Every moment of our lives is embedded in a more global dynamic. The ballet of the planets is constantly changing and it is illusory to think that an hour, a given day is a sufficient indicator to determine the climate that awaits us.

That's why we've chosen to give you a quick overview of the general mood of the year, quarter, month, and current week before revealing precisely what events are likely to happen at the requested time.

It is by summarizing all these elements that you will better understand your situation and that you can manage your appointment or project more effectively.

Greg, born the 11th of October 1977 at 1h05 in San Francisco

Forecast for the 5th of April 2018 at 08h00 in New York


Mars colors the current period by indicating how and in what area you use your energy, it is a good way to see in what personal context you evolve.

Communication is going poorly with your entourage, you do not get the authorization needed to move forward with your projects and your reactions are excessive. (Mars Square Mercury)

You are really entrepreneurial with the people you meet and you live all the events with passion. You do not hesitate to take risks in your advances and this allows you to shine in society. You are very creative but a little too authoritarian. (Mars in fifth house )

Around the 5th of April 2018

With the behavior of the personal planets: Venus, Mercury and the sun, you will discover the tone of the few days that surround your chosen date. These transits indicate your pace, your mobility and the quality of your exchanges. It is the "climate of the moment".

Your most beautiful satisfactions come from your professional life. You feel good with your colleagues and you want to maintain a fusional relationship with your passion. Your private life is rather sober and may seem uninteresting. (Venus in tenth house )

The atmosphere is extremely tiring , you are blocked in all your advances and you do not know how you will arrive at convincing your interlocutors.(Mercury Opposition Mercury)

This is the right time to take advantage of your intellectual talents. Your reflections are quick and successful, they allow you to understand complex theories.(Mercury Trine Ascendant)

Your intellect is extremely powerful, you understand all the concepts that are presented to you and you have a very good memory. You expose your ideas with great clarity and you go further and further into your reasoning. Those you speak with are fascinated. (Mercury in ninth house )

There are ups and downs, this situation tires you, you have the impression you are fighting for a place without seeing the slightest results.(Sun Opposition Sun )

You are rather anxious, your ideas are blurry and you can not find the motivation you need to get out of this situation.(Sun Opposition Mercury)

You are particularly fit and sure of your abilities. Your qualities are recognized by your entourage and opportunities to shine in society are not lacking.(Sun Trine Ascendant)

Your personality is expansive, you want to travel and discover new cultures. You are constantly on the move and you do not miss any projects to achieve. Your intellectual abilities are highlighted and help you to communicate. (Sun in ninth house )

On the 5th of April 2018 at 08h00

The aspects of the moon very precisely indicate the atmosphere of your chosen time on a given day. It may happen that contradictory aspects arise, this then represents your own basic contradictions. In these rare cases, you will have to reckon with these different influences and realize the synthesis.

It's the right time to explore the outside world with your family and discover areas of passion in good company. Your spirit is lively. (Moon Sextile Mercury)

You are in a good mood and you believe in your abilities. You defend the weakest with vigor and you bring a lot of motivation to those who need it.(Moon Trine Ascendant)

Love is at the center of your concerns whether it is carnal or emotional. You need to show off and you may seem proud to some. You turn to creation and you need to invest physically in your accomplishments. (Moon in fifth house )

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