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Tuesday, November the 20th
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Our philosophy ... Free Horoscope

  Written by Evie

Free Horoscope is committed to providing high quality astrological material and communicating its philosophy.

High Quality.

We attach the highest importance to the editorial quality of the content of our website. We only recruit professional astrologers and experienced clairvoyants, who are already known in the profession.


Most of the contents of website Free Horoscope are exclusive. You will only find them on our website and not anywhere else.


Each day, the editorial team informs you of current astrological developments. Whether via your mobile (smartphone), Facebook or email, you will have completely up-to-date information about the stars. We will take every opportunity to keep you happy and informed!

Free of Charge.

All the content available on our website is entirely free of charge! Whether your daily or weekly horoscope, as well as your monthly and annual horoscopes, there will be no financial charge! We are funded only by the advertising on the pages of our website.

A Site with Attitude!

Free Horoscope has had a complete makeover (design, logo and colour). A comprehensive menu guides you through clearly labelled areas, which are colour coded in each section, and eases your navigation through the different horoscopes and astrological material.

At the Forefront of New Media Technology.

We work with all new technologies, from iPhones to Android phones, and we offer regular updates of our applications. So, on your iPhone, scroll down the new interactive wheel to find the logo for your birth sign, which has been redesigned. A ‘stroke of the pen' that will definitely grab you with its novelty, colour and contents. It's also a more ergonomic way of reading your horoscope and the 100% astrological articles with their new content, such as the horoscope for the day-after-next,


Free Horoscope is committed to explaining the science of Astrology, to enable you to enrich your knowledge and improve your ability to decipher what is happening behind the scenes in your horoscopes and your astral chart.


Each week, Free Horoscope offers awards for consultations with clairvoyants, astrological charts and personalised numerological studies. We undertake to inform each winner and throw any unclaimed awards back into the ring.

A fan club

Free Horoscope, has over 120000 fans on its fan pages and over 900000 fans on its sign pages and astrological forecast pages of the Mon Horoscope du Jour Facebook applications. This is an active community, exchanging ideas and communicating from day to day with the editorial team through “Comment” and “Like”.

We are listening.

The whole team is listening: whether about updating the content or on any editorial question! Share your comments with us and we promise to reply as quickly as possible. Email address:


Free Horoscope is committed on two fronts, firstly to respect the privacy of individuals, and secondly, to guarantee the confidentiality of all personal data in its possession.

In compliance with the Loi Informatique et Liberté (French Computer Files and Freedoms Law), participants have a right to access, rectify and object to any information concerning them, by writing to: 8 - 10 rue Villedo, 75001 Paris, France. See paragraph “Charte de protection des données personnelles” (French charter for the protection of personal data).

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We\'re hiring, send your application !

We're hiring, send your application !
Leave your contact information, references if you are astrologers. We recruit for our site!

Read our General Conditions of Use

Read our General Conditions of Use
Discover Free Horoscope General Conditions of Use

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Read our Privacy policy

Read our Privacy policy
Free Horoscoper undertakes that the collection of personal data on the current website is carried out in accordance with Law.

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