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Wednesday, January the 17th
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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
The Sign of Aquarius
The Sign of Aquarius
Your children this winter
Your children this winter
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Colors and astrological signs
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Love in this season for Winter 2018 for the sign of for Libra!

  Written by Daisy

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Love : A Season Tuned to Your Partner and Others !
A beginning of the season where you will have as main objective, to look after the good of your loved ones and to maintain (or restore) harmony within the clan. Venus will help you between December 25th and January 18th when she will play the role of adorable mediator and should allow you friend Libra to make peace in the household and even have a good time surrounded by those that you like! Only the first decan (at the very beginning of the season) will have something to do with Saturn, which could be a bit of a mess regarding your entourage (December 21st and 25th)! From January 18th there is room for seduction. Venus enhances your charm and makes you want to please, to love and to be loved! It's time to get out of your shell and take care of yourself and your loves. Between February 10th and the beginning of March, you will be keen to improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones and will multiply your tender (and effective) initiatives to achieve this. At the end of the season, there is room for dialogue and complicity. 1st decan, be sure to stay tuned and really take into account what the other tells you if you want to avoid misunderstandings!

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): A Shadow in the Family Picture!
Saturn could somewhat stifle the climate of a winter that promises to be under the seal of responsibility. You will probably have to take care of a parent or face a situation that will require all your attention and care. You will not fail to respond to the solicitations of your loved ones and to face the challenges of life. Venus will guide you until January 2nd in your initiatives but will probably have trouble illuminating the landscape around you the 21st and 25th of December and the 13th of January. However, count on the influence of this delicious planet to strengthen your power of seduction between January 18th and 26th and to help you soften the daily grind between February 10th and 18th. In March, the dialogue will be strongly recommended in order to relax the atmosphere at home even if on the 11th and the 13th, the current will probably have a hard time passing between you and the others!

In a Relationship, Saturn since December 20th can darken your horizons in family. A problem to be solved, an additional responsibility to take on. The atmosphere will not necessarily be in good shape around Christmas but also in mid-January (the 13th) where some issues will be debated. Try to keep the distance necessary in order to manage what comes in good conscious. Between the 18th and the 26th of January, Venus will happily soothe your heart and should brighten your loves. The opportunity to rekindle the flame or get closer to your lover or your children. Also, enjoy the favor of this delicious planet between February 10th and 18th to delight the everyday or at least ensure the wellbeing of everyone. The end of the season looks a little tense. You will struggle to make yourself heard and understood (on March 11th and 13th) and will have to give up stubbornly camping on your positions if you hope to solve the equation that troubles you, accompanied rather than alone.

Single, Saturn does not encourage euphoria at the end of December when tensions or family problems catch up with you, unless you are already worried about stewardship or housing problems. If you struggle to break the impasse in mid-January, count on Venus (between January 18th and 26th) to reinforce your desire to have a good time and embark on the adventure. Between February 10th and 18th, you will deploy an unparalleled good will to smooth the edges and find solutions that can help you solve the problems that are going on. You will end this season in half-tones, ready to take a step towards the other but decidedly upset by a climate of distrust or family worries that will undoubtedly prevent you (on the 11th, 13th) from finding the harmony to which you aspire!

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): A Climate of Abundance!
Harmony reigns in the family where you have an unbeatable energy to move the lines in the right direction, improve the comfort of your loved ones and boost your popularity at home between January 2nd and 10th. Bet on Venus to tighten the ranks on the 3rd, 8th and 9th and on an outstanding cosmic setup on the 16th, in order to complete your vows. Between January 26th and February 2nd, you will successfully exercise your charms on whomever you wish and will deploy an unparalleled goodwill to serve the common cause between February 18th and 26th. You will end the season in beauty decided to maintain a dialogue with each other and/or to attract whoever you want in your nets!

In a Relationship, a season that looks promising and a cosmic climate that seems to accompany and carry your expectations. If you feel wronged or even abandoned last year, you may feel like you're back in the spotlight and it will not be just an impression! Enjoy the graces of Venus throughout a season where you should evolve with ease and success, guarantee the happiness of your family and blossom fully and deliciously accompanied. The only downside? In February (the 17th, 25th and 28th), avoid exceeding your budget and temporarily hold your dreams under wraps!

Single, if you had the feeling of vegetating in 2017, since last December, you start to smell the ocean air that rises and helps you to regain a second wind. Count this winter on sizeable cosmic allies and inspirational heavenly configurations to take off, settle in a place of life that you like, find harmony in the family and take it easy. A financial windfall could also help you spread your wings. Anyway, you should unroll the season inspired and determined to ride the situation in order to flourish and find that special someone. Caution recommended only in February (the 17th, 25th and 28th) where, exalted by a truly benevolent climate you could have eyes bigger than your belly and then exceed your limits (especially financially)!

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): A Delicious end of the Season!
If you have wrapped up the autumn with a flourish and approached the winter with excitement (early January), then beware of a tendency to encroach on your partner's personal space or to exceed the limits in family. The best will indeed be the enemy of good around the 13th, 14th and 28th, where despite the good will you display to please everyone, you will not listen to anyone! Certainly Jupiter opens a period of abundance from January 21st but this heavenly protection does not give you all the rights! Also keep a sense of measure in February (the 4th, 10th and 13th) if you want to coo at your ease and surf on a power of seduction on the rise! The end of the season promises to be conducive to your love (February 27th and March 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11th and 13th) and should allow you to act with empathy and efficiency for the good of everyone in general and your own in particular!

In a Relationship, the autumn was warm and the beginning of the winter still favors your complicit impulses (January 6th?)! Then? Try to stay tuned to your entourage mid-January if you want to avoid confusion and possible anger with a partner who is not necessarily decided to let you do and say as you please. In February, if your charm does not numb your lover (the 7th, 14th, 15th and 27th), resist the temptation to pollute the atmosphere by throwing money out the window because you believe you are entitled to everything(the 4th, the 10th)! You could then close the winter on a small cloud, in phase with your partner, decided to enjoy with them the gifts that sky has sent you(the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11th and 13th of March)!

Single, the end of autumn has fulfilled you? You will still feel the galvanizing effects at the beginning of January (the 6th) when the current goes well between you and the others and allows you to affirm your recent success and to comfort your probable conquests! However, be careful not to exaggerate your powers around mid-January (13th, 14th) and at the end of the month (the 28th) if you do not want to create turmoil in your family and thus preserve your happiness! Also distrust in February (4, 10, 13) where you're eyes will probably be bigger than your stomach and you'll have some tendencies to annoy those who love you or wish to accompany you on your way! Fortunately from the end of February (the 27th) and in March, love takes back its rights and your benevolent attitude is unanimous and you are well worth compliments and expressions of affection!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This winter, the temperature could go up a notch and keep your heart warm. Be careful to avoid variations that may affect your privacy in order to open and maintain open dialogue ... whatever happens!


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