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Monday, November the 20th
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The Sign of Sagittarius
The Sign of Sagittarius
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Qualities of Aquarius
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Sagittarius!

  Written by Daisy

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:Love: The Future is in Your Line of Sight
You will undoubtedly use your indisputable charm to mark spirits and hearts and score points on the social and professional level, which will mobilize you, primarily, at the beginning of the season. Until the middle of October, it will be more a matter of rallying the votes and creating unanimity at work than of sowing your wild oats or rekindling the flame! Then, you will have it at heart to realize projects that count for you and could influence (to encompass) the intimate sphere between the 14th of October and the 7th of November! From the 5th of November onwards, you will open debates that will lead to effective solutions and decisions only between the 22nd of December and next mid-January. It will undoubdetly be friend Sagittarius to guide your existence differently. Jupiter, who since the autumn of 2016 invited you to project yourself into the future and to do everything possible to make a project (or several), will, from the 10th of October, hides itself in the shadow of your Sun. A gestation period that will end in November 2018 to give way to a new cycle of growth and expansion. A period of transition that begins between the old and the new world, between a past approach to life and a vision of the future that is taking shape and inspires you!

1st decan (November 23rd – December 2nd) :
If at the end of September, you are mainly looking to show off and charm everyone at work, you will in fact have it in mind to build castles in the sky, dear to you. Venus will help you set the stage for an ideal that is close to your heart between the 14th and 22nd of October. You will then have to take the time to refine your plans and the necessary retreat (between the 7th and 15th of November) to get the most out of the superfluous and define what must be kept or abandoned so that from the beginning of December you can express your feelings and desires clearly, openly and bluntly. Note that between October 10th and the end of November, Jupiter sits in the shadow of your Sun, effectively inviting you to lay the groundwork for a new cycle of expansion that could end in the fall of 2018 and allow you to then blossom without limits!

In a Relationship, You approach the autumn decidedly, to open the future to your idea and you do not skimp on the means to achieve it. You can count on Venus throughout the season to support your initiatives, give you the charm necessary to win votes and rally hearts around your tender plans! At the end of September, you will mostly try to make an impression on your social entourage, presumably to give you the means and allow yorself to follow the paths that you like. Between the 14th and the 22nd of October, there is a tender prospect and friendly and sentimental support. You will be able to influence those you love and convince them to follow you wherever you want to go and take them with. Note, however, that Jupiter (between October 10th and November 25th) will invite you to slow down the movement in order to understand what counts, or not, but will provide discreet but extremely effective support around the 18th and 26th of October and November 13th. In December (between the 1st and 7th), Venus reinforces your power of seduction and should allow you to rally your last opponents (if any) and then be free to do what you like!

Single, A start of the season that you will probably unroll by playing the flirt with someone special or in society. You aspire to seduce to try to convince those around you to join projects that are important to you. Bet on Venus in October (between the 14th and 22nd) to co-op friends and loves and get your messages (and projects) across smoothly! You will then be well inspired (between November 7th and November 15th) to think before embarking on adventure. Venus will give you an outstanding charm in early December! The opportunity (if it was still needed) to attract (and retain) the attention of whoever you please and then consider the future accompanied, tenderly! Between October 10th and November 25th, Jupiter will take charge (on the 18th and 26th of October and around November 13th) to mobilize the support you need to go further, pronto but especially from next autumn where a new cycle of life and expansion is irrevocably promised!

2nd decan (December 3rd – December 12th) : Bright Spells Forecasted in November !
You should prioritize mobilization at the beginning of the season to reinforce your social progression and open the future. Count on a charming Venus (between September 28th and October 6th) to help you plead your case deliciously (the 3rd?) But be careful however not to abuse it later. Indeed, you will do everything possible between October 22nd and 30th to train those you love but also your potential admirers in the adventure but may be a little inclined to abuse their support. Do not ask them too much around the 28th where, if you cross the boundaries, you might be disappointed and stay dissatisfied. Try to take kid gloves and especially to step back a little and try to formulate your requests in a more discreet way. You will then do wonder (the 3rd, 9th, 16th and 21st). From the end of November, you will be able to count on Jupiter who will take charge of mobilizing your troops and could then in early December favor your plans including those concerning a new installation or a family project that is close to your heart!

In a Relationship, most of the time you will have plans to improve your living conditions and probably those of your surroundings. You will spare no effort and use your indisputable charm to plead your case. Successfully if you are polite (in November) but at your own risk if you push the plug too far (in October)! But it is from the end of November that your path really lights up and you can hope to trace your route pronto and begin to build for the long term. A harmonious celestial bow will accompany you in your plans and initiatives (around December 3rd) and will allow you to finish the fall on the right track.

Single, If you aspire to do what you like, to build castles in the sky for more or less long-term plans, to strengthen your sentimental universe and give yourself every chance to live as you please, in an environment you have chosen, in a place you love and especially well- surrounded, you will not hesitate, this autumn, to deploy great means to achieve it. Just be sure (in October) not to abuse your seductive power to try to speed up the movements of season at your expense. You will have more freedom in November and will receive a sizable support in early December. A beautiful cosmic conjuncture to exploit (around December 3rd) to start to open the future to your idea and for a long time!

3rd decan (December 13th – December 21st) : Calm Things Down Rather Than Only Doing it Your Way
You have a rather broad vision and requirements inspired by the projects you want to put in place. But you may have to deal with tensions and disputes surrounding them at the beginning of the season (end of September)! So prepare to make some flops and to wipe up some disappointments around the 8th and 11th of October where your charm is certainly evident and your initiatives will be far from unanimous. Beginning in November, the constructive cosmic arc that encourages your actions and allows you to channel your creative energy in the right direction comes back to the front and should then allow you to finish the season on a good basis and decided not to make concessions on the essentials! You thirst to live your emotional but also social life to your idea, to move the lines and escape a routine. This should be possible in December when carrier influxes will help you to convince the undecided to follow you in the adventures that you plan to launch now and for a long time!

In a Relationship, Between exhilarating projects, an imperious desire to open the hatches and instill a little fantasy, (a lot), in your couple and more widely in your daily life, you won't always be able to beat around the bush. Caution, however, is strongly recommended at the end of September and in October when you will have difficulty to win the votes and may even feel some frustration with the refusal of your entourage to cooperate. Then wait patiently in November when there seems to be less land mines to advance your pawns and then mark spiritsand possibly hearts !

Single, certainly you want to let your hair down, to dare to do something different and to do them only your way! But this is not a good enough reason to not listen to what you are told, at the risk of triggering shields against your desires and then finding yourself frustrated and hungry. You will take more marked and more unifying paths to reach your goals and enjoy as you please from November when a more serious situation should help to appease those who love you or whom you aspire to conquer and who will appreciate that you then approached a possible relationship on less eccentric basis, more conscious and therefore more reassuring!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season of transition between crazy ideas and/or wise, as well as, a maturation of a life project that probably does not really unroll until autumn. Take time for reflection and above all to lay the foundations, to clearly define the lines on which you will soon be born again, from your ashes!


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