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Tuesday, February the 21st
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The Sign of Pisces
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How do you break up?
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Love in this season for Winter 2017 for the sign of for Taurus!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Take time to think!
Overflowing with charm and enjoying overwhelming success in business at the start of the season? You won't fail at all at the start January to make an impression, win over a few hearts, and take advantage of this rise in popularity (starting on January 3rd) to make big plans for the future. Whether it is with (or for) your lover, your friends, or in preparation for a romance or conquest that you hope to find, you will step into action to give form to your dreams and put into effect a lifestyle that suits you and to build a future that inspires you. Starting on the February 3rd, Venus will invite you to take time out to think. Don't just rush headlong forward or take unnecessary risks, friend Taurus, but rather, question what really matters, search your heart, and your past, for valuable lessons to learn that will let you eventually find out what you want and if your romantic plans really make sense. You will often held back from building or creating anything by your career or by tempting possibilities that might require you to fully invest yourself, perhaps focusing on your romantic life more instead of putting it on stand-by this winter!

1st decan (April 21 - May 1): Time for necessary, and positive, reflection!
You yearn to expand your horizons, to make some of your dreams a reality at the very start of winter, and your sensual projects could take a turn for the better in January (on the 1st and 3rd), when, up until the 12th, Venus will invite you to hope, to plan for the best for yourself and your romantic future. Starting on February 3rd (and here and there up until mid-May), you will, however, have to take some time to think, to ask yourself the questions you need to ask, those which will let you forge ahead in time, revise your plans, and fine-tune your plans.

If you are in a relationship,and you started off this winter motivated by a promising vision of the future, you will still be tempted (or forced, somewhat) to do a detailed review of your love-life and ambitions. Take advantage of this wintertime pause to fine-tune your romantic plans, to look over your romantic past, to gain a better understanding of it and maybe even make it deeper eventually? You don't have much to fear this from this winter that will invite you to hibernate but that also offers you the chance to do so as a couple!

If you are single,and have someone in mind at the start of the season, you will desire to look towards a future that inspires you. You will have stars in your eyes, and in your heart (on December 3rd and January 9th), and won't be afraid to aim high and far. If you are still on your search for that special someone, open your eyes (at least until mid-January). Starting on February 3rd, no matter your current romantic situation, you will definitely feel the need to get some distance on your emotions and desires and to observe what is going on inside you or, for some, in your partner. This will be a period that will enable you, between now and mid-May, to find out where you truly are, what you really want, and to break with relationship that is going nowhere, to set off on a new adventure more sure of yourself, of your needs and desires - and without hesitating anymore.

2nd decan (May 2 - 11): On to other priorities!
You can bet that you'll have better things to do than loving this winter when you'll have your eyes, and mind, on your social standing! Though, between January 12th and 23rd, your heart will go boom and you will yearn to love and be loved, your professional ambitions could soon retake the upper hand and distance you from your romantic ambitions for a while. In fact, starting on February 19th, Venus will be hidden in the shadows of your sign, staying there on and off until mid-May! Nothing alarming to worry about as regards the future of your romantic life, however. Except, perhaps, that you might have your head, and heart, elsewhere!

If you are in a relationship,you will yearn to dream up big plans for your life together with your lover in January, though your business life may catch up with you, and you may have problems to resolve this winter in your professional life. You will spare no efforts in taking an important step forward, at the top of your game, but may temporarily neglect your lover, who will have to wait for you to be more available before you can hope to rekindle the flame (starting at the end of May) and bounce back together after a winter where you will make more sparks fly in business than in love!

If you are single,you could be tempted to throw yourself into a relationship that moves you and meets your idealistic expectations. Is this fantasy or reality? You will be inclined to increase your enthusiasm, giving your professional life a boost, which will take up all, or almost all, of your time. The result? Venus awaits! Take advantage of this relatively emotionally neutral period to take stock of your past loves, to try to lose the idea of an ideal, yet always fantastical, love, and figure out what you really need to be happy. Starting at the end of May, you will come out of your shell and rediscover your taste for conquest!

3rd decan (May 12 - 20): In the middle of a professional boom?
Winter off with a bang? You will be offered numerous opportunities at the end of December to shine, to stand out, and move your destiny forward as you see fit. You will have important decisions to make - decisions that could change your life. But it's still not a given that your greatest preoccupations will be of the sentimental nature this winter when you will seek above all to push the envelope at work. Make sure then that your ambitions don't upset your love-life at the end of January (on the 27th?) and in March.

If you are in a relationship,you will have trouble, and not enough time, in your love-life, which will be put on the back burner this winter! At the end of December, you will be pushed to come out of your shell, to take a stand, and to make choices that could put the focus on your professional value and boost your popularity, but your relationship could suffer if you give all of your attention to work this winter. Try to let loose from time to time and snuggle up to your lover if you don't want to feel annoyingly frustrated in February and March!

If you are single,you will seek to break the deadlock that has been curbing your rise through the ranks at work at the end of December, and you could really cause a sensation around Christmas, when it will be all eyes on you. You will have barely any time to mess around with love - and even less for really investing yourself in something, seeking your soul-mate. You will, without a doubt, have to wait for spring (or even the start of June) to get back on your feet and feel like loving again, when you will swap your will to power for an urgent desire to seduce, love, and be loved.

If you are in the northern hemisphere:
This might be a season that you will dedicate more to working on your career plan than whispering sweet nothings with a lover. This might just be enough time to take a necessary step back and learn what is truly essential to you, which plans or romances are worth your energy and time - and which aren't!

If you are in the southern hemisphere:
This summer will definitely be more about work than about love! Don't, however, neglect the kind people around you, as demanding as they might be. As soon as you can get away for a minute, share your preoccupations and plans with your partner.


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