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Wednesday, April the 26th
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Love in this season for Spring 2017 for the sign of for Aquarius!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: After the rain comes sun.
Venus has been enabling you since February to get your messages across with tact, especially with your family, who you wish would understand you and whom you wish to bring together. You yearn to expand your horizons, to break out of the conditioning that has been restraining your room for maneuver a bit (or a lot), so that you can build something that will last and fully commit to a life plan that fits you well. You will then have to agree to confront certain obstacles this spring that could set you back from time to time. Whether it's a lack of funds to make your dreams come true or misunderstanding on the part of those close to you that's holding you back, you will know how to step into action all throughout this season to assert your rules on your loved ones, friend Aquarius, as well as to masterfully (and authoritatively?) manage your romantic life, which will have to submit to your whims and get behind you. This looks to be a rather rocky spring that will, at times, make you lose your cool but will also, in the end, invite you to liberate your emotions, to boost your romantic life, and to set your destiny moving in the right direction, one that inspires you personally.

1st decan (January 21 - 31): No (or few) storm clouds on the horizon.
You will escape the storms and downpours that the other two decans will have to put up with this spring. If the harmonious relationship that was established in February seems to falter a little at the start of the season (and up until April 3), it should start back up better than before starting on April 28th, and so enable you in May (up until the 14th) to really make yourself understood by those around you and, in June (on the 9th), to bring everyone closer together, thanks to how well you've been running the home, as well as your desire, and above all ability, to restore peace (and order) at home.

If you are in a relationship, you should manage to keep a healthy level of communication between you and your lover. