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Tuesday, February the 21st
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The Sign of Pisces
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Numerology 2017
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How do you break up?
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Love in this season for Winter 2017 for the sign of for Leo!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Great ambitions?
You can count on Venus up until the start of January to favor your exchanges with others and bring you tenderly together with your partner. Now is the time to open up dialog, to listen to your partner so that both of you can be as happy as possible. In January, your love-life could take a more passionate turn. Your heightened appetite for sensuality will let you enjoy some wild times with your partner or to use your endless seductive power to find a partner that could meet your expectations. Some should beware not to throw themselves in this search too much but should continue, as much as is possible, to take a closer look at your needs deep-down - and not just for the moment. You yearn to commit to a relationship that really makes sens for you and that could last. Beginning on February 3rd (and up until the start of next June), you will start a new stage of life dedicated to realizing your ambitions (whether romantic or of a different nature). No more just settling for anything. Instead, look for that special someone (if you haven't already found them) or take action to make sure your bond stays full of inspiration!

1st decan (July 23 - August 2): Great perspectives!
This season will be off to a gentle start for you, giving you the opportunity to enjoy life in touch with your partner (on December 27th, 28th, and 30th as well as on January 1st and 3rd). Starting on January 3rd, Venus will grow ever more mischievous and, up until the 1st, will rouse your sensuality. This is your chance to express your desires and even fulfill them in your relationship or to make full use of your seductive powers! Starting at the beginning of February (and continuing on and off until mid-May), you will yearn to move your relationship forward or find that special someone - and with success!

If you are in a relationship,this will be a season without any real bumps or blocks in the road along the way. You will desire to share the most important things with your partner, to blow past your past limits together, and breathe fresh life into your relationship. You can bet that, between now and mid-May, you will manage to bring people together around a vision of the world and delightfully close bond.

If you are single,you won't lack any opportunities to meet interesting people this winter, when Venus will spoil you and invite you to place the bar high. You will yearn to find that special someone, a person that could make you feel safe as much as they push you to do better. So, get ready this winter to keep your eyes, and heart, open by keeping your standards high so that you can be sure to make the right choice!

2nd decan (August 3 - 13): A search for meaning!
If, at the start of the season, you feel more held back by your burdensome home life or important duties to be taken on in your daily life, you could get to dedicate more time to your love-life starting in mid-February. You can count on Venus to use its unbridled sensuality starting in January (on the 20th) to spice up your love-life, but it will only be after February 19th (and up until the end of May) that you will get the chance for Venus to make your romantic ambitions a reality.

If you are in a relationship,you will start this season off in touch with and on the same page as your partner and will start off January bound and determined to heat the winter up and put some electricity in the air. You and your partner will enjoy a shared passion and energy around the 20th! From February 19th on, you will yearn to push things forward and to put some energy, and more sense, back into your relationship. You can count on Venus to be complicit in your desires and, between now and the end of May, to move your relationship forward and rejuvenate it. Try not to impose anything on anyone, however, whether your partner or not, or else at the end of February (on the 22nd) you could provoke useless conflict. So, if you can avoid adding fuel to the fire, you should get to close out this season on an excellent path towards realizing your ambitions for two!

If you are single,the start of winter could push you into action in your professional life. You might have too much on your plate to be able to really dedicate yourself to your quest for love. You will desire, starting on January 12th, to make up for lost time and to make some sparks fly. You will enjoy a sensitive sensuality and get the chance to find someone for you (on the 20th?). After February 19th, you will yearn for more, for better and won't intend on simply settling for a so-so romance. Between now and the end of May, Venus will heighten your desire to have an inspiring romance and could set you off down the right path towards that special someone!

3rd decan (August 14 - 22): A winter that will ruffle a few feathers!
Kicking off this winter restless and antsy? You will make choices that will satisfy your deepest needs but might also have to make a few difficult decisions (on December 26th)! All season long, you will buffeted by intense cosmic energies that will frustrate you (January 19th, 27th), put you on edge (beginning and end of February), and force you to take a clear stand (at the start of March), even if you have to push things, including your romance, forward. You can count on bringing people together and making, or breaking, a commitment in mid-February (the 9th, 12th).

If you are in a relationship,this could be an electrifying winter for you! At the end of December, you will be confronted by choices that could restart your romantic life (in the right way). It is time to open up to a different way of life - as a couple. You could go through a little turbulence that could put you under pressure. You can expect to find some middle ground, reach an agreement, or improve your communication style for the better - and for good - in mid-February!

If you are single,you will, starting at the end of December, get a better idea of what your fundamental needs in love are and will be tempted to leave behind old ways of thinking that no longer suit you in order to start a new romantic stage of your life, one built on stronger, more solid, and longer-lasting foundations. Expect to be a little shaken up this winter, though! You will have choices to make and questions to ask, which could leave you weakened and fragile but could also (in mid-February) lead you in the right direction (with the right person)!

If you are in the northern hemisphere:
This season could help you considerably improve your daily life if you use your numerous advantages this winter to nurture creative, constructive exchange and take care to let each person take their turn speaking their mind!

If you are in the southern hemisphere:
This summer, you will be encouraged to honestly take stock of the quality of your relationships with others. This could lead to some of you making a more formal commitment, a promise, or accepting more responsibility. In any case, the choices you make will be essential to your growth and evolution.


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