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Tuesday, February the 21st
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The Sign of Pisces
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Numerology 2017
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How do you break up?
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Love in this season for Winter 2017 for the sign of for Cancer!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Take time to grow closer or just to love!
This winter should start off gentle and, for some, in tune with their partner. Until January 3rd, your sensuality will be heightened and your appetite ravenous, which could let you turn the corner towards 2017 on a high note! Count on Venus, starting on January 3rd, to boost your ideals (and not just your romantic ones) and to help you expand your horizons and set the bar high in your love-life. All throughout this season that looks, in more ways than one, to be full of opportunities to love and be loved, make sure not to let your duties and daily obligations get the best of you and make you feel trapped or halt your momentum, especially at the end of January (on the 27th), in February (27th), and in March (on the 3rd, 12th, and 17th)! Jupiter has, of course, been offering you the chance (since September) to throw open the hatches and let some fresh air into your family life, improving living conditions for yourself and your loved ones, friend Cancer, but don't forget to set aside a little of your precious time for them if you want this winter to keep all its promises!

1st decan (June 21 - July 1): Have your cake and eat it, too!
You will rely on dialog at the end of December to get close(r) to your partner, communicating an ideal that inspires you to work your magic on everyone around you (on the 27th)! Ditto for the start of January (the 1st, 2nd), when you will be visibly inspired and inspiring. Between January 3rd and 12th, Venus will invite you to outdo yourself, to set off on a quest for the Holy Grail, even though, starting on February 3rd, your priorities could change and focus more on how to make your career take off! You might get the chance this winter to hit your mark in more area than one in your life.

If you are in a relationship,this will be a good season for drawing closer together. You will be dead set on restoring a bond that could let you end old conflict and elevate discussion. Use the end of this season, favorable as it is towards interaction, communication, to bring people together and fully dedicate yourself, perhaps with your partner, to making your social ambitions a reality starting in February!

If you are single,you will have numerous advantages helping you to grab whoever's attention you want (December 27th, 28th). You will possess a magnetic aura, a keen sense of communication, and the desire to find that special someone (between January 3rd and 12th)! From the start of February on, you will throw yourself into making your career take off, using all the charm you can muster to (successfully) make an impression on those around you and, why not? - even turn a few heads along the way!

2nd decan (July 2 - 12): A time for everything!
Do you yearn to find your ideal love? Neptune will kick this desire and ambition up a notch (December 30th), intensifying your interactions in January (on the 7th, 11th, and 20th)! Love, passion are in the air and on the schedule for this winter! Venus will boost your seductive powers and influence on everyone around you starting on February 19th, and so you might be tempted to use this charm more to rally support than to seduce the love of your life. Make sure, at the end of the month (on the 22nd), not to start a conflict by neglecting your partner. Fortunately, you will use the first to weeks of March, favorable to your fulfillment, to bring people together.

If you are in a relationship,you will desire to push past your previous limits and move your relationship forward and make sure it remains a source of inspiration. You will manage to do so without too much difficulty this winter, when your spirit and fervor should let you touch your lover's heart. The only pitfall to avoid? Your tendency to pay more attention to your work, which you will be able to forget about if you let your partner in on your desires and share your successes.

If you are single,you won't settle anymore for just anything and will do everything in your power this winter to make your ambitions a reality, whether in your private or social life. You have an ideal in mind (and in your heart) and will follow your dreams until they become reality. In order, then, to win over hearts and score points professionally, avoid (especially from February 19th on) spending your time showing off at work! In March (between the 2nd and 10Th), you will know how to find the words you need to communicate your passions to your partner and persuade them to believe in, and follow, you!

3rd decan (July 13- 22): Other priorities?
The start of this season looks to be intense! You could succeed in reaching an important (professional) goal around Christmas and could run into a few dilemmas that won't necessarily be easy to resolve on the 26th! In January, you will surely be torn between serving your professional or private ends. Expect to ride out trends that could be difficult to reconcile. Somewhat lively conditions are to be expected (start and end of February) but also a time-out this month that will be favorable for your fulfillment (on the 9th and 12th)! You should, then, get to close out this season on tenterhooks (March 3rd), caught between a rock and a hard place, between your desire to outdo yourself and certain constraints that may be holding you back. But not for much longer!

If you are in a relationship,you will sometimes have trouble managing often antagonistic energies this winter. If, at the end of December, you are face to face with a decision to be made, you will have to take responsibility for the consequences that follow (no matter what they are)! You will yearn to free yourself from the chains that have been stunting your growth and keeping you in line, which you will manage to do, but not without going through some turbulence that might affect your emotional serenity from time to time.

If you are single,this will be a season that will shake you up a bit but for the better. No more letting yourself be overwhelmed by work, perhaps. You will, above all, seek to free yourself from the burdens that are frustrating you, and so you might not have much time to dedicate to your love-life this winter. You will have trouble being everywhere at once, though your quest for financial freedom may offer you opportunities (as long as your head and heart a somewhat available) to have fun and in good company.

If you are in the northern hemisphere:
This is a season where you will have your work cut out for you everywhere. Make an attempt, then, share out your time so that you don't forget anyone, can contribute to your loved ones' happiness, and thrive as a family without letting your own personal goals take up all your time and overwhelm you!

If you are in the southern hemisphere:
This summer, you will find the opportunity to meet your soul-mate or to bring peace to an already existing relationship. In order to do so, you will have to first and foremost believe in yourself, in your powers of seduction, and your ability to hold onto your lover. If are sure of your skills, the rest will come naturally.


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