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Tuesday, January the 16th
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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
The Sign of Aquarius
The Sign of Aquarius
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Your children this winter
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Colors and astrological signs
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Love in this season for Winter 2018 for the sign of for Sagittarius!

  Written by Daisy

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At the beginning of the season, Venus invites you to develop your potentials and talents friend Sagittarius but also to enjoy life. You do not want to deprive yourself of anything even if the 1st decan will have to endure certain restrictions imposed by Saturn, which enjoins them to tighten their belts a little or at least to spend their energy (and money) consciously! Starting January 18th, communication in love will be in the spotlight and you will not lack zeal or inspiration to pass your gentle messages smoothly and attract the good graces of everyone! Just be careful not to exceed your means and obey more preferably reason (at least a little) than your compulsions (3rd decan)! You will have it at heart, between February 10th and March 6th to protect your loved ones and ensure family welfare but you must take care not to abuse your authority if you want to be followed without flinching in your initiatives ( 2nd decan). The end of the season will put love and your desires in the forefront of your concerns. You will then thirst to love and to be loved and Venus will endow you with a radiance that will dazzle some people around you. 1st decan, Saturn calls to you however, probably recommending that you sift through your impulses and keep your desires under control ...

1st decan (November 23rd- December 2nd): Buckle Up!
Saturn urges you to rethink your sense of values and structure your inner world, but also to put your desires under control in order to determine if they really fit your essential needs. You will start the season in this state of mind that encourages much more control over emotions than overflows of any kind. Especially at the end of December and mid-January, when you will be able to say or do well, you will be summoned to frame your impulses more than to give yourself freely to the vertigo of love! Between January 18th and 26th, Venus will help you communicate your feelings more easily. Enough to make your entourage understand your moods and current concerns! In February, you will aspire to balance and clean up family exchanges and tighten ranks around values that matter to you. However, expect some frustration at the end of the season (around March 13th) when your desire to live and to love without limit is likely to come up against the severe orders of Saturn, which will require that you submit your passions to the filter of reason.

In a Relationship, Venus will rub up against Saturn the dictator several times, who urges you to love in consciousness and to definitively abandon immature emotional patterns. There is no question this winter of flirting with love but of worrying about the foundation of your feelings in order to finally determine if they do not rest on illusory sensations. No question, then, of nursing soft dreams but of accepting the updates imposed by this great teacher of the zodiac. Fortunately, you will have, in January, the support of Venus (between the 18th and 26th) and its sensitive approach to the family sphere in February (between the 10th and 18th) to mark hearts and minds. Caution and patience recommended, however, in March (the 13th?), when your desires will not be ... orders!

Single, prepare yourself to live a slightly rigorous winter. Whatever your desire to live your passion, most of the time you will be brought back down to earth by Saturn, who will hardly want to flirt with love this season. From the beginning of winter (December 20th and 25th but also around January 13th), this austere planet will keep your momentum and desires under wraps. It will actually ask you to probe your heart, to question yourself about the meaning you give to love and your commitments. A resetting of the clock at a time that you will not necessarily appreciate but that will however have the merit of bringing you back to basics. You can enjoy the favors of Venus in January (between the 18th and 26th) and in February (between the 10th and 18th) to get closer to those you like but at the end of the season (mid-March) you will have to endure some frustrations, which will not be to your liking but will be inevitable and indispensable so that you finally succeed in determining what is really good for you!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): A Warm Winter!
Venus makes you want everything and preferably ... right now? At the beginning of the season you will have many assets to devour life to the fullest and especially, in January, where the subtle worlds or occult support should provide you abundant material for taking pleasure and enjoying the present moment. Maybe a new life is getting ready? In any case, the cosmos will seem to conspire to make you happy and to give you the graces you need to flourish; sometimes secretly but without much reserve. In February, however, be careful not to abuse your powers to control everything and everyone. Your loved ones would hardly appreciate it and they would make it known (the 17th, 25th and 28th?)! You will however end the season in full possession of your means and ready to seduce the whole world, reinforced by Venus who endows you (between March 15th and 23rd) with an irresistible charm!

In a Relationship, you will enjoy a climate that is conducive to your emotional development and do not shun your pleasure in January when all the elements seem to come together so that you spend sweet days and nights in the delicious company of your partner. If you are considering a life change, then it will come under the best auspices. However, try in February to curb some behaviors that are too authoritarian and could displease your family (the 17th, 25th and 28th)! You should end the winter in beauty and surf (between March 15th and 23rd) on an outstanding power of seduction to captivate your partner who will hardly resist your tender arguments.

Single, there is no question of hibernating but of enjoying a rather mild climate to form soft idylls and have a good time. You will also start the winter with a fanfare even if your stories are lived in withdrawal or in the secrecy of your alcove. You aspire to fully enjoy the present moment and should have the opportunity in January, where the planets align themselves favorably to fulfill your wishes. Your desires will then be orders and you will deploy the energy necessary to reach your goals on all fronts. In February, however, be sure to stay measured a little in regards to your family or you will sometimes tend to want to lead everything without consulting your entourage. Stay tuned to others, if you want to avoid misunderstandings. You should, however, close the winter with a great fanfare and determined to create sparks in love. Count on Venus to enhance your radiance and your libido between March 15th and March 23rd in order to start the spring with an excellent momentum!

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): A Boiling End of the Season !
You start the winter at full speed, carried by your recent success and could still profit, in early January (the 6th) from influxes that carry you and promote your creative and emotional development! Be careful then of some emotional outbursts or uncontrolled desires that could backfire and hurt your quest. Caution is recommended around January 13th, 14th and 28th when the best will be the enemy of good and where you would be better off calming things down rather than trying to exceed the limits. Ditto in February when, if your charm is still ravaging (the 7th, 14th and 15th) you are not immune to excess that could induce misunderstandings (the 4th and 10th) and exacerbate passions that are not always constructive. Fortunately, from the end of February, the sky emerges and you find your charm. You should then end the season in osmosis with the world, in love or in the process of falling in love.

In a Relationship,if the autumn ended in a climax, take care in January not to abuse your happiness at the risk of worrying your partner and sowing discord. To stay in step with each other this winter, you will have to learn to master your assets so that they do not turn into obstacles or traps! If you do not lack originality or spice to subdue your lover in February (7th, 14th and 15th) you will however have a little trouble controlling any excess of zeal that could parasitize your happiness a little (the 4th and 10th). You will happily find your spirit in March and enjoy an outstanding charm and a desire to fully live your loves in order to end the winter in style and start the spring on a small cloud!

Single, autumn has allowed you to start a story, to create sparks in love, break rank and your isolation? You should continue in this direction, in early January, where you will have no trouble to mark minds and hearts (the 6th)! Then? It will be more difficult! Notably around January 13th when you will be tempted to do too much, to follow your wishes without necessarily taking into account those of the other. Expect disappointments or to go through crisis situations if you do not agree to reason a little with your impulses and passions. Same thing in February when, if your remarks hit the target and your charm fascinates (the 7th and 14th) you may be tempted to abuse it and then expose yourself to setbacks. Try to channel your boiling energy so that it serves your emotional interests rather than pushing you to harmful excess, for your emotional fulfillment. You will end the season beautifully, with an outstanding charisma that could earn you many conquests and one ... that counts!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A winter that pulsates and hardly lends itself to retreat? A season to cross with joy for some, with caution for others but, for all, the deeply rooted desire to live great moments. In order not to miss out on the essentials, try to grab life by the horns, this winter, and your loves ... seriously!


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