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Friday, September the 20th
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Over the month: monthly advice September 2019 for the sign of for Sagittarius

  Written by Daisy

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The First Week,
The 1st, you are full of ideas to move the lines on the professional level and you dare to put them in place. Enjoy this vivacity of mind and a great freedom of action to achieve what you most desire. It is by betting on the exploitation of your capacities that you will rally the votes.
The 2nd, you have a flawless energy to impose your vision of the world. It's time. Go for it. On the other hand, if you think you have all the rights, you risk hitting a snag.
The 4th, do not try to jostle anyone because you will be clumsy and especially poorly perceived, you'd better put it on the back burner.
The 6th, come back to reason and above all to a sense of proportion that will put you back on track and allow you to do what is expected of you and appreciated.
The 7th, your charm operates in society. You promote your merits and fully express your potential that will seduce: we will want to exploit them and we will give you the floor.
The 8th, give up shining too much if you do not want to be seen as an opportunist or a megalomaniac. Wait for your time and in the meantime, put it a little on the back burner.

The Second Week,
The 9th, you defend your cause effectively. Bet on your popularity to show what you are capable of, it is by getting serious about the task that you best impress the crowds and convince your leader to believe you and follow you.
The 12th, if you continue to show off, beware of clashes that will not turn to your advantage.
The 13th, in full possession of your means, you can mark minds and a heart in passing.
The 14th, the full Moon urges you not to abandon your loved ones who could hold it against you.

The Third Week,
The 19th, a beautiful striking force should help you to take center stage: Take advantage of this buoyant atmosphere to fully express your talents.
The 21st, by dint of seeking to occupy your place in society, you make a void around you. Do not make your family feel like you do not need anyone. This is not true.
The 22nd, projects are trotting through your head. Check that you have the means for your ambitions before going into the fog.

The Fourth Week,
The 24th, you see the future with optimism, your horizons are clear, and your projects come true, it was time. Suddenly, your morale goes up.
The 25th, stay reasonable no matter what.
The 26th, you have capacities that remain to be exploited but do not play against your projects by exposing them in a casual way and neglecting the material contingencies.
The 28th, the new Moon invites you to project, without further delay, into a future that inspires you.



  On daily basisThis monthThis seasonThis year

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