring your exchanges and fascinating encounters.

Dates to keep in mind

Friday 3 February – Monday 5 June: Venus is going retrograde for several weeks in Gemini, the friendly and greatly effervescent sign. For you it is an occasion to bring some order to your attains, to draw out their quintessence without being too much influenced by your circle. Intellectual exchanges are enriching, confrontations of ideas dynamic and respect mutual. The moment seems equally propitious for encounters, sometimes fleeting but always evolutive.

Thursday 20 July – Tuesday 5 September: Mars in your sign announces a highly energizing period. You are going to become conscious of your possibilities of influencing the course of events. In fact, you will feel an impelling need to intervene, not able anymore to be a simple spectator; your increased mental vivacity will allow you to imagine all the possibilities for ameliorating your future. You should nonetheless be patient if you hope to conclude this promising period with success, avoiding tensions in relations as much as possible.

Friday 25 August – Tuesday 19 September: Venus passing in your sign considerably increases your seductive power. The occasion is excellent for coming out of the bush and showing what you are capable of. The moment looks perfect if you wish to declare your passion. At the same time you will be able to get financial benefits from this period without too much pain, you only have to let yourself be guided by common sense and logic rather than by enchanting promises…

Virgo: Whereas Pluto carries on some more follow-ups, painful at times but always so constructive, Saturn risks blocking you on a regular basis, imposing you limits, constraints and slightly undermining your morale. Accept your responsibilities and the reality, double your willingness if you wish to really evolve. Reckon on Neptune to nourish your imaginary and help you take off, upon condition however of keeping your feet (one at least) firm on the ground!

Dates to keep in mind

From the New Year's Day to Friday 3 February: With Venus in Pisces, your complementary sign, you risk having passion blaze up in your love-life! Body and heart search for one another, find each other and become one. Abandon yourself just this once to your instincts without asking yourself too many questions. You will experience intense moments filled with voluptuous complicity with your partner. These exacerbated feelings could give birth to some resistance for some of you, however this will be the “now or never” moment to dive into an ocean of felicity and why not to love without needing too much asking…

Thursday 9 March – Friday 21 April: With Mars in Taurus you will be confident and determined, channel your energy with ease towards concrete realizations. You know what you want, your actions are efficient and your initiatives pay off. At work you attract your seniors' support. This is a good moment to have your project accepted, to ask for a promotion or a salary raise. In your sentimental life you are overflowing with sensuality and your relations both professional and private seem to be at their best.

Monday 5 June – Tuesday 4 July: The arrival of Venus in the friendly sign, the cordial, reassuring and sensual Taurus will illuminate your love as well as finance, you will come across great opportunities. In love sphere the bonds are growing tighter around the obtained confidence. Complicity and solidarity between you and the other person or other people will reassure you. Practical dispositions will help you strengthen your attains and install yourself in enjoyable comfort, both affective and financial. This is a good period for reflecting over your projects, taking your time to clearly define your aspirations and making decisions as to your future.

Scorpio: While expecting Jupiter's triumphant entrance in your sign in October, you have got just the time for developing your spiritual world, for getting psychologically ready to step out of the shade and to consolidate your finance before dashing into new adventures. Intuition will be your ally and Pluto will support your affective and financial investments.

Dates to keep in mind

Tuesday 3 January – Friday 3 February Venus in Pisces brings colors back to your affective life. Romanticism, dream and poetry will therefore be inflected in all kinds of ways. An occasion to share a sweet secret, to propose marriage to your partner! Your sensibility is solicited as much as your capacity of understanding the other person. Your intuition is as sharp as a scalpel and you guess what has not been said. A lot of passion and of sensual exchanges will contribute to enchanting this period actually propitious for all kinds of encounters, both in love and friendship.

Thursday 9 March - Friday 21 April: Mars in your opposite sign stimulates your urge for material results, you feel determined, tenacious, ready to struggle, to fight for defending your interests and capable of performing an enormous workload. Take care not to show yourself too stubborn or dominant, you will complicate your relations. Stay aware of your words' and initiatives' impact on the others so that you do not have to face contradictory and frustrating oppositions.

