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Sunday, October the 22nd
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Virgo!

  Written by Daisy

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Venus enhances your charm and seduction until mid-October. Count on the influence of the delicious planet to shine your brightest, attract (and hold) the attention of whoever you like, even if some of the 3rd decan will have a little difficulty dealing with certain family burdens that might somewhat frustrate their desires of pleasure, around the 8th! You will thirst to fully express your desires and take a bite out of life (between October 14th and November 7th) and will do everything possible to get satisfaction. Place tender exchanges between the 7th of November and the beginning of December where you will have the art and the way of transmiting your messages friend Virgo and to gently mark minds and hearts. An ideal time to get closer to those you love and why not make pleasant encounters. You will complete the season in harmony with your loved ones; decided to further improve your exchanges and your conditions (and framework) of life. Note the presence of Jupiter as of the 10th of October in the field of your theme dedicated to communication. You can bet on this weighty intermediary until the fall of 2018 to forge precious links, to cross paths with people likely to relay your ambitions but also to enlighten your existence. As for Saturn who for a long time (December 2014) had the mania to seal your family relations or the atmosphere within the clan, changes targets from December 20th. It will then be time (first for 1st decan) to closely examine your loving relationships, your approach to love to determine if you still feel in step with your feelings. If you have evolved, taking into account the understandings you have integrated over time, you will have little difficulty in dealing with this detailed review! Otherwise, stay tuned for new developments!

1st decan (August 23rd – September 3rd) : Prepare (well) the Terrain !
A very early season illuminated by Venus that magnifies your sign at the end of September and will sharpen your appetites of any kind between October 14th and 22nd. You will then be insatiable and will do everything possible to get satisfaction in love and elsewhere! Especially since a frenzied Jupiter will accompany and promote your exploits from the 10th on, of which the generous planet could well provoke some memorable meetings or rekindle the flame between you and the partner. An opportunity then, by the end of November to renew a complicit dialogue and to have a good time together. You will be especially fit and in phase around the 18th and 26th of October but also on the 13th of November where your heart could well boom! Venus confirms the improvement between November 7th and November 15th and should allow you to finish the season in harmony with your loved ones and presumably well surrounded. While waiting for Saturn, who as of December 20th and in 2018, will ask you to practice a rigorous autopsy of your loves to determine if they still hold up and more precisely if your evolved personality still recognizes itself in the game and feels the unison of the other!

In a Relationship, A season that should please you. First of all thanks to Venus who warmly accompanies you and promotes tender exchanges and secondly thanks to Jupiter who (between October 10th and November 25th) helps open your mind, your heart and makes you want to communicate in harmony with the other. The opportunity to warm up the atmosphere, to tighten the ranks around common interests and to then approach the winter that arrives ready to undergo the tests imposed by Saturn, which could demand accountability and force you to survey your heart to see if it beats fairly and does not cheat. It is indeed impossible for the great teacher of the zodiac to ignore what is wrong. Accept then to look at your loves to see what may need to be improved or changed in order to last or in more rare cases, to move on to something else!

Single, Venus will be your ally throughout a season where you will actually be carried by the elements and rather spoiled by the sky! Enjoy the astral clemency without too much reserve for inspiring encounters and having a good time! Jupiter will encourage pleasant exchanges (or even more if affinities) in October and November and will give you an outstanding charisma. Identify it without waiting. At least before Saturn arrives (from the 20th of December) and compels you to sort between the essential and the superfluous, pronto. So it is less a question of masking the reality but of determining what counts a lot or not in love, in order to readjust your emotional life on the path traveled and the understandings acquired!

2nd decan (September 4th – September 13th) : A Romantic End of the Season !
If Venus sublimates your aura between September 28th and October 6th, enabling you to radiate and seduce in all directions (the 3rd and the 5th), make sure to express your compelling wishes at the end of the month (between October 22nd and 30th) with some moderation if you do not want to upset your partner's sensitivity around the 28th, where passions (not necessarily constructive) will be there! Bet on November (between the 15th and the 23rd) to feed a tender dialogue or have an instant effect (16th and 21st) while waiting for Jupiter to reinforce your ranks and promote, from the 25th, the exchanges, the meetings and more generally your communication with the world around you. The opportunity (especially in December) to tighten the ranks with a partner under your spell or to hypnotize whoever you want and especially whoever you'd like!

In a Relationship, You will benefit this autumn from ad hoc conditions to rekindle the flame and reconnect with a complicity that has been relegated to the background a little, for a long time. Enjoy exceptional conditions throughout the season (but much more from the end of November) to regain the heart of a partner who should not resist for long or too vehemently your tender assaults. At the beginning of December (around the 3rd), surf on ideally anticyclonic conditions to turn a corner (marriage pacs) and engage (re-engage) or simply hover in the high spheres of love (why not, nirvana)!

Single, Venus guides your steps this fall. If you take care not to be too demanding or gluttonous at the end of October (the 28?) At the risk of unleashing the passion, not necessarily to your advantage, you will benefit from exceptional conditions to hit the bulls eye. You will know what to say and what to do to seduce and will be able to count on the Jupiterian bonus from November 25th to create sparks in love. Take advantage of this cosmic lighting to dazzle whoever you want but above all perhaps to turn a corner. So, if you just have an exhilarating encounter, you may want to get involved in the relationship. Bet on a big blue sky around December 3rd to see life through rose colored glasses and invite the other to follow you and to be part of the picture!

3rd decan (September 14th – September 22nd) : Obstacle Course!
At the beginning of the season (end of September), you seem to be much more concerned about the actions needed to replenish your accounts and obtain the funds you are demanding to strengthen your businesses or move the family, than by your loves to maintain. Beware of some disappointments in early October and possible frustrations where your bit of charm will not be unanimous within the clan (8th and 11th)! You will catch up happily from November when a sky complicit in your initiatives will help you change what must be, so that your emotional and family life is oriented in the right direction and flourishes! While waiting for the support of Jupiter, as of the end of next January, it should contribute effectively to warm the atmosphere and to reconnect with a warm and friendly dialogue!

In a Relationship, You will be mobilized by routine business to treat and to settle in urgency in the beginning of autumn where things risk not fitting the bill (end of September)! Do not expect to receive support from your close ones in October when you might even run into a wall of incomprehension if you want too much or everything, right away. You will then have to deal with disappointment or frustration (8th and 11th) and wait until the beginning of November to be heard and understood. Build on a protective situation that has favored, since December 2016, constructive changes in the family to advance your pieces and make the necessary changes. It is a story of evolving sensitive situations to your advantage and then being able to enjoy ad hoc conditions to stabilize your ties and tighten the ranks but not without transformations to operate!

Single, You may have your head and heart somewhere else at the beginning of the season when you will have a lot to do to get what you want (in business) and find ways to make some changes urgently needed to lift some weight that holds your family life down for a while! If autumn begins under auspices, effectively electrical, you will benefit in mid-November from conditions that are very conducive to the realization of what you want to achieve to clear the horizon and perhaps invite your loved ones to evolve with you. You should then succeed in laying the groundwork for a more solid structure within a clan put to the test and a priori, come out victorious but not without concession or letting go! It is a story of releasing your mind and your heart so that Jupiter, from the end of January, gives wings.

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season where your emotional life takes over your rights, invites you to express your feelings and your needs. Some will want to make the lines move with family, others to renew with a complicity that they lack and others still to approach the link more wisely. A crossing that requires all your attention and obviously all your love!


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