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Wednesday, September the 19th
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Over the month: monthly advice September 2018 for the sign of for Gemini

  Written by Daisy

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The First Week,
The 3rd, there is love in the air and you will not shun your pleasure today where some will coo, others will meet someone interesting, and still, others will take advantage of these good waves to declare their love!
The 7th, 1st decan, you do everything possible to make everyone agree with your family. Bet on your intuition and your constructive and reasonable approach to the situations to manage to overcome what eventually wedges and divides! 2nd decan, you are perhaps a little torn today between duties to complete and social and professional missions that inspire you. It's up to you to find the balance so you do not feel fragmented and try to cope on every level!
The 8th, if your irresistible charm allows you to seduce whoever you want it does not allow you to manipulate or force the hand of anyone. So beware of abusing your attractions to get the power if you do not want to expose yourself today to palpable tensions!
The 9th, the new moon invites you to intervene in family to support important debates and to try to improve the exchanges or simply your conditions of life!

The Second Week,
The 11th, you have many assets today to close ranks with your family and move the lines in the right direction. Whether you're building a home (or expanding it), or buying real estate that allows you to live more comfortably or just to blossom more fully within the clan, you'll have the means to transform what should be in the easiest and happiest way possible!
The 12th, ditto for today when the pace of change is accelerating and everything becomes decidedly possible (second decan)!
The 13th, 1st decan, aim for safety today rather than eccentricities if you want to reassure your little world rather than follow your inclinations and intuitions that might mess up the ranks!
The 16th, another very good day for the 2nd decan who knows what to say and what to do to make the most of the opportunities that offer them some beautiful launching pads each day!

The Third Week,
The 18th, 1st decan pay attention to the balance of power and absolutely avoid it today if you do not want to end up in a clash and be ambushed by adversity that would soon manifest. So prefer to temporarily give up your authority rather than losing too many feathers in a battle that has already been lost!
The 21st, privilege family exchanges that will aim to close ranks and/or dissolve any disputes (3rd decan).
The 23rd, 1st decan, cut some slack if you do not want to find yourself a little alone in the world today and in the grip of a frustration that will be a little difficult to bear.

The Fourth Week,
The 24th, love seems to be back on the menu of the day? So do not hesitate to embark on the adventure and take some risks that should pay off and allow you to achieve pronto or soon some emotional ambitions!
The 25th, the full moon invites you to build castles in the sky, to dream and to do everything to realize your dreams! Make sure we do not have to beg you!
The 27th, the Sun boosts your libido and invites you out of your shell. With an irresistible charm, you will then have the means to hit the bull's eye and you will want to rekindle the flame and why not embark for the land of love pronto. Nothing and no one should be able to resist you today when an outstanding magnetism should help you catch whoever you want!



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