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Thursday, November the 23rd
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Cancer!

  Written by Daisy

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Love : Welcome Jupiter !
An autumn debut dedicated to communication? You will have it at heart to pass your messages smoothly and make yourself understood without hurting anyone! You will be able to count on Venus to encourage exchanges while waiting for the arrival of Jupiter who, from October 10th, invests in (for your pleasure) the field of your theme dedicated to your loves! Enough to rejoice pronto and until November 2018! If this fall, only the first two decans will benefit from the deal that restores color to their emotional life, all will benefit from the sensual and enthusiastic flows of the benevolent planet, which should not fail to reinforce your libido and warm the atmosphere ! Between the middle of October and the beginning of November, you will work to alleviate any tension in the family or simply to improve the living conditions at home. A time of conciliation with the desire to harmonize your links and to manage the stewardship. From the 7th of November (and until the 1st of December), Venus joins Jupiter and should then cause happiness for some (of the 1st decan) but also revive the desires of all and give you wings! The opportunity to finish the season and the year friend Cancer, carried by a state of affairs complicit to your desires and which, by the fall of 2018 should not fail to fill them!

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st) : Tropical Autumn!
You will be the first to be served and delighted this fall! Jupiter is in charge, from October 10th, to enchant your emotional life and multiply the chances of glee, find that special someone or rekindle the flame. By the end of November, you will not have to pray for trying your luck in love and putting rumba in the air. It's a story of spending the autumn warm and surfing on tropical, sensual currents that should not fail to ignite hearts and bodies. You will also enjoy good Venusian waves to tighten the family ranks or bring peace between October 14th and 22nd, abandon yourself to the vertigo of love between November 7th and November 15th and finish the season taking care of everyone (between the 1st and the 9th of December)! A season that promises to be beautiful and should keep its promises!

In a Relationship, if you find your relationship is stalling, your lovemaking scarce and your duo is floundering, rejoice because autumn might reconcile you with love and great thrills. Particularly from the 10th of October when Jupiter strengthens your libido and puts you back in the race. No more question then of putting on your slippers but to take them off and embark with the partner for the land of love. A memorable rekindling of the flame, a baby in sight? Whatever your desires, you should be able to satisfy them and return to a sensual complicity that may be a little bit dull on the 18th and the 26th of October and around the 13th of November where you could jubilate in ecstasy, in concert with your partner!

Single, You are desperate from a loneliness that weighed you down and you aspire to live stong moments and emotions in pleasant company. Autumn could well meet your wishes and carry you without delay to seventh heaven. Count on Jupiter (between October 10th and November 25th) to promote important encounters and passionate impulses. You will have unsurpassed talent to attract glances and catch hearts with every chance to retain one in passing, especially on the 18th and 26th of October and on the 13th of November, where your torrid magnetism and your boiling libido should wreak havoc around you and allow you to hit the bulls eye! A season to savor without too much moderation and an exceptional rating in love to use to break with a solitude that should soon be just a bad memory!

2nd decan (July 2nd- July 12th) : An enchanting end of season
Communication is given priority at the beginning of the season, where you will have it at heart to clarify the exchanges that you maintain with your entourage as harmoniously as possible! You will do everything possible (between September 28th and October 6th) to resume the dialogue with each other, the others and then seek (between the 22nd and 30th) to make yourself understood, to avoid reviving certain tensions likely to to darken the family harmony! Count on Venus (between the 15th and 23rd of November) to warm up the atmosphere, to boost your libido while awaiting the landing of Jupiter in the field of your theme dedicated to your loves on the 25th of November! Prepare to experience rare moments and to surf on an exceptional state of affairs (around December 3rd) that could turn your benchmarks upside down, cause you to mark hearts with an ideal and enchant your emotional life!

In a Relationship, If the season starts off rather rough, between compromises to be made in the family and the will to establish and maintain a constructive dialogue, your emotional life should regain some color at the end of November when Jupiter takes charge of relighting the flame and gives you the desire to evolve your relationship in the right direction. You will not lack either the means (an excellent power of seduction) or the arguments to convince your partner to follow you far and wide and why not to nirvana! An exhilarating end of season that could well reconcile you with an ideal vision of your relationship and place you in orbit around love!

Single, You approach the fall in rather subdued, sharing between the desire to pacify your family relationships or to improve your living conditions (framework) to be reviewed so that they meet your expectations again. It is truly from the end of November that the party begins! Jupiter on the 25th offers you the possibility to shine all your light, to radiate and seduce in all directions. It may be that you are focusing your attention on a person who should inspire you and make you want to turn a corner! A story, a soul mate and that special someone to attract in your nets and to retain, preciously, because it could possibly transport you to seventh heaven pronto! An ideal link that could be set up around the beginning of December and why not last a long time!

3rd decan (July 13th- July 22nd) : Other priorities?
A sensible choice to make at the beginning of the season (end of September) and palpable tensions in the family? You want to live at your leisure and find your place in the clan without having to cut your space! You want to manage the daily routine and activities that weigh on you and your morale a little, to your idea? You should be able to find the balance that you aspire to in November when opportunities to balance the load and open the hatches are emerging! So you will not necessarily have the time or the freedom of movement enough to be on a first name basis with the angels, rekindle the flame and simply warm your intimate life! But bet on Venus (between November 23rd and December 1st) to strengthen your libido and lift your chin a little while waiting for Jupiter (as of the end of next January) to blend your love and spice up your impulses!

In a Relationship, you have as a main objective this autumn to release yourself from tasks and heavy guardianships that mobilize you too much, for your taste, in the professional field. You fight to find time for yourself, to manage your ideas, your activities and flourish without too many constraints. You should end up getting what you want in November but it's a safe bet that before this deadline you will have little time to devote to the partner! You will catch up at the end of the season where Venus gives a second wind to your loves and much more this winter (from the end of January) where Jupiter heats things up pronto and could then allow you to catch up deliciously and sensually, lost time!

Single, you will probably have other things to do than to make conquests, preoccupied as you will be this autumn by a daily routine to manage closely and activities to organize according to your wishes. Indeed it is no longer a question of letting yourself be invaded or overwhelmed by work but to get the means to organize your schedule so that it does not encroach too much on your freedom! You will return to the vertigo of love in December when Venus titillates your senses but still more essentially from the end of January when Jupiter puts you in a trance and invites you to love and do everything to be successful!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season that could well mark minds and hearts. Venus dopes your power of seduction and makes you want everything? It's a safe bet that you'll get a lot this autumn when, no matter how many contrary winds will blow overhead, none should really alter the promises of the sky and prevent you from fully enjoying life and beautiful opportunities this fall to love and be loved! A season to optimize then while fully living the present moment!


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