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Wednesday, January the 17th
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2018 Horoscope
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The Sign of Aquarius
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Your children this winter
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Love in this season for Winter 2018 for the sign of for Virgo!

  Written by Daisy

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Love : A Winter Rather Complicit in Your Loves!
Venus enhances your radiance friend Virgo and inspires tender feelings towards those you love but also invites you to fully exercise your power of seduction to try to unearth your soul mate! A rather warm start to the season, despite the presence of Saturn, which tends to bridle the emotions of the first decan a little, so that they rationalize them and engage more consciously! If until January 18th this delicious planet gives you all the favor, promotes idylls and strengthens your libido, it will also invite you (between January 18th and February 10th) to watch over your loved ones and do everything possible to smooth out everyday edges and maintain a tender and warm atmosphere, benevolent within the clan and those around you! Then give room for dialogue (between February 10th and March 6th). You will not hesitate to take a step towards the other and to listen to the desires of your partner who will thank you. It is now or never to leave your reservations behind in order to try to get closer to your lover or someone you like! At the end of the season, your exchanges could take a more passionate turn. Beware then (1st decan) not to judge the other and to consider yourself as a standard meter of the truth. Certainly Saturn pushes you to analysis but this austere planet does not however ask you to frustrate your impulses nor those of your partner!

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd) : Questions on the Merits!
Since December 20th, Saturn tends to play the kill-joy and asks you to take a critical look at your loves and more broadly on your vision of love and relationships? You will therefore approach the winter well aware of your responsibilities and forced to rethink closely (December 21st and 25th in particular)! Between the 18th and the 26th of January, you will ask yourself a lot of questions (on the 13th) and at the same time try to maintain a harmonious climate between you and the others. Enough to work on the bond smoothly. You will then seek to communicate with your partner, to strengthen the links through a concerted and constructive dialogue (the 15th and 21st). You will complete this season, devoted primarily to questioning, by exploring more deeply your desires and trying to decipher what you really want to experience with each other. Be careful then (around March 13th) of imposing nothing or systematically refusing your partner on the pretext that you are in search of the truth that will never be ... your truth!

In a Relationship, the beginning of winter looks rather "serious"! Saturn forces you to revise your lessons together or to carefully examine what underlies the relationship. There is no question, therefore, of escaping from certain developments or tests that you will have to approach as consciously as possible (end of December, mid-January and mid-March) if you wish to learn the best lessons from a period that invites you to the greatest lucidity in your exchanges. You will, however, benefit from Venus's support several times this winter to strengthen your ties. Notably in February where you will be able to pass your messages and share your questions with your lover (the 15th and 21st). Caution recommended in your exchanges in March (the 11th and 13th) where you will certainly tend to judge (too much) the other and then risk cooling the passion. Whatever your degree of requirements, prefer to remain open to the proposals of your partner.

Single, a season to think about what you expect from love more than to throw yourself without a net into the adventure. Saturn in the backdrop of your love life since December 20th, pushes you to explore the past and probe your heart and your story (and your stories) to find the guiding thread and possibly modify it to try to connect with those more in line with the evolution accomplished. You will sometimes feel frustrated in your desires this winter but you will want to understand what you want from life now. In February, do not be afraid to take a step towards your crush. You will then be able to share things and get started knowingly. So make sure (mid-March) not to spoil your chances by asking too much or by submitting the person you like to a systematic criticism!

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): You Could Melt an Iceberg!
A warm winter under the duvet? It is a safe bet that you will not hibernate yet and you will enjoy, even delight in temperate currents that should soften the rigors of a rather lenient season for your loves (and for the rest)! From January, the weather and Venus strengthens your radiance and sharpens your greed. You will certainly not be deprived in the least from devouring life in January, where you will demonstrate considerable energy and a good mood that will allow you to make everyone happy, starting with your loved ones! Exchanges will be blessed around the 16th! In February, do not take yourself for the master of the world (the 17th and 25th)! Especially in the family where you want to change everything for the better but not necessarily taking into account the opinion of your loved ones. You should, however, end this enchanting season in style (March 20th), full of love and burning with desire! It is up to you to maintain this summery climate for the next season by keeping the dialogue open and your heart ... ditto!

In a Relationship, until January 21st, Jupiter promotes exchanges and a flourishing communication especially around January 16th when impulses will be strong and shared! Also count on Venus early in the season to enchant your love and reignite the flame in January (the 3rd, 8th, 9th). And on Mars to give you the desire to undertake and improve your living conditions at home! In February, do not hesitate to make some concessions (on the 17th and 25th) if you notice that your ideas are not unanimous in family. However, you will have no trouble finishing this winter tenderly accompanied in your desires, in March, when the discussions will go well. You will want to change the relationship and redouble your zeal and initiatives in order to convince the other to follow you from here until early May!

Single, no question of spending the winter alone in your corner. This season promises to be ideal to break with the loneliness that overwhelms you and move on to serious things (or not)! Bet on an irresistible charm in January to hit the bull's eye. You will have convincing arguments to start a long-term story and/or abandon yourself to the vertigo of love. However, be sure to deal with an entourage who is a little submerged by your life energy, in February, if you do not want to get into trouble (or at least some criticism) and wait for March to express your desires (the 20th?) without any showers coming to darken a decidedly mild winter sky!

3rd decan (September 14th - September 22nd): An Enchanted End of the Season!
At the very beginning of the season, Venus encourages positive family changes and developments (December 20th and January 6th)! Then? Beware of squabbles on the 13th and 28th where your wishes may be too often ... orders! Of course you want to live as you please but be careful not to impose anything on your partner without notice if you want them to follow you in your illusions! Starting on the 21st, Jupiter reinforces communication and invites you to open and maintain an open dialogue. The opportunity to get your messages across smoothly? However, you will have a hard time coping with your thirst to move the lines and improve the ordinary in February (the 4th, 10th and 13th)! Wait until the end of the month, (the 27th) when the cosmic climate smiles on you, to tighten the ranks and to reignite (ignite) the flame! The end of the season promises to be more ... scorching! You will enjoy almost summery conditions in March to escape the showers and take a step ahead of spring!

In a Relationship, you work hard in early winter to accomplish some positive transformations that are needed in family and should allow the clan to move in the right direction (December 20th and January 6th)! If Jupiter comes to encourage open and constructive exchanges from the 21st of January, beware of exaggerations and overflows of optimism that could strengthen your daily life certainly, but frighten some of those around you who will try to block your momentum (end of January and beginning February)! So go ahead but keep your foot on the brake if you do not want to isolate yourself unnecessarily! However, you will return to the popularity and vertigo of love at the end of the season when all lights say go, allowing you to freely express your wishes and live on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11th and 13th where the best is waiting for you!

Single, you start the season with a flourish, determined to revolutionize your entourage and environment (December 20th and January 6th) and from the 21st, Jupiter exalts your thirst for change and promotes your openness! However, it will not be a reason to impose on everyone your codes and ideas (as great as they are) at the end of January (the 28th) and the beginning of February (the 4th, the 10th) where your desire to do good might not be as unifying as you would like. The best could then become the enemy of good. Fortunately from the end of February, good weather returns and anticyclonic conditions should then allow you to end the season in style, well surrounded, listened to and loved by all and certainly by ... who you like!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

Winter promises to be mild and pleasant despite some reserves and sprays likely to affect a bit the loves of the 1st decan, subject to a duty of reserve! So take full advantage of this benevolent anticyclonic current to cross the winter on a small cloud and out of your shell rather than hibernating!


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