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Sunday, October the 22nd
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Leo!

  Written by Daisy

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Venus allows you at the beginning of the season to express your desires and to make every effort to realize them. Whether emotionally or materially, you will never cease to get what you desire and you do not intend to content yourself with anything less! Starting in mid-October, the delicious planet will invite you to get your messages across smoothly and to deal with a social circle that should appreciate your consideration and your manners friend Leo and give overwhelming support to your company. Especially, since the 10th of October, Jupiter invests in the area of your theme dedicated to the home and should then (by the fall of 2018) largely contribute to improve your exchanges with your close ones and give you the want to improve your living conditions and find your place within the clan! This fall, only the natives of the first two decans will enjoy the deal and be able to surf on these charming trends to warm the atmosphere and tighten the ranks! The 3rd decan will manage the last fires of Saturn, which will probably constrain it to sort between the essential and the superficial in love, to identify its true needs and to determine which story deserves to be deepened or abandoned. A last detailed review of your method of operation on the emotional level could ultimately allow you to move the lines in the right direction and then take the necessary measures (in November?) to begin a new chapter of Your emotional life, more engaged and definitely more conscious!

1st decan (July 23rd- August 2nd) : Expect Family Development!
Starting October 10th, Jupiter will be in charge of improving your family relationships. Whether it is a question of enlarging the circle (a baby in sight), moving to feel more at ease and contributing to general well-being, you aspire to please everybody but also to evolve in a framework which fills you emotionally. Bet on Jupiter (until the end of November and especially on the 18th and 26th of October and the 13th of November) to warm your autumn but also on Venus (between November 7th and 11th) to amplify the trend but also in December (between the 1st and the 9th) to reinforce your libido and your loves, which should then take off and allow you to approach the winter boiling! The only downside? Saturn, that could from December 20th, remind you of your class duties (and other professional obligations or daily burdens) and then cool a little (if at all) your ardor!

In a Relationship, an autumn that begins well. Under the leadership of Jupiter, you could enjoy a breath of optimism to try to reconnect with a complicity that you lacked within the clan and do everything possible to tighten the ranks and have a good time well surrounded! You may aspire to found a family (or to enlarge it) or seek to find the ideal place to live. You will have until November 25th, a potential for exponential growth, to distribute the cards in your idea, in the interest of all and for the happiness of everyone and yourself!

Single, Enjoy Jupiter's benevolent energy this fall to move to a place, city, country that you like, settle with someone who matches your current desire to anchor yourself sentimentally and/or fulfill yourself as you please . Jupiter will relay favorably your intentions until the end of November and Venus will also offer you a balm for the heart between November 7th and 11th but also in December where it will exalt your power of seduction and should help you to hit the bulls eye and thus to put some rumba in the air, without further delay!

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th) : In Search of Harmony!
You will want everything and if possible right away, at the beginning of the season when Venus sharpens your desires and gives you an appetite (between the 28th of September and the 6th of October) and when it is your turn, to listen to others between the 22nd and 30th of October, when your empathy and charm can help you get your messages through and take on some day-to-day challenges that will undoubtedly annoy you. Bet on Venus to smooth the edges and, between November 15th and 23rd, make the lines move in the right direction as a family! Starting in late November, Jupiter will make it easy for you and may even help improve your family relationships at the end of the season (and year). To exploit then to sow the good word, to put (restore) order and harmony and why not joy in the ranks!

In a Relationship, From the 25th of November you will benefit from a great ally to pacify your exchanges and connect you favorably to your loved ones, this autumn. Count on the influence of the generous planet to renew warm ties and why not start making a baby! Venus will stimulate your senses and exacerbate your indulgence between September 28th and October 6th, encourage communication between October 22nd and 30th and promote a flourishing at home between November 15th and 23rd! In December, bet on the delicious planet to give a second wind to your loves but especially on Jupiter who will form a harmonious heavenly bow, on the 3rd, to guide in the right direction (the one that inspires you) your family life and your future!

Single, This fall, you search, undoubtedly, to create your bubble, restore bonds that will help you evolve and feel emotionally safe. There is no question, however, of doing something on the spot, but of shaking the status quo a little. In December it is a story of identifying landmarks that inspire you and then allowing yourself to blossom as you please. Whether you decide to relocate, start a home or review your family priorities, this fall you will have the flexibility to redistribute the cards as you please, broaden your vision of the world and certainly improve your interaction with others. The opportunity to feel a harmony that you lacked and that now seems to be within your reach!

3rd decan (August 14th – August 22nd) : Challenges to Overcome!
A start of the season where you will have to strive to get your ideas passed without hurting any feelings (end of September)! You will certainly have a little trouble not to ignite the debates and create sparks around the 28th, where you will try to impose your desires on everyone! Caution still in October (the 8th and 11th) where, if you try to impose your desires on the other, to lay down the law in love, you may just run into a wall. If you are not completely immune to frustration this autumn, count on a heavenly state of affairs to help you broaden your horizons and raise the debates around November 11th. The opportunity to evolve the relationship by pushing it upwards, and by plugging into another dimension of love and another vision of coming together!

In a Relationship, This fall you will have to face a few maelstroms that could weaken your relationship a bit. Avoid sharply defined positions that could compromise exchanges at the end of September and opt for dialogue and consultation if you want to preserve the bond and, above all, improve it. In order to do this, you will need to understand your expectations and feelings to see if they deserve to be worked on and exalted. In November, a cosmic configuration that, since December 2016, encourages you to surpass yourself and surpass your usual benchmarks in love, will allow you to open your perspectives and show you the way. This will probably give breath and momentum back to your relationship so that it goes forward but not without having previously tested its legitimacy and its ability to evolve!

Single, no question this fall of building on the wind! At the beginning of the season, if you are tempted to force your way and decide for everyone, you might well hit a snag (September 28th)! It is up to you to accept the challenges of life and to understand what is most important to you. If you sacrifice for ease, not sure that you would find it easy. You will also benefit from a sizeable cosmic support which, at the beginning of November, should help you to make the right choices, even to eliminate the stories that no longer have their place, to make way for those that have or will make sense. In fact, this autumn is for finalizing a process of emotional evolution which has the function of helping you to make evolutionary choices and to give up on satisfying yourself with meaningless romances!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season that invites you to broaden your horizons with family and for some to weigh the pros and cons in love. A decisive autumn therefore, which should ultimately allow you to flourish more fully after a necessary period of testing your bonds and an autopsy of your feelings, which should then bear fruit and help you "hook" the essentials !


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