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Tuesday, November the 20th
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Over the month: monthly advice November 2018 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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The First Week,
The 6th, you will know what to say to captivate the other and seduce everyone today when you will then have the opportunity to close the ranks with your entourage and live moments of intense complicity with your partner. Today, Uranus retraces his steps since last winter and pushes the natives of the 3rd decan to come out of their entrenchments! It is certainly time to bring the final touches to important transformations that have been implemented or evoked. You will then certainly have the opportunity from here until March 6th, 2019 to turn a corner!
The 7th, the new moon invites you all to communicate, to pass on your messages, and to maintain an open dialogue no matter what happens!
The 8th, Jupiter invests in the domain of your theme dedicated to your family life and your intimate structures both psychologically and emotionally! By early December 2019, you will each have the opportunity to direct your privacy to your expectations!
The 9th, 3rd decan, you give of yourself and work with consistency and courage to win the day and perhaps the recognition you deserve and that may well be yours today!
The 11th, 2nd decan, today is a good day to awaken the passions and rekindle the flame. An intense atmosphere could inspire you both emotionally and creatively!

The Second Week
The 15th, you act to transform your daily life and probably break with a certain way of working and obeying (3rd decan) and will know what to do to achieve this. Perhaps by daring to break certain rules and prohibitions that have prevented you from evolving for too long!
The 16th, 3rd decan, if, at the end of August or the beginning of September, your desires and demands were met with recalcitrant obstacles, then starting from today you should be able to restart the debates to your advantage!

The 17th, 2nd decan prepare to have to deal with somewhat dissonant frequencies with your family. If you run into sensitive issues that divide the clan, do not get upset and be patient until December when (from the 6th) the debates should restart and conclude by Christmas in agreements or a consensus!

The Third Week,
The 20th, 1st decan, if Jupiter boosts your enthusiasm and makes you want to improve your living conditions, then this giant of the zodiac does not authorize you to reign as master over your loved ones. So beware of exceeding the limits today and imposing your laws on anyone!
The 23rd, the full moon puts you center stage and advises you not to desert the ranks. No matter what your family obligations are, it does not dispense you from mobilizing yourself on a professional front, at the same time!

The Fourth Week
The 26th, radiant and charismatic, you will be able to gather the clan around you today (1st decan) but do not abuse your current power to impose your ideas and desires on your loved ones who might find fault with it. Just brighten up the place and then make your loved ones want to believe you and follow you!
The 27th, you have good arguments, those likely to convince and to overcome the possible reticence and resistances around! Now is the time to propose (without imposing) your projects and hope to tighten the ranks around the same vision of the world, the future, and happiness ... together!



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