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Wednesday, April the 26th
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Love in this season for Spring 2017 for the sign of for Gemini!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Sincerity takes precedence!
Since last February, Venus has been inviting you more than evert to dream up big romantic plans. You won't need to be asked twice to talk about your desires, to share your aspirations with your partner and others. Whether it's with your lover or your friends, you will work together to build an inspiring future. This spring, you will, without a doubt, get the chance,friend Gemini, to do so but will have to dodge a few pitfalls in April, when your public shows of affection and desire to use your charm on everyone you come across won't be to everyone's liking. So, make sure to involve your loved ones in everything you do. In this way, you will finally be able to put your partner at ease, to show them that you really do need them to move forward. It is, in fact, by building together, looking towards the future that you will have the best chance of staying together or of attracting, and holding onto, someone's attention.

1st decan (May 21 - 31): A truly springtime spring.
Since February, you haven't stopped putting together plans for the future that sweep you off your feet, and you can count on your loved ones (partner, friends, family) to support you. If you take the time to perfect your plans and don't try to force them through, you will have no trouble convincing your partner to believe in and follow you. From June 6th on, you will be inspired to gain some perspective on this past year, searching your heart and separating the good reasons from the bad when it comes to believing in your romance. And there will be some good ones!

If you are in a relationship, you will both be united behind a shared dream that should take you both far! Nothing seems able to stop you from making the desires you share with your partner a reality, which will bring you closer together. Prospects for the future inspiring and motivating you? That's enough to let you start this spring off on a high note and, above all, in love.

If you are single, and didn't get to find anyone in February, you should get the opportunity this spring (up until April 3rd and between April 28th and May 14th) to find your soul-mate, to seduce and hold onto them by showing them your view of the world, your vision of the future, which just might make them want to join in on your plans or even set off on an adventure with you. At the end of the season (between June 6th and 16th), Venus will urge you to get some distance so that you can search your heart before making a commitment, perhaps?

2nd decan (June 1 - 10): Try to keep your emotions and desires under control.
You will be brimming with impatience to fulfill yourself and your desires but should avoid overstepping your bounds this spring, which will start with a dissonance (on March 30th) that could impact your love-life and make your partner want to get away. Avoid engaging in any exaggeration or manipulation that could scare your partner or loved ones away if you want to put everyone at ease and finish out this season better off than you'll start it.

If you are in a relationship, please: don't pressure your partner. Don't impose anything on them that they don't support and do everything in your partner to explain your inspirations and motivations. If you don't take the time to win them over, you'll end up kicking yourself. But, if you take pains to bear your heart to them and to include them in your plans, they won't hesitate (in June) to follow you to the ends of the earth.

If you are single, you've been thinking that it's only by using your irresistible charm that you will manage to enchant whoever you wish. Just beware of overzealousness or abuse of power (or of seduction?) that could harm you this spring rather than serve your cause. Try to keep your nose clean and in no case should you try to control anyone. If you can keep your heart open and remain sincere, you will have no trouble attracting your soul-mate and might even desire to commit at the end of spring (June).

3rd decan (June 11 - 20): Close ranks!
This season looks to be a little agitated and will likely expose you to a few storms that might, however, have the upside of refocusing you on what is truly important. Just beware in April not to hurt your partner by privileging your personal interests. It's not a given that others will appreciate your outside attempts at seduction. Fortunately, you understand what needs to be said and done (in May) to bring people together and set off in a better direction for good together.

If you are in a relationship, what with all your crazy plans and hard decisions to be made (together, preferably), you'll be at danger levels this spring. Try to avoid going it alone as much as possible and, rather, band together with others if you don't want to be shunned (or worst) in April, when conflicts could arise if you don't take others' needs sufficiently into account. Starting in May, you will understand that you will have to let your partner in on your dreams if you want to hold onto them and will do everything in your power to lay out a path forward that they will want to follow you down for a time to come.

If you are single, you will without a doubt be torn between inspiring projects or plans and your love-life, which you desire to enjoy to the fullest. How to bring the two together? Above all, avoid lying to your partner, giving them the runaround, or worse: looking elsewhere and/or trying to woo everyone else. If you give into the temptation to use your charm to get ahead at work, you could ruin the mood - and your chances of winning over whoever you have your eye on. So, in April, avoid flitting around too much and be ready to be ignored or left. If you yearn to start up a romance that meets your expectations, to find that special someone, or to anchor a recent romance in the long term, ask your partner to help you build a future together: this is the best way of getting close for good and closing out this spring full of excitement.

My advice:

This will be a season rich in opportunities for anchoring your relationship in the long term, for enriching it, as long as you take your partner's needs and desires into account as much as your own.


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