Your love compatibility analysis offers you the opportunity to understand each other, and how your relationship functions. Your personality will be influenced by your partner, and you will, thanks to this analysis, be able to understand how you are influenced and how much. The analysis is based on of your birth sign and what influences each planet has on your personality.

It is in no way meant to predict exactly what will happen in your love-life, but to simply point you in the right direction down this long and dangerous road that is love and life together.

This analysis indicates out which behaviors to adopt and skills to develop to break out of the routine and make your love-life a solid rock on which you can rely no matter what.

This is an excellent way to take back control of your love-life rather than just let life happen to you. Here's what we can tell you today, Angelina Jolie, about your relationship.

You, Angelina Jolie, sign of Gemini (14/06/1975) and your partner Brad Pitt, sign of Sagittarius (18/12/1963)

SUMMARY Your harmony potential   |   Your reason for being in love   |   Your sexual chemistry   |   Your elements   |  
Your bond   |   Your modes   |   Your level of affinity   |   Your decan   |   Your experience in love   |  
Your opposite signs   |   Your key to love   |   Conclusion
You are in love, but at what cost?

Many a pitfall is strewn along the way in a romantic relationship, and the more you know about your partner's true character and you own potential as well, the more peaceful will your bond be. Never in any case let someone else decide for you whether someone suits you or not. Only you can know that.

Our mission is simply to go through each persons positives and negatives so that you can become more understanding, tolerant, and be able to peacefully come to a compromise, which is necessary for any life together.

Don't miss this chance, Angelina Jolie, to discover your heart's deepest desiresde so that you may have everything you need to help your life together to move forward towards happiness!
Your harmony potential :

It's through discussion and conversation, but especially travel, that you will expand your relationship. You both like to get out and about, and are resourceful, which will stop you from ever getting bored or complacent with routine. You will still have to make sure to channel your thoughts into useful, pragmatic topic, though - neither one of you are very well prepared for dealing with these emotional problems. In times of trouble, you will most likely need your friends, confidants, and good advice from earth or water signs to balance out your expectations in this regard.
Your bond will make your lives run more smoothly and help you surpass reality, which will take each person putting in some effort. Life together looks to be off to an auspicious start. You will naturally learn how to support one another, and communication will, over time, reaveal its potential to you.

Unavoidable attraction

This couple can make it through any hardship if both of them share a single and common goal, and if they stick together long enough to make it a reality. If they do, they could make great plans into a reality and fight back the boredom of daily life. Male Sagittarius will be greatly won over by this sociable, open, joyous, and optimistic woman that makes him forget the drudgery of daily life. He gladly watches over her, while she offers him the passion and practical-mindedness that he lacks. It's double or nothing: either they will be in perfect harmony, or they will very quickly grow tired of one another. Male Sagittarius' sensuality is more physical than Gemini's, but her spontaneous urges nicely counterbalance Sagittarius', who will appreciate her bold talk...

Advice for Angelina Jolie

Dear Angelina Jolie, you can't play hide-and-seek with this archer! You will dive ecstatically into an ocean of dreams, energy, and passion with your Sagittarius partner, and won't have any problem believing that this could be forever! # You love your partner and naturally respect him. You have all the luck on your side for creating a beautiful relationship. So, keep up your patience and enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer! Be forgiving of your partner's ditzy side. It's the other half that comes with his great tenderness and romantic idealism that you love so much.
Advice for Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt , if you want to take your relationship even further with this Gemini, know how to support her in all of her life goals. It's up to you to help your partner shed her inhibitions, slowly, over time. Keeping your enthusiasm in check is a must at first. She needs her independence, to feel free to run her own life as she sees fit, but also needs you in order to settle down in the relationship. So trust her, and she'll show you her wildest dreams and fulfill you with her generosity! You will be her safety in the financial sector. And, you will be the one again who will slowly and over time give her the desire for a warm and welcoming home.

You are attracted to each other. You share the same energy and optimism, but Sagittarius makes more sense, while Gemini is more nervous. Your life together could be a real whirlwind of going out, meeting up, and conversing. This could all lack some intimacy in the end. Be careful about your relationships: neither of you have an innate sense of fidelity, so you will have to discipline yourselves for things to last drama-free...

