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How to accept criticism

  Written by Olivia

You thought you were escaping criticism? Well gullible and innocent is the one who thought they could be safe. As Helbert Hubbard said, to avoid being criticized, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. In other words, it will be difficult to escape unless you take refuge on a desert island. According to your astrological sign, let us approach the critical point of each zodiac's personality to purify ourselves in these uncomfortable moments:

Aries: Do it in Good Form
Do not ride on your high horse and do not open Pandora's box if you are spoken to bluntly. Write down everything that has been said in order to be objective and review each point with your interlocutor. The main thing is to go to the heart of the problem, that is, but also to do it in good form. A few grams of politeness and grace in your way of expressing yourself will help you communicate without barbarism. Bear in mind that no one is perfect and that criticism is inevitable.

Gemini: Play Your Humor Card
Instead of being reactive and badly accepting the criticism that has been given to you, take the time to appease your mind. Move on immediately to things like listening to music, reading, or going for a walk because you are a big nerd and the cogs in your brain tend to be constantly activated for x or y reasons. You interpret everything, decode everything, so that hindsight will be necessary. And you could come back, armed with a healthy humor that will save you.

Leo: Exploite Criticism
Do not be quick to react and rather than play the outraged one, take the time to think it through in order to respond calmly. If you're getting your nose out of joint, be original in your approach and see how much the emotion that awakes in you speaks, not the emotions of your interlocutor, but of yourself. You will learn more about your personality with criticism than with a sweet word that does not awaken anything in you.

Virgo: Improve
You are one of the few signs of the zodiac that will take criticism as a way of changing or perfecting yourself. You will accept it more easily than others because you are a critical critic yourself and you know that when it does not come from a bad place, it is constructive and represents an opportunity to evaluate your actions or your behavior. If there is no criticism, there is hardly any way to evolve, according to you.

Scorpio: Calm Your Mind
You will see the author of your criticism as someone who has probably tried to hurt you. It is important that you question the substance of the remarks that touched you. Does the opinion of the individual matter to you, and if so, why? In addition, are you competing with this person? In short, so many questions that will allow you to establish a distance between you and them, and in fact, relativize.

Capricorn: Set Goals
One of two things, you will either take criticism as a way of belittling yourself because of a lack of self-confidence, or, and this is the best option, you will organize yourself with a plan to determine how to improve. And this is how you will take action by noting quantifiable goals. Your lucidity combined with your desire for perfection will be a very good alternative.

Aquarius: Tickle the Ego
The first possible reaction would be to put yourself on the defensive when you take criticism because it would endanger your ego. The second will be to cultivate your originality in order to provoke all possible reproaches and grievances; you could even take a certain pleasure in triggering controversy in order to be able to answer your detractors. No, for you, criticism is not a problem, it is a means to exist.

Taurus: Find Balance
When faced with criticism, do not brood for too long; you can of course evaluate the arguments, weigh the pros and cons, and on the basis of the reproaches addressed to you, question yourself. If you think that these criticisms are only harmful then clear the air. Are we criticizing your laziness? Be more awake and bubbly. Are we criticizing your inelegance? Work your grace. And if all this does not seem to you justified? You can always ignore them but you will not have solved your problem.

Cancer: Put Your Emotions Aside
You are sensitive to criticism and your emotions are a mess in your mind when you are called out. The best you can do is listen in the most neutral way possible: you are more than a pile of emotions. Think of yourself as a being who goes beyond their personal history and question the person on specific points so as to show them that you are listening to them; this will be a good start to defusing tension or conflict.

Libra: Be Lucid
Do not think that criticism is aimed at you personally and understand that it is not a personal attack. Take it for what it is without dwelling on it, which your mind will tend to do. For example, if an individual criticizes work that you have done, it does not mean that you are a bad artist, but that your work may have some flaws or that it has been judged by a perspective that is different from yours. In any case, take the criticism for what it is and do not add to it.

Sagittarius: Out of Reach
It is quite possible that, with a broad vision of existence, you are quite unlikely to be susceptible to the comments made about you. It can go over your head and you might even be called arrogant. Except that you do not care. Because criticism could lead you in a direction contrary to the one you envision for yourself. You are your own boss and if you have to change, you will study the question when you are in better shape.

Pisces: Affirm Yourself
Do not practice the ostrich policy: if you have been criticized, be aware of your responsibility to respect yourself. Never let the hammer come down, because if that person feels uncomfortable in the conflict, they could use and abuse their power so as to belittle you. To accept criticism, you must already "hear it" and then practice correctness and authenticity.

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