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Sunday, October the 22nd
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Gemini!

  Written by Daisy

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Love : Take care of your close ones!
The sun illuminates your loves at the beginning of the season and Venus invites you to take care of your loved ones until mid-October! You will not neglect anything that could then help to improve your living conditions and those of your entourage and you will not be afraid to play your charm friend Gemini to try to gather everyone and have them in agreement! Between October 14th and November 7th, Venus enhances your radiance and invites you to shine, seduce in all directions, rekindle the flame and create sparks in love. Only the natives of the 3rd decan who still receive the influence of Saturn will be forced to closely examine the link they maintain or their approach to relationships in order to try to identify their qualities and defects and then define whether it should always be this way. If sometimes the links tend to falter or display some fragilities, the trials should come out (in November) improved and regain a new breath. In December, count on Venus to delightfully connect you to each other! You will be listening to each other, others and know what to say and what to do to please them and why not surprise them! Note that Jupiter reigning over your emotional life since September 2016 deserts the ranks starting October 10th. Let's hope you will have taken advantage of his stay in the area dedicated to your loves to sublimate or find that special someone!

1st decan (May 21st- May 31st) : Everything to Please!
If at the beginning of the season you look after the welfare of your loved ones, Venus will invite you (between the 14th and the 22nd of October) to play your charms to seduce whoever you please and cast a spell on the partner. You will not have to pray (him either) to flirt with love and cultivate a lightness which should help to warm a fall that looks rather sweet and pleasant! If you are mobilizing in November (between the 7th and the 15th) to take care of your own and manage the stewardship smoothly, in December you will not hesitate to give it your all in order to fulfill the wishes and desires of the other and to then finish the fall in beauty, and probably, well surrounded! Saturn's influence, which may be a little refreshing to the atmosphere, will require you to examine the values closely (intellectual, emotional, material and moral) that you share with each other to determine if they match your own and then attempt to structure the relationship taking into account the needs of everyone!

In a Relationship, a rather temperate autumn to foresee. You should indeed go through the season without encumbrance and enjoy the surrounding influxes to unroll your links smoothly! At the beginning of the season, count on Venus to tighten the ranks (end of September) and spice up, a little, your loves in October when your sex appeal should not leave the other indifferent! If in November you are thinking, above all else, about keeping an eye on your troops, in December you will only have eyes for your partner where you will have it at heart to pamper them and to listen to them and they should appreciate your attention. At the end of the season, Saturn announces a period more centered on the need to restructure the bond around values that bring you together but without the least attempt to skip what annoys!

Single, an autumn that is rather favorable to your loves, where you will repeatedly have the opportunity to express your affection. First, to your family (end of September)! Second to a court of admirers under your spell? You will benefit in October (between the 14th and the 22nd) from a torrid magnetism that could wreak havoc! In November, you will maintain your relationships carefully by distilling small gestures and (appreciated) attention and you should finish the season well decided to attract (and retain) whoever you like in your nets! From December 20th, however, Saturn will hardly favor superficial exchanges and will ask you to think carefully about your commitments to see whether they are based on a solid foundation or not!

2nd decan (June 1st to June 10th) : Popular !
You begin the fall in a fanfare reinforced by carrier influxes that should favor your emotional life and put some rumba in the air. Count on the Sun (between October 3rd and October 13th) and on Venus (between the 22nd and 30th) to warm your loves and make you want to rekindle the flame or light it in the heart (and the body ) of whoever you like! In November, you will do everything possible to cultivate an art of living that could well be unanimous (between the 15th and the 23rd) and could end the season in beauty, where whatever you try is protected by a harmonious celestial bow that (in December) will greatly facilitate your life and could give you a smile and pump you up by opening doors for you on the professional front!

In a Relationship, Exhilaration that you will undoubtedly want to share with those you love for a long time or recently! You will watch over your loved ones at the beginning of the season (between the 6th and the 14th of October) and enjoy the solar influxes (between the 3rd and the 13th) to radiate and put on a show. It is hard to see who could resist your charm! Certainly not your partner if you take care not to titillate his jealousy or play with his feelings (the 10th?)! Venus will then invite you in November (between the 15th and the 23rd) to redouble your zeal to maintain affectionate ties and to preserve harmony within the clan. In December, you will be able to surf on a rather benevolant state of affairs that promotes your development on all levels and to share good moments with each other. Perhaps by trying to please the partner through multiplying the little touches that bring them pleasure it will undoubtedly soften them!

Single, an outstanding charm and opportunities to seduce whoever you want in October (between the 3rd and the 13th) but also a kindness displayed and appreciated in the family where you will know how to bring your loved ones close, reassure them and meet their needs! Use then your power of seduction to attract the graces of whoever you please but renounce abusing it if you do not want people to doubt you and your good intentions around the 9th and 10th! In November, you will mostly seek to extend your influence all the way (family as well as social) by multiplying the small gestures likely to rally the votes of your entourage! In December, you will enjoy a great blue sky and exceptional conditions to extend your wings, mark minds and hearts and especially to score points in all areas!

3rd decan (June 11th – June 20th) : An Eventful Autumn!
Saturn still holds you more or less under its thumb this autumn? It is up to you to carry out the work to which the austere planet invites you and to really confront what works in your links, or not! Whether the relationship deserves to be preserved or eliminated is up to you. You should however take advantage of the heavenly flows that encourage you to strengthen your exchanges and to draw the relationship upwards, in November, through shared projects and a future to open together! At the beginning of the season (end of September), decisive choices will probably be made. You will then have the support of Venus (between the 6th and the 14th of October) to tighten the ranks within the family and, between October 30th and November 7th, to rekindle the flame! If you manage to get out of a rather hectic but truly constructive environment, you should end the season in a whirlwind, impatient to embark with the partner on exciting paths that will help you write a new chapter in your emotional life!

In a Relationship, get ready to face a few squalls at the beginning of the season (end of September) where there will be decisions to make! In October be careful to spare your loved ones (the 8th) who will not necessarily appreciate that you decide for them! You are likely to be pulled in different directions, a little, this autumn between a life energy that drives you to take off without a net, to concretize what you want and the need to take into account the other but also to tackle areas of shadow and fragilities that sometimes darken the picture of your couple! It is up to you to know the essence of the relationship so as to have the means to raise the debates and to train the other in your race for happiness and novelty. You should do it in November when heavenly flows should help you strengthen the union around projects that will likely allow you to give your relationship a second wind!

Single, you aspire to reinvent your existence and live loves that give you wings? You will undoubtedly be split between a thirst for strong emotions, the desire to embark on adventures equal to your hopes and needs, and a thirst for authenticity, to engage in lasting bonds that are founded on solid bases. You should succeed in finding that balance in November when truly constructive flows should help you build on solid inspirational projects without which you will not fail to train your troops and especially whoever you like! Just to end the autumn and the year on beautiful perspectives that are also solid!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season where most of you will be primarily concerned with a new impetus to give to your business and by a day to day that could overflow with opportunities to shine! However, this state of affairs will not prevent you from loving and maintaining the ties that have emerged or deepened before!


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