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Sunday, June the 24th
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The Sign of Cancer
The Sign of Cancer
Astrology dieting summer
Astrology dieting summer
Every age has their quirks
Every age has their quirks
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Every age has their quirks

  Written by Olivia

Our parents, our educators or perhaps a friend, through their friendship, has transmitted to us a habit, a tic, a mania; In short, whatever its name, it sticks to you and establishes a part of your personality. As André Gide said, "we are only worth what distinguishes us from others". It is surely that, the small madness which characterizes us. By astrological sign, let's look at the character trait that differentiates us:

Aries: A Craze to Conquer
When you were young, you thought that the world belonged to you. Growing up, you have kept this idea that can not be reasoned with. There is an imperative need in you to feel exceptional through your initiatives, your actions and to overcome the limits imposed on ordinary mortals. This vision of the world, spring-like, spontaneous and conquering has not changed one iota as you evolve.

Gemini: The Tough Teen
Since your teenage years, you enjoy being with your friends and sharing with them festive pleasures. You are a devourer of knowledge and culture and it has always stimulated you to watch movies and attend concerts, in order to find people you identify with. Sharing your ideas about current events is an integral part of your life.

Leo: Dance like the Sun
As a baby you were already bathing in your element, one of spontaneous expression which made the spotlights firmly set on you appear in the heart of your mind. Whether you have been allowed or not to develop this ability to shine in society, you need in any case to be admired or stand out, it is in your nature, and so you do it.

Virgo: A Nice Orderly Life
Your vision of things is based on an ideal of perfection because, since childhood, you possess this spirit that likes to see clearly; you also highly prefer places and people who seem clean to you in the they express their essence. For example, tidy filing cabinets for storing papers are reassuring to you and inspire you with confidence. It also gives you the feeling of progress.

Scorpio: Go Through Appearances
Rooted in you, there is this tendency to sift everything through your suspicious outlook and your mind, which seeks to understand everything. As a child, you realized that this world had two sides, the front and the back. And when things look too beautiful, it is because there is a double or even a triple depth behind where an essential truth is lurking, dark or luminous, but something to discover.

Capricorn: Move Forward Precisely
You have always feared being late, missing an appointment, being at the mercy of traffic on the road, being the victim of an alarm clock failure, in short, to not honor time; and even when you travel, you arrive at the station a quarter of an hour before the departure of the train, and before arrival, you wait for ten minutes in front of the doors. You have an exclusive and secret relationship with your watch.

Aquarius: Your Way of Seeing More than One Side
Perhaps your father was original in his way of thinking or in his way of being, so much so that it has imprinted on you a form of marginality, or even disorder, and you like things to be out of the ordinary or out of the box. The more crazy it is, the more it stimulates you. Galvanizing life is inherent in your nature.

Taurus: Establish Rites
It is important for you to institute rituals in your daily routine to reassure yourself deep within your body; an hour of gardening on weekends or reading your newspaper during breakfast, all signs that anchor you in life and that allow you to really exist. You need a form of physical security and the older you get, the more it becomes obvious.

Cancer: The Eternal Child
You still express your inner child and that's why, sometimes when it's a little rough outside, you have this tendency to interest yourself in playful, products. For example on the high-tech side, the Game Boy keeps a place in your heart and when it comes to the side of you that loves food it's, sweets, caramel candy and crackling candies. The memories are still vivid in your mind.

Libra: Your Way of Pleasing
Your business is allure and class because this is seen much more than a small wrinkle or furrow on the corner of your figure. And then your secret is the simplicity of good taste as these creams give you a fresh complexion and shine. You always go with little touches like a true maven of beauty and chic style.

Sagittarius: Your Way of Living Well
Even if you are not particularly pleased to see the years go by, you have kept good assets in your mind, which almost make you forget the age you are. You have always loved life and, to maintain your shape and firmness, you always have multiple activities that fill your days and privileged relationships with the people you love.

Pisces: That Twitch of Eternity
“It may be the age of his arteries but the heart is ageless,” wrote Stephen King. This fits you well because you often obsess over eternity. To live well at one's age is not to bring everything back to the surface of your personality. You like melting into what is beautiful and graceful, without necessarily trying to smooth your skin or erase the wrinkles.

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