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Friday, June the 23rd
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The Sign of Cancer
The Sign of Cancer
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Love in this season for Summer 2017 for the sign of for Cancer!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Keep others in mind - including your partner
Your mind will be buzzing with ideas at the start of the season, when discussions could turn sour at home if you don't take the time to listen to what you are told or asked. You tend to only think of yourself and so might start this summer (a little too?) focused on your own desires. Take time to think (from the 5th on), to analyze your behavior, and get the perspective you need to correct your aim or at least learn from the past (between July 5th and 31st). By controlling your emotions and calming your inner fire, you can hope to bring people together and perhaps even find a way to make your loved ones' needs part of your own interests. From July 31st on, Venus will settle into your sign until the 26th and start looking your way. This delightful planet will endow you with an astounding charisma and the burning desire to make the most of your positive qualities and take up your space, stand out, and put some energy back into your love-life. You will likely desire to improve the mood at home but will have to put up with a partner that won't take you at your word or be really convinced to follow you unconditionally. Try to present your plans as rationally as possible and to emphasize that you care for them and other people, friend Cancer, if you want to rally support for your plans and actions. At the end of the season, you will swing into action to get the funds you need to make your dreams come true and might even manage to bring discussions to a close - to your advantage.

1st decan (June 21 - July 1): An ever-expanding summer
Don't hold back or step back at the start of this summer, when you will yearn to express your desires and come out of your shell. Venus, however, will urge you to take a short time-out from the romantic game between July 5th and 14th, so that you can figure out what you deeply and truly need to thrive and make it happen (on the 7th?). In August, your love-life will perk back up, and, between July 31st and August 9th, it will be all eyes on you. You will end this season bound and determined to give free reign to your desires (between August 26th and September 3rd). In the meantime, on Jupiter's ardent watch, you could make a few sparks fly and steal the spotlight at the start of autumn.

If you are in a relationship, you should make it through this summer unaffected by the upheavals that are likely to rock the other two decans, taking advantage of this cosmic immunity to take center stage in June, get in touch with your feelings and deepest needs in July, and do everything in your power to satisfy them in August, when Venus will occupy your sign (for the better) between July 31st and August 9th. You can count on this period to rekindle the flame and bring out of the shadows. Until, that is, promising autumn arrives and heats things up.

If you are single, you will hardly be in the mood to give even an inch in June and will strive, for the most part, to build your future according to your dearest desires. If you agree to get some distance on your past romances between July 5th and 14th, you can hope to adjust your behavior according to what you have learned and will once again take center stage on July 31st. It will be all eyes on you up until August 9th. So, use your obvious influence to seduce whoever you wish. At the end of summer, your appetites could increase even more until Jupiter's arrival in autumn (October) puts you in the perfect position to hit your mark and turn a few heads.

2nd decan (July 2 - 12): Don't go it alone
Be careful at the start of the season not to impose your orders on others (on the 25th, 27th, 28th, and 30th of June, as well as July 2nd and 6th) if you don't want to cause an outcry at home, where your actions will be deemed selfish and inconsiderate of your family's needs and desires. So, don't hesitate one second to open up dialog (July 14th) and learn to listen more respectfully to your partner (between July 14th and 22nd) if you wish to rally support for your vision of the world and the future instead of ending up all alone. Beware of foreseeable clashes with your partner at the start of August if you listen only to yourself. Rely on your irresistible charm between August 9th and 17th (and on the 10th and 12th) to put forth your own arguments and state your case with tact. Avoid squabbles with your loved ones in September (on the 5th, 20th) and be as clear and open as possible about your intentions if you wish to finally get others behind you without sowing disorder.

If you are in a relationship, you might tend too much to try to rule the roost at home this summer when you would do best to think twice before moving blindly forward on plans that call to you but which won't be the most popular at home. Avoid forcing anyone's hand at all costs (in June, beginning of August), especially your partner's, who won't let you push them around (around August 4th). To end this summer on the right path towards your dreams without alienating everyone around you, have open discussions without distorting things. Open and honest communication is your best bet for convincing your partner. On the other hand, if you muddle things, you will feel the consequences.

If you are single, you won't run short on dreams you wish to make a reality, or the desire to do so, but it will be patience, and tolerance, that you might be lacking when you notice that those close to you aren't necessarily ready to follow you without making a fuss or expressing their own desires. Try, as much as possible, to lend a listening ear and take into account what you are told if you don't want to turn everyone against you, who might not appreciate your personal manner of running things or your vision for the future. You can count on July (the 10th, 14th, 18th) to help you bring people together and on mid-August (on the 10th, 12th) to smooth things over, so that you can end this summer, and discussions, gently instead of on edge.

3rd decan (July 13- 22): An animated (and agitated?) summer
You will start of this summer with a head, and heart, full of ideas but will likely have trouble getting everyone around you on board with them around July 17th and 21st, when your yearnings for independence won't be to everyone's liking. Try not to turn against your loved ones (on the 24th) if you want to rally them behind your cause. In August (starting on the 20th), you will possess a great capacity for convincing others and so should (around the 27th) get to reach your ends and run your home life (moving, improvements, well-being) as you wish. You will end this mixed season feeling that you have been heard and understood and will be bound and determined to express your desires and make them a reality (September 2nd, 15th, 18th). As long, that is, as you realize what your limits are (on the 14th). This way, you can avoid unnecessary and useless frustration.

If you are in a relationship, and if you can manage to resist the temptation to impose your decisions on others in July, you will enjoy greater latitude in August to persuade your partner, and others, to take part in your plans and support your ambitions, especially when it comes to expanding your living space or moving so that you can grow and mature somewhere that allows you to thrive or even expand your family. Show your loved ones what they stand to gain from following you, how their horizons may be expanded in order to make them want to get behind you. Without a doubt, you will leave an impression on their minds and hearts, scoring a few points at the end of August (on the 27th) and enter this end to the summer, and fall, on a high note, feeling supported and anointed by those around you. Be careful not to overestimate your chances if you don't want (on the 14th?) to end up in a sticky situation, put there by obstacles you didn't notice.

If you are single, and you refuse to lead a guerrilla war in order to break free and do as you please without taking others' opinions and well-being into account in July, you could suffer a few setbacks around the 18th and 21st, when a storm will start to brew; So, try to keep your impulses in check and gain some distance on your emotions and desires, so that you can more subtly influence your loved ones (July 30th) and enter August at the top of your game and determined to win. Rely on your astounding charm (between the 17th and 26th) to seduce whoever you want. But, it is by taking your family's needs and opinions into account that you will manage to come up with constructive solutions at the end of August (on the 27th) that will let you thrive on a personal level. At least up until September, when your demanding sensuality and desire will push you to enjoy the present to the fullest and make your desires a reality as soon as possible. Be careful on the 14th, however, when you had better leave well enough alone and take your frustrating but unavoidable limitations into account (at least for now) if you want to build a future that will last.

My advice:

This season, you will yearn to take action to improve your living conditions, break out, and grow as you wish in a place that pleases you. Your cause is a just one, and your objectives attainable as long as you don't neglect to bring your loved ones on board with your plans and ask them their opinion before taking action and making a decision for everyone else.


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