Sunday 4 June – Thursday 20 July: Mars in Cancer might provoke some whirls, especially at work or in society. It is hard for you to endure obstacles and eventual criticism. However you are in position to fix a considerable workload, being deeply instinctive and able to express your emotions and desires with much creativity and authority. So take care not to go beyond limits and to use your considerable striking force for winning approval rather than for dividing at your own risk and peril.

Capricorn: Pluto and Uranus finally cease their war with one another and stop baffling our codes, structures, our economics and societies that they have been profoundly destabilizing since June 2012. Neptune sharpens your intuition and inspires you. On 18 October Jupiter enters in Scorpio and will allow you for a year to consolidate and expand your circle of devotees, to make new friends and give birth to fantastic dreams. The future is opening to you and so you will not hesitate to dash into adventure!

Dates to keep in mind

Thursday 9 March – Friday 21 April: Mars in Taurus announces a highly constructive period, especially in the affective field. Your sensuality is developing and manifesting itself, and your magnetic aura will leave nobody indifferent. You will enjoy a conqueror spirit and will be able to leave a profound mark on the others' minds and hearts. You will proceed with determination and will have no limits in putting forth the best of your creativity for attaining your professional objectives. Tuesday 5 September – Sunday 22 October: With Mars in Virgo you aim far and high. You put everything in action for achieving your goals, slowly but steadily. Your capacities of concentration, your physical and moral courage, your talents of constructor will be exalted and might bring you recognition and rewards you merit. An advantageous period for evolving, surpassing yourself, pushing apart the frontiers of the possible.

Wednesday 18 October: Under the caring wing that is passing through the sensual and exigent sign of Scorpio throughout the year, growth opportunities and projects are multiplying. You stake on your friends, relationships, a clan or a group for supporting you and – why not – accelerating your rise. It is now or never to muse on the future, to believe in yourself and make fantastic plans with all the chances to have inspiring perspectives open up immediately and for long term.

Aquarius: Uranus is still embroidering your daily life with lovely surprises: more autonomy, increased independence but also enjoyable encounters to be anticipated in your circle (colleagues, neighbors). Saturn is still looking after you till December, fortifying your friendships, encouraging you to take responsibilities and to open decisively the future in your own fashion. Finally, Jupiter is inviting you to travel until October, to discover other worlds, exterior as well as more interior ones. Spirituality might attract you as well and guide your quest for transcendence, both personal or love- related.

Dates to keep in mind

Friday 27 January – Thursday 9 March: With Mars in Aries, if you've got an idea, an affair that excites you, the moment is perfect for asserting your interests. You are full of energy, your exchanges are sincere. Your magnetic aura allows you to win general recognition for your audacious projects without too much difficulty. You've got a possibility to launch a project and to obtain all you want without too much blood boil against your interests. Let your instinct guide you and you will work wonders.

Friday 21 April – Sunday 4 June: Mars in Gemini makes you creative and inspires you. He also lends you wings in love and makes you wish to flirt, to make merry rather than to assume obligations? Profit from your charm at its best, from your sense of humor that hits the mark to hook, to test your seductive power, a priori with success. In couple you will not hesitate a moment to send sparks flying and rekindle the fire in delight.

Sunday 22 October – Saturday 9 December: The transit of Mars in Libra boosts your desire to rock the ranks at work. Offensive, a bit aggressive, you assert your rights and fervently defend your interests. Profit from this increased might for pushing away the frontiers of the possible, surpassing yourself and climbing up the ladder. You should obtain your hierarchy's support without too much difficulty if you employ your contagious enthusiasm for motivating your troops and ameliorating your performance figures.
Taurus: Follow-up, decluttering, some salutary refusals will make you progress till October. The last trimester opens up the ball to your various associations, under the benevolent guidance of Jupiter: encounters, exchanges, agreements, marriage in 2018?

