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Friday, February the 24th
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How do you break up?
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Love in this season for Winter 2017 for the sign of for Sagittarius!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: A piping hot winter!
Do you yearn to bring stability to your romance? Don't, however, lose your own liberty - or desire!! You can count on a mind-blowing astral conjuncture, friend Sagittarius, to open this season that promises to be animated on a high note! Up until January 3rd, communication will be the order of the day, letting you discuss projects and plans that are close to your heart. Though you seek to improve your living conditions (between January and February 3rd) for your family, to push things forward so you can enjoy a better romantic life, you will be more preoccupied with spicing up your love-life starting on February 3rd. Have important choices, fundamental decisions to make? You will without a doubt have to go through a little turbulence and won't always necessarily be in touch with your partner. Between now and the start of June, however, you should get to come up with plans that will suit everyone and let you build a future that inspires you, that will let you live how you please, that is, according to your desires, while keeping in mind the lessons you've learned from your past. This will be an explosive but indispensable mix that will let you live in accordance with who you really are, in the present moment and for some time to come, too!

1st decan (November 23 - December 2): A summery winter!
At the very start of the season, you masterfully manage your family's interests and should, at the start of the year, manage to reach your ends (on January 3rd) and (up until January 12th) bring harmony to your relations, to bring people closer together. From February 3rd on, you and your loved ones should get along swimmingly. This is your chance to rekindle the flame and to make some charming new acquaintances. So, between now and mid-May, you can count on being able to spend some quality time in excellent company.

If you are in a relationship,the start of the season will look to be more about taking initiatives that are supposed to improve your interactions (and successfully, too) with your family, but you will spend more time, starting on February 3rd, cooing with your lover. What with your sensual, tender plans and words, you should get a wonderful chance to rekindle the flame between now and mid-May and to enjoy strong gushes of intense emotion with your partner.

If you are single,you can count on the start of this season, as good for communication as it is, to re-establish contact with those around you and get closer to the ones that matter most. Up until January 12th, you will enjoy just the right cosmic conditions for making peace and/or warming up the ambiance at home. What next? You will have a whole armada of planets devoted to making sure your romantic aspirations become reality. Pleasant new encounters, a heightened charm, and the chance to start (or continue) a romance that thrills you? Between now and mid-May, you shouldn't have much to complain about when it comes to the mood or circumstances you are in, which should clearly favor your fulfillment in your romantic life!

2nd decan (December 3 - 12): Springtime in winter!
Up until January 23rd, you will fight tirelessly without letting up to improve living conditions for yourself and your loved ones and are sure to score a few points on the 7th, 11th, 20th, and 23rd, when you might get closer to a family ideal. Starting on February 19th, you will be more interested in your professional goals, and if you carefully avoid asking for too much (too loudly) at the end of February (on the 22nd), you could close out this season on a high note, satisfied with yourself and your love-life!

If you are in a relationship,you will motivated to handle and manage your family life the way you see fit, to watch over exchanges so that they move forward in the right direction. If you can avoid asking for too much from everyone (at the end of February), you could be met with great satisfaction this winter in your family as much as your love-life. You can count, too, on an explosive sensuality from February 19th on to help you rekindle the flame up until the end of May!

If you are single,your main objective at the start of the season will be to bring your family members closer together and to manage how they interact as you see fit, showing your authority and sense of balance, of fairness that should win over everyone - or nearly. From February 19th on, it will be time for love, for more personal preoccupations. Open your eyes and your heart between now and mid-May, when Venus will give your seductive powers and libido a boost. This is the ideal moment to find that special someone or turn a few heads!

3rd decan (December 13 - 21): Important decisions to be made!
A rip-roaring start to the season? In fact, you will enjoy buoyant energy flows that will raise the temperature a notch (or tow or three)! And so, at the end of December, you will enjoy the ideal conditions for setting off on an adventure and making important decisions, but not necessarily without taking a few risks. So expect to go through some turbulence all throughout this season, which should bring about some new occurrences and help you make your important plans a reality. If you are in a relationship,the pace will speed up quick starting at the end of winter (around Christmas), when exceptional cosmic conditions will, more or less, push you to forge ahead, but not without thinking first. Afterwards, you will have to put up with some considerable cosmic upheavals that could shake your certainty but, in the end, also let you make a drastic, but prudent, decision!

If you are in a relationship,you will, at the start of the season, make choices having to do with the lessons you've learned from your past and will be intent on moving forward. This is a curious mixture that you will have to maintain all throughout this season that promises to be an animated one, rattling you in mind and body, but urging you to make decisive choices!

If you are single,you might not get the time to get bored or to hibernate. You will be called upon and keen to fully enjoy the present moment. Count on these cosmic flows of energy to meet some interesting new people and on your deep-seated desire to find the romance you want to start one that could endure, as long as you make the right, conscious choice!

If you are in the northern hemisphere:
This will be a tropical summer where you won't necessarily be sheltered from the storm. Curious and naturally adventurous, you won't complain much about the upheavals that are to come, since you feel that, in order to get the life you truly desire, you'll have to take a few risks along the way. Just don't totally lose control. The ball's in your court!

If you are in the southern hemisphere:
This summer, with all it will demand of you, could end up tiring you out. Protect your romantic life from outside influences that will be destabilizing in their instability and surprise nature. By connecting with your partner, you will then be even stronger when it comes time to face the storms...


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