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Sunday, February the 25th
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12 tips for a gentle winter
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Love in this season for Winter 2018 for the sign of for Cancer!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: High Stakes?
Saturn pushes your couple in its entrenchments and forces you to review your priorities in love but Jupiter gives you wings? Winter looks very emotional and should shake you up a little, a lot, passionately. Count on Venus early in the season to promote communication between you and your partner. You will indeed want to respond to their desires and expectations and make every effort, more generally, to take a step towards your lover or the first (step) toward your crush! So until January 18th you will redouble your attention to an entourage that will be sensitive to your marks of affection. Between January 18th and February 10th, count on Venus to strengthen your libido and make you want everything (if possible immediately). You will then be eager to change the link between February 10th and March 6th. No more to settle for little or trivial stories but to live one that is up to your expectations. Already in a relationship, friend Cancer, you will aspire to evolve the bond so that it remains inspiring and carries you far and wide! You will then close the season more in search of social recognition than proof of love (even if you do not disdain this, of course) and then put your charm at the service of your interests, being careful not to abuse it at the risk of cooling the atmosphere between you and your peers!

1st decan June 21st - July 1st): In Search of Direction!
Saturn has interfered since December 20th in the field of your theme dedicated to relationships. No more questions of flirting with love but instead to take a critical look at your romances. You must try to determine if your couple is still meeting your expectations and if your initial approach to the bond is still the evolution you have accomplished. This reflection will be necessary at the very beginning of the season (around December 25th) and will continue in January (the 13th)! Stay tuned to what is going on within you, in order to try to set new rules and a new balance likely to suit your quest for authenticity! In February (between the 10th and the 18th) Venus will invite you to widen your horizons and to make every effort to move the lines in the right direction You will end the season perhaps more concerned with your social representation that you will have it at heart to improve. So try to get your messages out without overdoing them, at the risk of displeasing social partners who will not give you anything or very little!

In a Relationship, winter will require you to be rigorous and pay close attention to the private sphere. Saturn invites you to do an autopsy on your relationship to see if it holds its promises or not. It is not a question of criticizing everything but instead of sifting through what still works or not, or no longer, in order to finally determine if the story is worth being extended. The beginning of the season thus exposes you to fundamental questions (end of December, mid-January). In February, you will invest in giving meaning and breath to your couple and in knowing what to say and what to do to achieve it. You will end the season perhaps more anxious to seduce your professional and private entourage but will however take care not to vex neither of them on the 13th, around where any excess of zeal or charm could turn against you.

Single, you will hardly be willing to pluck the petals from the daisy without inspecting them one by one. No question this winter of igniting with passion at first sight. You will be more inclined to examine the other and ask yourself about the benefits of a possible reconciliation rather than playing right into it. Old memories push you to take a wary eye on the person you like? You will, indeed, be selective (even a bit bitter) early in the season (late December, mid-January) and find more easily the chink in the armor rather than good reasons to love each other pronto and without reservation. Count on Venus to awaken your libido between January 18th and 26th and to give you again the desire to find that special someone between February 10th and 18th. You will then aspire to live a story that makes sense and could satisfy your desire for depth and thoughtful commitment. You close this demanding season, focused on more social goals rather than private goals and you are ready to deploy all your assets in order to make yourself noticed in society. However, try to spare the feelings around you by nuancing your approach and moderating your effects!

2nd decan (Juy 2nd - July 12th) : A Winter Somewhat ...Tropical!
With Jupiter as your ally, you will not be bored this winter and even less … to hibernate. From the beginning of the season, Venus supports tender initiatives from this warm planet and could then allow you to open the ball in style! January promises to be memorable and should leave a mark on your life! Whether you are a couple or looking for that special someone, you will enjoy ideal conditions to live unforgettable moments (the 8th, 9th, and 16th)! If Jupiter temporarily abandons your decan from January 21st, Venus will reinforce your sensual appetites between January 26th and February 2nd and will give you wings between the 18th and the 26th (21st)! In March, there is room for cultivating social relationships successfully around the 20th, where it's hard to see who could resist your charm!

In a Relationship, a season in paradise and loves far removed from the polar cold. You will indeed start the season warm in the arms of a partner as loving as you! Take advantage of this global warming to reignite the flame (January 8th and 9th) and turn an additional corner within your relationship (marriage, child?) On the 16th! You will then surf on a boiling libido (between January 26th and February 2nd) to tighten the ranks again and will do everything between February 18th and 26th to embark with your partner for the land of love! In March, if you put more power of seduction in the service of your professional interests, you will have enough to seduce everyone.

Single, it's now (the season) or never to embark on the adventure, seize your chance and transform your efforts. From the beginning of the winter, you have golden assets to hit the bull's eye (January 8th and 9th among others) and want to engage in a long story on the 16th! Venus will encourage passionate impulses and sensual romps between January 26th and February 2nd and should allow you between the 18th and 26th to achieve some of your emotional ambitions (the 21st). Winter should end on a decidedly glamorous note. Endowed with an irresistible charm, you will take advantage of your radiance to captivate everyone and your boss who will not know how to refuse you (the 20th)!

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd) : The Temperature Rises at the End of the Season !
No doubt you have managed this autumn to free yourself from obstacles that blocked your social progress. This winter, you will not necessarily be ready to sacrifice these recent successes on the altar of love. So in January, if Venus invites you to cooperate, to share and to take a step towards the other (between the 10th and the 18th), you will have to contend with your desire to please and your thirst for a so dearly acquired autonomy! Beware in January of the risk of clashes if you do not manage to separate things. Try (the 13th, 14th and 28th) to pay attention to the needs of those you love or want to attract in your nets if you do not want it to get stuck a little! In February, you may have a little trouble channeling your emotions and desires (on the 4th) but should (at the end of the month) succeed in raising the debates and orienting them in the right direction, that of the passions shared on the 27th! In March, there is room for the vertigo of love. You will not be asked to make up for lost time around the 1st, 24th, 11th and 13th when everything will be possible again and allowed!

In a Relationship, you would be well advised to pay attention to what you say and do this winter where, if you want to mark your personal territory too much vis-à-vis your partner and claim your autonomy, they may not take it very well! Caution is strongly recommended in January when, if you go over the limits, you will be put in your place or they will leave! Between January 26th and February 2nd, if Venus tends to reinforce your desire for sensual gratification, try on January 28th and February 4th, not to give in to your desires alone and take into account those of the other! From the end of February, you should finally be able to relax, let go (at least a little) and then have a great time with a partner you will seek to fulfill. An end of season which promises to be exciting and passionate and should give you the means to repair your mistakes and of course to reignite the flame in style (February 27th, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11th and 13th)!

Single, you will probably have your head and heart a little elsewhere early in the season where you will not necessarily be an ace of seduction. You will not lack charm or assets to seduce, just a little tact and attention to each other. If possible, avoid too clearly showing to whom you covet that your priority is to stay free if you really want to leave your mark. In January (the 13th), beware of mistakes and possible quarrels if you put your work before everyone else! If Venus exalts your libido between the 2nd and the 10th of February, not sure that the other wants to follow you in your fantasies (the 4th and 10th)! You will probably be more at ease in society than in private this winter and will probably have to wait until the end of the season to take back the reins of your love life and lead it then to safety. Take advantage of this current (February 27th, March 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11th and 13th) to finally make sparks that will ignite the fire in your and your crush's heart (and body) and finally make things deliciously serious. It was time!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season to unfold with your perspective focused on the ambition to move the lines in the right direction in love. Whether through a deepening of the moon or a commitment to engage in a meaningful story, this winter you intend to get out of the woods rather than stay there to hibernate and you will be right!


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