Reason for being in love:

Seducing this bowman will throw your life into the fast lane. If he likes you at first sight, he will drag you into wild adventures with his friends climbing mountains or anything else... If you don't stick around, he will still be your friend. This man needs energetic, dynamic friends who aren't couch potatoes or faint-hearted, and who won't hesitate to push their opinions that they hold dearest. Don't be afraid, however, to show the chinks in your armor. He will take joy in helping you out and protecting you, as long as you don't get whiny. Hold on to your independence without making him feel like you're spying on him - he'll get irate real quick.

Seduce your partner :

You both feel a great need for mutual seduction. You have no trouble turning each other on, you just have to touch things up, refine them a little, which will surprise your partner at times. Your relationship is filled with friendship, a friendship that requires novelty.
Your sexual chemistry :

This sign is, by definition, very much in love with the great pleasures in life. Because of this, he has a powerful and complete sensuality. The idea that his partner could resist or refuse him does just simply not register with him. How could anyone refuse pleasure? For him, love is synonymous with liberty, ease, and constant discovery. This man can be relied upon to avoid routine and to suddenly get lost in bizarre situations in the search of new pleasures. A woman without preconceived ideas who appreciates his carefree attitude is his ideal.

You have an excellent potential for sexual harmony that needs only to be uncovered and enjoy delicately while explaining in detail your own personal likes and dislikes. Put some poetry into your love-making and it will only get better as time goes on.

Your elements : your greatest hopes
Your sun sign is more or less linked to your partner's element. Each element represents a temperament. Look here to see if your temperaments are compatible.
Your element is Air, your partner's is Fire

Your bond:

This alliance enables you to stand steadfast together in the face of trials and the realities of the world. Your outlook allows you to get even closer and to strengthen your bond over time.

Fire flares up when it comes into contact with air. Here's a couple that won't have to worry about getting bored or going unnoticed! They will spot each other right off the bat and will (too?) quickly decide to strike off together. The man will be the one who makes decisions, organizes, and put forth the energy. The woman will be the one who communicates, moves, innovates. Together, they are capable of accomplishing great things if they put the hit the brakes in time; without a little earth and water added to the mix, this wildfire can grow to a great size that is hard to manage in the day-to-day life of structure and responsibility. Despite it all, Mr. Fire's fervent spirit and courage rubs off on Mrs. Air, giving her more self-confidence, while she sets her partner up for success by reining in his excess and taking on an ambassadorial role when need be. The man's enthusiasm pairs so well with the woman's flexibility and fantasy that they run no risk of getting bored. They would be wise to share their passions, otherwise, given their respective temperaments, they run the risk of losing sight of each other. This is a duo made for adventure and noble causes while often surrounded by groups of friends and relations that come to warm themselves up by the intense heat that they give off.

Your modes : your resonance
Resonance carries with it a certain behvior. Find out here if your behavior is compatible or if it could cause tension.
Your mode is Mutable, your partner's mode is Mutable

Your level of affinity:

Your innate sense of cooperation will ease things along in your relationship and in life. It's your stubborn side and tendency to pout that might cause conflict!

Here is a couple full of poetry, but not the most steadfast in the face of hard times. Both can be flexible and clear-headed when things happen, but neither one is up to dealing with life's everyday problems on their own or taking on projects if they require also taking on responsibility. They are readily able to reconcile, and both are able to adapt to the other's desires. They loathe conflict, but still run the risk of having daily life take its toll due to things left unsaid and compromising too often , or by each one blaming the other for failures caused by confusion, indifference, distraction, or a lack of self-confidence. Hopefully, then, they have either the character, or the cardinal, fixed- sign friends, to give substance to their life, which will run out over the long-term. You can't base your whole life on making "arrangements". Each person will also have trouble taking the bull by the horns. If they lose sight of each other, it most likely won't be out of resentment or hatred, but just out of forgetfulness. Emotions are what keep this couple together, and so they will have trouble finding the material comfort necessary for any long-term relationship. This couple loves their freedom and fantasy, but will have to find stable, durable ground if they wish to start a family...

Your decan : Your experience in love
In the quest for harmony and balance in a relationship, are paths are worhtwhile and flesh out the couple's potential. In the astrological tradition, each decan carries a symbolic influence that rounds out each sign. This is how we know that the first decan is related to the characteristics of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The second decan is related to the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), and, lastly, the third decan is related to the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Comparing your decans will tell yout above all about your compatibility from day to day, how much you complement each other, and what tensions may arise between you. In addition to the rest of this comparison, this chapter may be useful in helping you come to understand one another more.
Angelina Jolie, you are Gemini of the 3rd decan
Brad Pitt, you are Sagittarius of the 3rd decan

Your experience in love:

Harmony seems to be a given in your relationship. Your reactions often complement the other's and shades each person's image of a relationship with strength, authenticity, loyalty, and constructive criticism. Take advantage of these wonderful traits to bring the both of you closer together.

