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Wednesday, May the 24th
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Love in this season for Spring 2017 for the sign of for Cancer!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: The two aren't mutually exclusive.
Have you been spending too much time outside since February? Have you been tending to show off more at work than at home? Venus will endow you with a certain charm though this planet will not allow you to look after your private relationships. Rather, you will be pushed to win over those around you at work, those you need to really succeed. Why not? As long as you don't neglect your loved ones too much, or else they could make you pay for it. You will indeed take action to improve living conditions for yourself and your loved ones and will be dead set on enhancing your relations, warming up the ambiance at home, but you won't always go about it in the best way this spring, especially at the end of March and in April, when some will have to put up a somewhat gloomy daily life that will challenge them to move their relationships forward in the right direction. Which means...? It'll be up to you this spring to keep on shining bright at work, where you will seek to make your demands heard while taking into account your loved ones' expectations, friend Cancer, who will clamor for your attention.

1st decan (June 21 - July 1): The path is clear.
If you spend the majority of your seductive powers to get attention at work, no one at home should hold it against you too much. In fact, you will enjoy pleasant conditions that will enable you to act (and love) as you see fit this spring without incurring anyone's wrath. Starting at the beginning of June, you will construct romantic plans and will throw yourself body and soul into making your dreams a reality.

If you are in a relationship, Venus will endow you with a charm that you will use to get yourself noticed. There's no way you'll want to go unnoticed; you want to stand out from the crowd! You will have no trouble taking center stage without letting it eclipse your relationship. You will take advantage of this cosmic immunity to dream up big plans for the future with your partner, both of you doing everything in your power to implement them (a child, moving house?).

If you are single, you will want to seduce anything that moves this spring and won't lack any of the arguments you need to convince whoever you have your eye on to come with you. These will be circumstances that will be favorable to your romantic fulfillment, enabling you to find that special someone and to bring your family closer together. At the beginning of June, Venus will urge you to get back in touch with your friends and reinvent your life, implementing plans that entice you. Keep your eyes open (on the 9th): you could be introduced to someone that just might move you. Unless, that is, a friendship doesn't turn into something more!

2nd decan (July 2 - 12): Don't push anything on anyone!
Be sure that you're taking action this spring with your partner's approval. You are dead set on improving your living conditions and heating things up but, if you ignore others' comments, you could end up kicking yourself at the end of March. So, try instead to acknowledge your fault and do your utmost in May to prove to your loved ones that their concerns and interests are intimately linked to yours and that you are fighting for them, too. This way, you can start to lay the foundations for positive transformations in June for everyone.

If you are in a relationship, you won't exactly be known for your tact at the start of the season (March 30th), when you would do best to compromise with your partner rather than impose your ideas on them. They might not feel understood or even heard or respected, so try to get closer and tone it down a bit. Starting in May (on the 4th, 9th, 12th), you will succeed in bringing them into your winning plans and so could, in June (on the 3rd, 13th) start to make your dreams a reality.

If you are single, you will have your work cut out for you when it comes to communicating with, and getting your message across to, your family. Make sure to listen to what you're told (at least a little bit) if you want to end up convincing your loved ones that you indeed right across the board. You will have the opportunity in May to dream up big plans for the future with everyone's approval as well as, in June, to start to lay the foundations for them.

3rd decan (July 13- 22): Make sure not to scare anyone away.
You will have your work cut out for you bridging your professional and personal lives this spring. Are difficult decisions keeping you under pressure and causing differences between you and your partner? To finally ease tensions, you will have to successfully combine your crazy ideas with the demands and responsibilities of real life.

If you are in a relationship, and things are dragging at the start of the season, you are feeling torn between your desire to break free from your constraints at work and your duties at home, you should, however, manage to rally support for your suggestions, which will get everyone to agree around May 19th. It'll be up to you in June to fine-tune your plans so that they serve your personal interests while fulfilling your loved ones' expectations.

If you are single, it won't always be easy to bridge the gap between your desire to do as you please, to come out from under supervision at work and your need to take on the duties and responsibilities that fall to you in your private life. You will, without a doubt, be shaken up by the elements, which will force you to take a stronger stance. But, in May (around the 19th), you will manage to, when you will take responsibility for your actions and so should succeed in opening up new doors for yourself and setting off on adventure while securing your foundations, so that you can soon (end of August) feel free to dedicate yourself to more romantic plans (even building a home).

My advice:

This will be a lively season where you will have to navigate between fighting for your place in business and dealing with your family's demands. This could be a difficult mission to fulfill but one that is far from impossible if you take care (and the time) to share your current priorities and let your loved ones know that the sole goal of your efforts is to eventually bring them peace and happiness (which isn't necessarily true but pleasant to hear).


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