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Sunday, October the 22nd
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Libra!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Fairly Favorable Autumn Winds
Undoubtedly you are approaching autumn a little in retreat, in relation to emotions and feelings that you try to control or at least to sift through. Until mid-October, Venus recommends that you take a step back on your sentimental life to learn from the past year and prepare yourself to start a new cycle of emotional expansion! Indeed, from October 14th (and until November 7th) the delicious planet settles in your sign and then strengthens your seductive power, makes you want to please, to love and to be loved! No more question then to too cogitate but to embark on the adventure, dare to be yourself and to shine with all your light. You will be greedy, eager for pleasure and to satisfy all your desires between November 7th and the beginning of December. You are able to pass your messages smoothly at the end of the season when Venus leads the dance and promotes dialogue, consultations and why not, friend Libra pleasant encounters? Thus, a devoted autumn that should fill up more than one of you. Jupiter leaves your sign on October 10th (after a year spent by your side, to optimize your potentials and to set you on a broader track and which takes more account of your desires and potential). Let us bet that this generous planet will have given you its benefits and you will have been allowed to affirm your will and to take the paths likely to please you, as well as, help expressing who you are and what you hoped to give off. The only downside this autumn? At the end of the season (starting December 20th) Saturn insinuates himself into the realm of your theme (first decan first) and will ask you to manage the stewardship closely, to surveil your family, Perhaps to attack you with tough problems that have weighed on you for to long. You have an opportunity to clarify your family life, even if there is likely to be a price to pay!

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd) : Blue Skies, or Almost
If the beginning of autumn invites you to look at the past and to go through a detailed review of the experiences this year, you will quickly get a second wind and enjoy an excellent power of seduction between October 14th and 22nd, where Venus invites you to come out of the woods, to radiate and to seduce in all directions. You will not have to pray to live to the fullest and express your wishes and fantasies, pushed by a Jupiter who from October 10th will sharpen your desires and will make you want everything and if possible right away! Take advantage of this reinforcement in order to experience strong moments around the 18th and 26th of October and the 13th of November where it is a question of not depriving yourself of anything. In December (between the 1st and the 9th), you will thirst for creating links and getting closer to your loved ones through gentle exchanges, which should without difficulty, help you hit the target and for some the bulls eye. At the end of the season however, Saturn could call you to order and especially push you into your entrenchments with family where some difficult problems could temporarily but still weigh you down!

In a Relationship, Throughout the whole season take advanatge of influxes allowing you to do it only your way, or almost. You will indeed aspire to live your desires fully, to occupy center stage and to have a good time. Nothing and no one seems to be able to prevent you in October (the 18th, 26th) and mid-November when your desires will be orders. You will end the autumn on exchanges complicit with an entourage and a sensitive partner that listens to you and your proposals. Beware, however, at the very end of the season, which could ice the atmosphere a little. Saturn from December 20th, seems to want to remind you of your responsibilities and family duty which ,could prove heavier than usual.

Single, You have this autumn an almost blank check to distill charm and seduction, in order to attract the gaze and keep the attention of whoever you like! You will have no intention of depriving yourself of anything and will be right to enjoy life and its richness in October (the 18th, 26th) and in November (around the 13th) where your wishes are on the way to being granted. Be careful, however, at the end of the season (from December 20th) when Saturn could play the spoilsport and invite you to look into a family life with duties and responsibilities to assume without walking away! An obligatory passage if you want to permanently settle tensions that hinder your expression and prevent you from really being yourself within the clan!

2nd decan (October 4th – October 14th) : A Promising End of the Season
You co-operate a little (a lot) at the beginning of the season on the best method of tightening the ranks with family and improve the living conditions of everyone and more generally the atmosphere. If your flair is paying off and your attention overwhelms the entourage at the beginning of October, you will have a little trouble living at your leisure at the end of the month (the 28th) where your desire to fully enjoy the present moment comes up against imponderables or the undermining of relatives who throw a wrench in your gears (jealous?)! Enjoy the presence of Venus in your decan between the 22nd and 30th to put on the show (without overdoing it) and surf on your excellent charm to dazzle whoever you want! In November, Venus will titillate your taste buds but also your boiling senses. Access to gluttony that will not prevent you from watching the well-being of your loved ones (the 16th, the 21st), which will make you well! As of November 25th, Jupiter is involved in exacerbating your desires that you may well succeed in expressing and filling in December when you will not be far from realizing an ideal in terms of everyday life!

In a Relationship, A season to unroll without leaving a certain caution (to avoid confusion) and to not trigger any shields in the entourage, likely to alter (the 9th and 28th of October but also around the 19th of November) an enthusiasm and a life force that you expect to draw from juicy and delicious fruits. So pass your messages smoothly in the family, where you will mark minds and hearts and score points by playing the unity card rather than playing it too personal. You will then be able to take advantage of rather mild tendencies, especially from November 25th when Jupiter gives you the desire and the means to tell everyone, starting with yourself!

Single, If the season begins under a somewhat mixed sky between reflection on what is wrong and a desire to fully experience your emotions, you should succeed in winning your game within the family by betting on friendly exchanges rather than stoking conflicts. Avoid putting yourself too much ahead, impose your ideas and principles in October and November and wait until the 25th to give free rein to your thirst for fantasy and lightness. Jupiter should indeed help you (early December) to express more freely your desires and get what you want. It will then be a question of having a good time and it is safe to bet that you will not deprive yourself!

3rd decan (October 14th – October 23rd) : A Balance to Find?
Decisions and sensible choices to make at the beginning of the season where exchanges should be a little tense (end of September)! It is certainly time to do everything possible to find the balance that you lack and succeed in expressing fully who you are while respecting the independence of your partner and a certain freedom of speech and action in your relationships. You will probably see more clearly in November when a situation that protects your initiatives in this matter since December 2016 offers you the opportunity to open and maintain a constructive dialogue with your partner. The best way to tighten the ranks and restore meaning and solidity to your loves!

In a Relationship, If it gets rough between you at the beginning of the season (around September 28th) try to study closely the measures to be taken to prevent the communication from getting bogged down, or worse that it divides you (in October: the 8th, 11th, 15th and 19th)! Jupiter finishes his race in your decan and exalts your thirst to be yourself! Then try to open your wings without it necessarily being at the expense of the other. In November the sky helps you to reconnect with a complicity that you lacked through a more open dialogue and anxious to composite between your requirements and those of the other. Take a step forward without hesitating and a step towards each other to try and give a second wind and legitimacy to your relationship!

Single, You will probably be torn at the beginning of the season between your thirst to fully live your potential, to open the hatches and the need for compromise! It's up to you to know what you really want to focus on. If you want to live according to your own codes and desires, watch out! You may well weaken recent links or distance those who will reproach you for playing it too personal! Then wait until the beginning of November to renew the dialogue and borrow more constructive ways to end the season and the year in better posture, able to mark minds and hearts and score points.

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

An autumn that invites you to express your desires and to do everything possible to satisfy them! It is up to you to communicate well on the subject to rally the votes around your cause and thus get what you claim without too many difficulties and oppositions !


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