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Friday, February the 24th
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The Sign of Pisces
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How do you break up?
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Love in this season for Winter 2017 for the sign of for Libra!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Live this winter to the max!
A season where everything will go your way? Up until January 3rd, Venus will invite you to love, to fully express your feelings, to declare your love, or to rekindle the flame and find the right words, friend Libra, to clearly say what you feel! Some will, however, have to make some difficult decisions (December 26th) and choices that could impact the future of their relationship. You and your partner (or even your loved ones) will not get along so well later, and you would be wise to suppress your aggression. It won't always suggest the best course of action in January (on the 10th, 12th, 19th, and 27th)! Wait until mid-February to take advantage of your chance to give free reign to your passion. You will enjoy a short break this month (on the 9th, 12th) that will boost your sensuality, libido, and, above all, your desire to love, be loved, and put some energy - and meaning - back in your love-life. Caution is recommended at the end of the month (on the 27th), when you will be tempted to put your partner's back up against the wall , as well as in March (on the 3rd, 12th, and 17th), when you will have to once again try to state your position clearly to your partner and might have a little trouble getting your message across tactfully!

1st decan (September 23 - October 3): On a quest for harmony!
The start of winter will be a very constructive one for you and your family (at the end of December, start of January)! You will be dead set on improving living conditions for yourself and your loved ones (between January 3rd and 12th)! Starting in February, your relationship will draw your attention. Between now and mid-May, you will step into action, bringing people closer together and spending quality time with your partner and others.

If you are in a relationship,this season looks to be one of harmony for you. You will yearn to live well in your family life, to pay extra special close attention to those around you at the start of the season. Next (starting in February and up until mid-May), you will do everything in your power to get closer to your partner and listen to them unconditionally, so that you can come to understand them better, to hear them out and enjoy a renewed bond.

If you are single,and it seems like your attention has been mostly on your family and their day-to-day comfort, you will, starting on February 3rd, regain the desire to dedicate yourself to the future of your romantic life. You won't hesitate then to break out and reach out to your partner, successfully putting your seductive powers to good use. There is no doubt, then, that between now and mid-May, you will manage to make a current relationship long term or make a promising new encounter.

2nd decan (October 4 - 14): Focus on your lover!
You will kick off this winter determined to take care of your home and family and full of energy to use to make sure everything goes well at home. You will take charge, setting up chores and getting everything, and everyone, in order in January, and you won't hesitate (starting on February 19th) to dedicate yourself to your love-life, which should, between now and the end of May, enjoy all of your attention. Passion returning and putting some energy back into your relationship? Make sure, though, (at the end of February - on the 22nd?) to avoid any (recurring) family quarrels. You should dedicate the end of this season to improving life at home for both yourself and your loved ones and perhaps even put any matters between you and your family members to bed once and for all!
If you are in a relationship,it will be your main focus this winter. You yearn to restore the closeness, the bond that has been lacking between you two and will, starting on February 19th (and on and off up until the end of May), have a considerable edge that will help you move your partner and bring everyone closer together! It's your responsibility to smooth out the rough patches in your family life.

If you are single,and wish to truly resolve any on-going problems that might be ruining the mood at home, you will also be preoccupied (perhaps more so?) with find that perfect someone starting on February 19th (and up until the end of May). Venus will endow you with numerous attractive traits and advantages for grabbing (and holding onto) the attention of whoever you have your eye on and could really let you end this season in good company or on track towards being so!

3rd decan (October 15 - 23): A high-energy season!
An exceptional start to the season (and Christmas)? You will manage to establish constructive dialog with your partner and enjoy great moments of love together. You can bet, though, that you will have to make some decisions (on December 26th, March 3rd) that will decide which path some will have to take and what future to look forward to together - or not! Make sure then to keep things calm this winter, in January (the 10th, 12th, 19th, and 27th), February (1st, 2nd, 27th), and in March (the 3rd, 12th, and 17th), and to use this mid-February that will be favorable to your fulfillment, to set off down the right path towards your romantic future.

If you are in a relationship,you should enjoy a passionate and enthralling winter. It won't be without its challenges, passions, or decisions to make either, and together, if possible. To close out this season in agreement with yourself, make sure not to provoke your partner and stay open, no matter what, to their propositions! You're sure to get a positive result in May, perhaps?

If you are single,you will enter this winter bound and determined to reach a new turning point, to open up to new possibilities, and to fully express your desire to live and love. Be careful, however, not to be too much of a troublemaker or too authoritarian with your family. It won't win you any support. You will hold all the cards you need, at the end of December and up until mid-February (on the 9th, 12th) to reach the romantic goals that you've set for yourself but will have to be careful all throughout this hectic season not to add fuel to the fire if you wish to make it out of your romantic on top in May.

If you are in the northern hemisphere:
This will be a season full of twists and turns where great bursts of emotion will be the driving force behind the crises we face. You will yearn to start a new stage in your life at the top of your game but will hardly be willing to make any concessions. It's up to you, then, to figure out what you really want and just how far you are willing to go to make the most of your potential and do what you really want to do!

If you are in the southern hemisphere:
The climate will be uncharacteristically chilly for the summer in every area of your life, and practical problems could arise over the coming weeks. Now, then, is not the time to fall in love, but rather to put your life in order and prioritize your romantic expectations. Thinking about what your hopes and wants are in this way will help you organize your life for the better.


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