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Wednesday, May the 24th
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Love in this season for Spring 2017 for the sign of for Taurus!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Clouds on the horizon?
Whether your romantic life has been put on the back burner since last winter or you are worried about someone you love, Venus will invite you this spring to get some distance on your emotions or to more or less keep your feelings quiet. It might be time to ask yourself the right (and difficult) questions, to look over your past so that you can take stock of your romances, taking what is important and leaving behind what is not or stepping into action to help out someone who matters to you. This season will indeed encourage secret trysts or serious questions over grand declarations of love or excessive passion. In April, you might turn outwards (towards your friends?) for support and advice, friend Taurus, but, starting in May, Venus will once again slip into your sign, making it hard for you to leave your withdrawal, where you've likely been in order to handle (financial, professional) matters that have been preventing you from giving into the dizzying bliss of love. Fortunately, love will return to the fore at the end of the season. Starting on June 6th, you will regain control and, endowed with an astounding charm, can bet that you won't waste any time jumping right back on your feet.

1st decan (April 21 - May 1): Love on the sidelines?
Though love might not exactly be your first priority this spring, you will still benefit from astral conditions that are quite favorable to your serenity and emotional support, enabling you to get through this spring without a hitch. Rely on your tendency for romantic relationships that don't rock the boat to deepen your feelings or to search your heart. Starting in June, you will be able to express what you feel openly or to unabashedly go for more romantic conquests.

If you are in a relationship, this season looks to be dedicate more to financial or professional affairs than outpourings of emotions. Your love-life will, then, be lived in secret, and you will take care of your loved ones without having any time or energy for electrifying flights of fancy. You will certainly have to wait until the end of spring (starting on June 6th) to regain the desire to make a few sparks fly and put love back at the center of your life.

If you are single, you will be in doubt and shun pleasure. You will question yourself about your recent, or older, romances and will have trouble living, and engaging, in the present. Still, you ought to take advantage of this relative cosmic protection this spring to study, to understand what you really expect from your relationship. Try to avoid ruminating and focus instead on what is really important until, when in June, Venus will return love to its rightful place in your life and put you in the limelight.

2nd decan (May 2 - 11): A somewhat rocky end to the month.
High professional stakes will take up your time and energy this spring, keeping you on the sidelines in love. You will have too much to do to worry about your emotional life, which could suffer in your absence - or indifference? A case of the blues or depression could darken your horizons. But, fortunately, Venus will, in June, make you once again want to grab life with both hands and spice up your love-life.

If you are in a relationship, you will have trouble forgetting about bothersome problems at work. Want to crush the resistance but have hit a wall? This spring will put your nerves through the wringer, and your love-life could suffer as a result, so make sure to stay open and listen to your own needs and emotions, while trying to share them with your partner if you want to keep your bond intact. In June, the skies will clear, and success might arise on the horizon, enabling you to once again enjoy the bliss of love.

If you are single, you will be standing at the ready this spring, when other matters or issues could darken the mood a bit. You will have a few things to answer for or legal problems to untangle, leaving you with little time for your own personal fulfillment. Still, try not to neglect your romantic life (or your friends) too much. They could offer you support and comfort during these hard times. If you've been down in the dumps this season, get ready to rise again from your ashes in June, when you will at last see the end in sight and glimpse the chance to reacquaint yourself with life and love.

3rd decan (May 12 - 20): Other priorities.
You feel like you're in the hot seat every day: opportunities and/or pressure putting your nerves on edge and making it hard to handle? You will likely have to put up with your social eating up your time and energy and figure out how to dedicate some time to your love-life this spring. In April, if you try to find support from your friends or relations, you might be disappointed. Good times will only return at the very end of the season (in June). Changes you've been hoping for will finally come around (at the end of May), new prospects will emerge, and so you will find yourself wanting to come out of your shell. Yikes - about time!

If you are in a relationship, you will zoom through this season, spending most of your time away from home, due to professional and financial preoccupations that will keep you away from your partner. If, in April, you turn to friends or acquaintances to help you out of this matter, you will quickly realize that there is no use in even giving it a shot, withdrawing once again into yourself. You will have to wait until June for this spring to really get going and make you want to love again.

If you are single, you will be at full throttle all season long and so will hardly have any time to give to your own personal fulfillment. Above all, you will seek to give some direction to your life and tear down the obstacles that are preventing you from freely expressing yourself. You will have to wait patiently until June for Venus to arrive and rekindle the flame, timidly at first. Once summer arrives, things will really get going.

My advice:

Love set aside this season? You have too much to do to bother with your romantic life. That is, unless you are nursing a secret crush or heartbreak. Either way, make sure to think of yourself and to dedicate a few moments to your wellbeing. This way, you can make it through the spring without getting frustrated and enter the summer at the top of your game.


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