All your challenges in 2020

Written by Alison

Major Trends in a Nutshell... and by Sign:


Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto enthroned throughout the year in Capricorn will confront you with the need to review your career! Whether it's changing jobs, facing obstacles in your career, or considering a conversion, expect the year to be busy and animated on this front! Especially since Uranus pushes you to use your creative resources differently. Whether it is to explore other paths and talents or to emancipate yourself from rules that are too restrictive, we bet that you will enjoy (among others) the passage of Mars in your sign (between the end of June and the beginning of January 2021) to move the lines substantially!


No doubt, in 2020 the question is about broadening your horizons and seeing far. While Uranus invites you to take your destiny in hand, the trio formed by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will lend their support and especially ... cause change. Whether you're going abroad, moving out, or merely aiming high, you, who are so committed to your safety, will have to go out of your comfort zone and go on an adventure. And not just that since ultimately your new situation or new conditions of life may well suit you. The only downside? Beware of a tendency to ruminate and get into trouble between the end of June and the beginning of January 2021. Mars will be standing in the shadow of your sign and could stir up your worries and nervousness as well as your aggression, which is a lousy counseloff!


Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter join forces in 2020 to help you (willingly and sometimes forcibly) turn a page and mourn a period of your life that only draws you unnecessarily and painfully backward! The more you let go of the people and the elements that jostle you, the more you have the chance to turn your existence to your advantage and open a new, more creative chapter pronto or soon! Bet on Mars (between the end of June and the beginning of January 2021) to accelerate the movement of change and build castles in the sky. However, be careful not to make waves or cause turmoil around you!


All forms of associations, whether private, social, or professional, are likely to remain in the hot seat in 2020. This is the time to consider whether or not they are based on a solid foundation. If they really correspond to what you expect from them and whether they are worth your commitment more than before and for a long time! Decisions that should not be taken lightly! Be careful about what concerns your career and remain flexible in your exchanges between the end of June and the beginning of January 2021 if you do not want it to break. If, on the other hand, you want to move on, bet on the energy of this spirited planet to break the moorings and launch, without further delay, in other adventureff!


You have the impression of being at a standstill, of searching without a satisfactory result for a path that suits you, of being confined to a daily life that runs empty. Count on the current situation of this year to accelerate the movement of change and provide you (for some since December 2019) with opportunities to break the deadlock and break with a daily routine that restrains you and keeps your everyday life under wraps! Especially since Uranus will undoubtedly play in your favor, breaking the rules and habits that no longer satisfy you! This is the time and the ideal year to renew in-depth and (why not) find your way! Between the end of June and the beginning of January 2021, Mars will endow you with energy. However, avoid breaking everything without thinking or warninff.


It is likely your private life that will be directly affected by a situation that will require you to sift through your relationship. It will be about engaging for real and sorting between the essential and the superfluous and between relationships with no tomorrow and what will last in the long-term. So it's worth it in your eyes, your loves will have to prove their value and their solidity. However, you are not safe from pleasant surprises, meaningful encounters, or serious statements that will make you want to believe and follow your lover. If you consider that for some time now you are looking for something else, a bond that really makes sense, bet on 2020 to test what is welcome and what comes (for some a baby)! To avoid? A tendency perhaps to want to control everything? Especially between the end of June 2020 and the beginning of January 202ff!


The situation invites you to expressly worry about your family life and your relatives who will probably claim all your attention (or almost) in 2020! Whether it is to mourn a part of your family history, to look at the past and your genealogy to better understand yourself, or to improve your conditions and living environment. However, don't take things lightly but seriously! It may be time to turn a page and open another, to position yourself differently within the clan. Count in 2020, on Uranus to shake up the daily routine and make some radical changes in your life! Also, expect to have to manage intense exchanges (sometimes a little tense?) with your entourage between the end of June and the beginning of January 202ff!


You will have to strive to manage your relationships with close friends in 2020 better! Sometimes circumstances that are a little obscure will require you to examine the relationships you have carefully and what and how (including what habits, fears, or complexes) your exchanges are based on (often unconscious)! Enough to review, improve, and better control the content. Uranus specifically invites you to free yourself from your dependence on others, and to recover your autonomy of thought. Last but not least, a challenge to meet? Count on a pugnacious Mars to defend your positions daily between late June and early January 2021!


In 2020, you have the opportunity to finally overcome a situation a bit stagnant in terms of the development of your potential but also your finances. You can count on the economy to push you out of your entrenchments and encourage you to explore and exploit your resources and talents insufficiently or not yet employed! Especially as Uranus urges you to break with a daily routine a little boring or one that bridled your wings a little too much and the expression of your gifts and your desire to live at your leisure! You will not hesitate to defend your colors between the end of June 2020 and the beginning of January 2021! Whether in love or business, no question then to let yourself be walked oveff!


You will have no other choice in 2020 than to cope with an explosive cosmic situation that could exert pressure (often positive) on you! You are currently going through a fundamental period of your life with the opportunity to change and restructure yourself on a more conscious basis! It is, indeed, about integrating (after identifying and mastering) your deepest instincts to build a personality more complete and authentic! Therefore, working on yourself is required but, why not, with the possibility in 2020 to begin a new cycle of evolution and even expansion! Then, there is no more question to love or to position yourself without taking into account your new thirst to be totally ... yourself!


The situation puts your interior life at the forefront of your concerns and occupations in 2020. You will wonder about the substance, and you will ask the essential questions to start a new life cycle in mindfulness soon and therefore, knowingly. So do not rush anything until you're sure you're making the right choices. You will undoubtedly have to initiate or support essential changes in your family. This can destabilize you a little even if by nature, you are not fond of the routine! If you have to defend a point of view or impose yourself in front of a reactive entourage, count on Mars between the end of June 2020 and the beginning of January 2021 to provide you with striking arguments! However, not to avoid some frictioff!


Long-term projects in the process of being realized and a sky rather complicit in your desires? You do not lack any ideas or daring in 2020 to briskly build castles in the sky even if they are not always unanimous in the ranks! You should be able to count on your friends and relationships to help you open the future, even if achieving your goals takes a little time. The game will be worth the effort since it could well guide your future differently (or completely) and in adequacy with your aspirations. Count on your strengths between the end of June 2020 and early January 2021 to defend your interests with unwavering obstinacy that might be prudent to moderate a little!


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