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Wednesday, May the 24th
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Love in this season for Spring 2017 for the sign of for Leo!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Great ambitions!
Venus will encourage you to move your relationship forward or to raise the bar romantically. Since last February, this delightful planet has been favoring your romantic ambitions and should, this spring, continue to boost your desire for inspiring romances, sweeping you off your feet and putting dreams in your head. No more just settling for anything, for so-so relationships or bland flings. So make sure then (especially in April) not to confuse wild desire, your yearning for strong sensations and the rush of romance with authentic love or else Saturn will quickly call you to order. In fact, you can count on this strict planet to restore order in your mind and heart if you are tempted to stray from your initial objective: enjoying an extraordinary relationship. If you can keep your feet on the ground and your head on your shoulders this spring, you will get to pat yourself on the back for making choices that won't only meet your sensual aspirations but will also fulfill an ideal that will spirit you away from all mediocrity and compel you to live in total excellence.

1st decan (July 23 - August 2): In search of an ideal.
It looks as if you will be spared by the elements and so shouldn't be subjected this spring to the tests that might shake the other two decans' faith. Venus will invite you to fine-tune your love-life, to do everything in your power to enrich your bond and enjoy exceptional moments that will exalt your romantic life.

If you are in a relationship, you will yearn to grow together and will get the chance to this spring. Up until April 3rd and between April 28th and May 14th, Venus will encourage any action that might strengthen your bond. Whether by traveling or setting sail for the land of love together, you can bet that you will know how to maintain and nurture your bond that will thrill you and bring you together. At the end of the season (starting on June 6th), your preoccupations will be more mundane, and you will use your irresistible charm to shine bright in society.

If you are single, you have, since February, been feeling the pressing need for inspiring romance. No (more) just playing around with love. Instead, do everything you can to find that special someone - and hold onto them. You can count on this demanding Venus to make wise choices and help you reach a turning point for the best this spring.

2nd decan (August 3 - 13): Other priorities?
You will likely be too preoccupied with managing your affairs this spring to fully dedicate yourself to your love-life. Though Venus has tended to favor your romances and boost your emotional ambitions since February, you will have to face setbacks at the start of the season that will force you to take action to, among other things, get your ideas across and conquer the resistances that are preventing you from moving upwards and onwards.

If you are in a relationship, and Venus has been helping you and your partner to rally around a shared worldview and ever-intensifying emotions since February, get read to have to fight this spring to stand your ground in business and to convince your coworkers that your plans are indeed well founded. Less time for love? Just make sure, though, to keep dialog between you and your partner open if you want to end this season freed from the obstacles that have been frustrating you and thrive in every way.

If you are single, and have been riding out Venus' renewing, romantic energy since February, you will much less appreciate the reprimands you will receive at the start of spring that will force you to struggle to convince those around you (at work and at home) that your suggestions make sense and that they have something to gain by believing in and following you. Though your love-life might be put on the back burner, do try to give some of your time to your partner (if you've found romance recently) and to keep your eyes open if you are still on the quest for your soul-mate, especially between May 14th and 26th, when Venus will give your seductive powers a boost.

3rd decan (August 14 - August 22): No more "close enough".
Your goal since December? Living a love that meets two demands: putting you on a pedestal and letting you take flight while urging you to grasp the full potential of the relationship, to take a close look at the reasons for the choices you make. No more falling into love without asking why this spring or just settling either. Rather, find reasonable and rational romance. It'll be up to you, then, to learn from the past, to desire to reach an ideal that will cement a strong bond and/or move your relationship forward in the right direction: one that inspires you.

If you are in a relationship, you will get the chance this spring to reach a romantic milestone. You will yearn to solidify your bond by both maturing in your feelings and discovering new horizons together. Beware of possible uncontrollable misbehavior in April if you confuse the thrill of love with your need for sensual excitement. Watch out, too, for the frustration that may catch back up with you around the 8th and 21st. Fortunately, you will quickly regain control of your (slightly destructive?) impulses and return to a more balanced (but no less inspiring) view of your relationship, especially around May 19th, when you could both decide together to reach a new milestone.

If you are single, this season will confront you with an ultimatum and with your inner demons (in April), who could push you to ruin this idyllic, budding romance or to set off down the wrong path in love. As a result, you will experience a period of disillusionment and frustration that will depress you a bit in April but will also set your ideas, and heart, straight. It'll be up to you after that to throw yourself mind, body, and soul into find that special someone (or to hold onto them), digging through the lessons you've learned from the past to make shrewder, and less impassioned, decisions. Around May 19th, some might desire to commit without further ado.

My advice:

This is a season where you will only end up frustrated and disappointed if you deviate from your route and your ambitious romantic goals. So, make sure to give priority to relationships that lift you up rather than get lost in second-class romances.


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