Dates to keep in mind

Thursday 9 March – Friday 21 April: Mars is passing through your sign and reinforcing your will, perseverance but your stubbornness as well. You assert yourself in an authoritative manner. Nevertheless, keep an eye on your moods as you risk losing temper easily during this period. You reveal to be sensual, gourmand but also persistent in your work, obstinate in your actions, hungry for profit as you feel a powerful need for taking benefit from all life's pleasures.

Monday 5 June – Tuesday 4 July: The passage of Venus the voluptuous in your sign where she feels «at home» will color this early summer period with sensuality and passion. This also is a really good moment to make your finance bear fruit, with Venus offering you a stroke of luck, Neptune sharpening your intuition and Pluto firmly securing your most precious attains. Your foodieness could however do you damage: too much pain will be required to lose those kilos gained under this influence…

Wednesday 11 October: Jupiter enters in Scorpio. He will offer you during a whole year a desire to express your competence, to show what you are worth but all the same this transit seems more favorable to internal development than to social expansion. If you take care to channel your appetites and possessiveness then you are likely to have a determinative encounter, both in the private or professional field: celestial energies encourage contacts, agreements, compromises and contracts.

Cancer: Pluto and Uranus finally stop obscuring your horizons, slowly but steadily you regain full control over events and Neptune supports your imaginary, allowing you to elaborate new ideals. These ambitious objectives will then be at your arm's length. Starting in October, Jupiter in Scorpio will help you during a whole year to operate judicious investments. You will be able to grow richer, whether in your funds or in tenderness.

Dates to keep in mind

Sunday 4 June – Thursday 20 July: Mars in Cancer concerns you directly, in conjunction with your Sun he provides you the means to require and to make others respect you, whether in your professional context, in the social sphere or at home. Inside yourself you find great resources for building up a cozy nest or a harmonious relation, you reveal to be both strong-willed and romantic, a mighty seducing blend.

Monday 31 July – Friday 25 August: The passage of Venus in your birth sign multiplies your urge to take care of your home and of all those who you share your life with. With this transit you essentially aspire to live in serenity and be surrounded by the ones who you love. The moment is perfect for manifesting all your affection, your tenderness, for listening to others and understanding them. In this way you will profit from this harmonious ambience for cultivating small and large moments of happiness.

Wednesday 18 October: Jupiter in the friendly and seducing sign of Scorpio favors personal development, opportunities for loving and being loved, for any kinds of success and contributes to highlighting your capacities. In a few months, the luck that is at hand and your self-confidence growing from week to week might well make you rise several steps higher, no matter if it is in your professional, social life, in the love or family sphere. However stay prudent and realistic in what concerns investing, both affective and financial, as Jupiter can make it impulsive due to excessive enthusiasm.

Libra: Year 2017 marks off an end to a long and painful battle between Jupiter in your sign, Uranus in opposition in Aries and Pluto, the sensible point in this triangle, in a square to everyone. This hindered and gloomy situation highly perceptible worldwide is easing off little by little till the entrance of Jupiter in Scorpio (in October) and this violent aspect's dislocation. In the meantime, early this year profit from good aspects of Jupiter to Venus, the luck is yours the first weeks of the year!

Dates to keep in mind

Friday 21 April – Sunday 4 June: Communication is a top tool to serve your social life that is in high priority for you. Mars in Gemini supports you and provides you enthusiasm and energy for advancing towards encounters and rendering your exchanges more dynamic. You will even seek to expand your circle of acquaintances. A trip might offer you some great opportunities of meeting new people. Unless this is in the context of your studies or in the course of a conference. You could also have to make use of your communication talent within a precise relationship or for a contract. Your diplomacy could therefore be in high demand and put forth for optimizing the dialogue and information exchange.

Thursday 20 July – Tuesday 5 September: The transit of Mars will shape a sextile to your birth Sun, stirring up your hunger for recognition and for love. Your environment is transforming, nothing will actually stay the same as before in your life, at home or within your family. You are going through a mutation period, desiring to live in connection with your roots and deepest needs. You will record changes mostly in the intimate context and in the area reserved for your family clan. Thus, you will gain a fresh view of your private life. The success of your initiatives and of committed mutations will to a large extent depend on the attention that you will pay to demands of your close ones.

