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Wednesday, April the 26th
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Love in this season for Spring 2017 for the sign of for Virgo!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Nothing is simple.
Venus has been boosting your libido and increasing your desires since February. You will be in a rather passionate climate where your love-life will at times make things hard for you, as well as satisfy your sensual yearnings. You are sure to not be bored this spring when this delightful planet could expose you to some turmoil (in April) that could weaken your relationship or bonds with your family, who will demand that you take on sometimes crushing responsibilities. It's up to you to determine if it is all worth the trouble and if your romances are worthwhile, whether they will be maintained, and even deepened, despite the nearly inevitable challenges and confrontation to come. Just make sure, whatever happens, to not emotionally manipulate anyone, which could blow up in your face. Choose to be sincere in your debates, which should, in the end, enable you to get discussion flowing again, friend Virgo and find the best way to get past any difficulties and smooth things over with your family. In fact, it is by approaching things differently and, for some, bringing about a revolution at home, that you will end this season more in harmony than when you started it. From June 6th on, you will be dead set on expanding your horizons for the better.

1st decan (August 23 - September 3): The stars on your side.
Nothing seems able to really impact your romantic bliss this spring. Venus making you restless and bringing you the chance for great moments of sensual excitement with someone special? Though this effervescence will tend to diminish in April, starting on the 28th and up until the 14th of May, you will once again experience the dizzying thrill of love and get the chance, starting in June, to attain, or at least to use all your skill to get close to, an ideal that inspires you.

If you are in a relationship, Venus will titillate your senses, and so you should have nothing to complain about! While the other two decans will be exposed to emotional turmoil, you could dodge the bullet and so spend this season that is great for tender love at the top of your game, ending it (at the start of June) bound and determined to set sail for love together.

If you are single, you've been yearning since February to try out your seductive powers and irresistible charm, to work your magic on everyone. Take advantage of this calm spring to find that special someone and turn a few heads - or even to finally make a commitment to something long term in June. If a recent encounter has excited you this spring, you could be tempted to take it even further (between the 6th and 16th), so that you can be sure that this is indeed your soul-mate (or not).

2nd decan (September 4 - 13): A turbulent season.
Tension could short-circuit your relationship with your partner at the beginning of spring (March 30th). You will be divided by financial matters or concerns about truly expressing your talent. Just make sure to take into account what you are told if you don't want discussion to turn sour in April (on the 7th, 9th). Avoid any sort of emotional manipulation and try instead to open up, and elevate, discussion in May (the 9th, 12th, 31st) so that you can hope to bring this rather rocky season to a peaceful end in June, in agreement on what really matters.

If you are in a relationship, you won't be spared major conflict with your partner this spring if you ignore their desires and listen only to yourself. Beware at the end of March and in April, when you could incur your lover's wrath if you take action without first consulting them on sensitive matters. Fortunately, you will be more open to dialog in May and so can hope to end this season adored by those around you, who will appreciate the effort you've made to keep everyone happy (without denying your own desires, of course).

If you are single, you won't get through this season without a little trouble connecting with others and maintaining your bond with your lover. You yearn above all to assert your view of the world and to do as you please, though it could end up blowing up in your face if you don't listen to anyone and think you are the king of the world. It is in fact by agreeing to discussion and opening dialog - and your heart - that you will best be able to win others over and so turn any situation to your advantage in June (the 3rd, 13th).

3rd decan (September 14 - 22): Family takes priority.
Difficult (financial?) decisions will darken the mood a bit at the start of the season and make life hard for you, especially in April, when you won't be everyone's favorite at home. So, make sure that you smooth everything over, listen to others, and avoid adding fuel to the fire. This way, you will find a way to move any touchy or tense situation forward in May (the 19th), when you will know how to bring together your sense of responsibility and boldness to get things moving in the right direction. But not without a few bumps in the road along the way, though you will be aware enough to know that in order to resolve any problems, you will have to try something new.

If you are in a relationship, this will be a season that will test your family's bond and ask a lot of you. You will be dead set on taking on your responsibilities this spring but will also yearn to change things up or at least not get shaken up. Though you will be faced with sometimes trying dilemmas in April (the 8th, 21st), you should manage to find a way out in May by trying something else or bending the rules and rituals that usually reign over your family. Nothing will be a given but it's only by daring to try a change that you will manage, sooner or later, to bring people back together.

If you are single, you will too occupied with burdensome family matters at the start of the season to worry about your romantic life, which will have to wait a while before coming back to the fore. Try to approach your family issues creatively this spring if you want to calm everyone down or get out of a touchy situation or an impasse. It is by suggesting to those around you that they take paths different from the ones you know already that you will successfully restore constructive dialog and (in May) free yourself from the burden that is holding you back from being able to think about love. Fortunately, starting at the beginning of June, your senses will titillate you, your libido will reawaken, and anything will be possible (on the 1st, 3rd).

My advice:

This will be a spring with April (rather than March) showers that will delightfully freshen up the atmosphere. Especially in your family life, where you will only manage to remove the weight from your shoulders by coming up with new solutions that will shake everyone up a little but will clear a new, constructive path forward towards the future.


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