The whimsical dreamer and the poetic, but delicate, rogue, both compassionate and charitable, that these two are are better prepared for romance than life's harsh realities... One isn't any better than the other! They both adapt to each other in a confusing flurry of emotions, unable to manage their own lives. They are charming towards each other, but their lack of initiative, willpower, and consistency can only multiply the shaky compromises, suppressed feelings, and hurtful lies that they come up with. They need solid structure, perhaps an ascendant or moon in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in either one of their charts can bring balance, and a chance to succeed, to their relationship. Friends in the 1st decan will bring subtlety and nuance to their thinking and perspective, loyalty, confidence, and respect to their communication. This is a sociable couple, who enjoys having fun with groups of friends, meeting new, different people, and taking trips often. If they don't lose touch along the way, they will come back from their exploration, whether physical, social, or spiritual, richer and more stable. Best-case scenario for them: growing old together with children! If they lose touch, there won't be any hard feelings or hate, just a litte bit of nostalgia...

Your opposite signs : your reflection
It is important to look at the sign opposite your sun sign. This sign reflects the skills you will have to acquire and develop in order to live in complete harmony with yourself. In fact, your opposite sign could be though of as your "mirror". It shows in what ways you tend to go too far. This part of the analysis gives you the key elements for reflecting on yourself and how you love, as well as how you and your partner complement one another and where conflicts may arise .
Angelina Jolie, your opposite sign is Sagittarius
Brad Pitt, your opposite sign is Gemini

Your key to love:

You need communication, dialog, and mobility in your relationships. By expressing your feelings, thoughts, opinions, and ambitions, you will give your partner the keys they need to understanding you. This is the right way to develop an authentic and long-lasting relationship.
For you, Angelina Jolie

You are, Angelina Jolie, a spiritual, logical, flexible, and eloquent woman who knows how to communicate. These qualities, as nice as they may be, can benefit from the virtues of your opposite sign, Sagittarius, by granting you loftiness, kindness, and positivity. You can battle your critical side by sharing rather than fighting.

You are skilled at arguing and changing your ways while staying young. Your biggest problem is your lack of seriousness that deprives you of deep relationships and rewarding responsibilities. Your polar opposite sign can help you fix these tendencies.

From Sagittarius, learn joyfulness, which opens everyone's hearts, sincerity, which does away with misunderstandings, optimism, which gives confidence, enthusiasm, which dissipates depression, wisdom, which brings perspective, and competitiveness, though while still playing fair. Hold onto your mobility while tinging it with tenacity and respect for others

By learning to cope with these opposed, yet complementary ideas, you will become more and more authentically feminine, which will lead to more fulfilling relationships and a more peaceful daily life.
And for you, Brad Pitt

Sagittarius' intrinsic qualities: enthusiasm, intellect, leniency, and optimism can, fortunately, take inspiration from its opposite sign, Gemini, to develop adaptability, a critical eye, and observational skills. It is this final quality, Brad Pitt, that hot-headed Sagittarius most likely lacks, always more undisciplined than rational.

Concerning shortcomings, this sign is the most restless, oblivious, reckless, aloof, and excessive sign of the zodiac. To bring all of these qualities together positively, the (polar) opposite sign, Gemini, will play a strong role.

So, excessive, big-picture, moralistic, indiscreet, intrusive, careless Sagittarius learn to set limits, pay attention to detail, be more forgiving, tactful, modest, and careful...

If you manage to these essential Gemini qualities, you will make progress, yet without losing what makes you charming and gives you personality.

In this way, you will become a "complete" man who will have brought together both his own great character traits and his complementary sign's fundamental values.

Total score
Your harmony potential :
Your reason for being in love :
Your sexual chemistry :
Your bond :
Your level of affinity :
Your experience in love :
Your key to love :

Total : 86%
Results :
A lot of energy, but an energy that must be channeled or else devolve into contintuous disputes and squabbles punctuated with make-up sessions. Neither of you holds a grudge: what's over is over. If you have common goals, your duo can be stunningly effective. Consider setting aside some peaceful and quiet time every once in a while to (re)discover yourself, or else you might lose yourself along the way.

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