Sunday 22 October – Saturday 9 December: The transit of Mars in your birth sign accentuates your sentimental aspect but in parallel prompts you to adopt surprising and perhaps somewhat destabilizing behavior ways. You act straight off, taking no time for reflection. This attitude could instigate you to act on the spur of the moment and to fall in love just too easily. So don't be surprised if you experience a few disappointments. You've been warned.

Sagittarius: Saturn will definitely leave your sign only by the very year end. This austere planet allows you to make progress, slowly but steadily, towards maturity that will nourish and lighten up your future. In spring the retrograde movement of Venus in Aries will help you deepen all your affective relationships and understand the meaning of your engagements. Probably an opportunity to make conscious choices, to digest the experience of the past and to prioritize authenticity of bonds as well as passionate flushes!

Dates to keep in mind

Friday 27 January – Thursday 9 March: Mars is passing through Aries and offering you an energy increase. You feel full of vitality, confident in your strength, in your means. This is a good period for clarifying your objectives, launching new projects, taking up more responsibilities or attempting to get a promotion. Your positive and enthusiastic attitude attracts your hierarchy's favors. Overflowing with vigor and audacity, you are in strong need of action, of taking initiatives, of fighting for fulfilling your ambitions. You've got a clear view of the situations and overcome obstacles easily. You need to let your physical energy out, so this period is really favorable for practicing a sport.

Thursday 20 July – Tuesday 5 September: With Mars in Leo, you will act with all the more efficiency that will you keep aback and maintain a global vision of the present situations and events. You will not reckon on appearances and will manage to reason in patience for asserting your interests. A conqueror spirit is prompting you towards new horizons, you make new acquaintances or rush into mastering a profession that attracts you. Ideas galore and you'll have to think of sorting them out in due course. You will tend to act promptly but at the same time will manage to be in good control of your time. Count on your friends and your partner in life for encouraging your initiatives and lending you unfailing support.

Sunday 22 October – Saturday 9 December: Mars in Libra invites you to cultivate your friendships and build castles in the air. You will stake on your irresistible charm but also on your sense of diplomacy and your civil opportunism for gaining support in your audacious plans.

Pisces: Pluto reinforces your friendships and protections, Neptune in his domicile in your sign kindles your creativity, develops your intuition but has to compromise with Saturn who might hinder some of your most utopian dreams and oblige you to consider reality before rushing into certain enterprises hazardous at times. Jupiter will come to consolidate your most remarkable advances during the last trimester and later in 2018. If you work, if you develop your discipline and your sense of responsibilities, the year will be truly constructive!

Dates to keep in mind

From the New Year's Day to Friday 27 January: Mars present in your sign endows you with energy that seems unshakable… or almost. Many of you will make a step out of the shade. The riotous planet offers you an opportunity to evolve very positively in your activities and to align your destiny in the good direction, the one you like. This is the moment for plunging into new adventures, to impose your methods and your outlook on the world to those who will have no other choice but to believe and follow you.

Thursday 9 March – Friday 21 April: Mars in Taurus shapes a sextile to your birth Sun and considerably increases your vitality but also your confidence in yourself and in your capacity to get support, to communicate with profit and in particular with efficiency! This is the moment to plead your case, to influence and motivate your troops and to balance your exchanges with those around you. You are capable of carrying on a considerable workload and are really concentrated on your objectives, on the particular results that you wish to achieve. However be careful not to adopt a too heated tone if you want to obtain true unanimity!

Sunday 4 June – Thursday 20 July: Mars in Cancer sharpens your desires and sensual appetites. You seek to satisfy them straight away. You will not hesitate to slightly shatter your habits in order to attract the looks and will forget your timidity, time to hit the mark and to satisfy your legitimate gormandize. Take care however not to scare your partner who might be amazed at your sudden precipitation, at your impatience. All the same, profit from this detonating astral fuel for showing what you are worth, for coming out of your capsule and rising back to the surface in search of deliciously consenting prey!

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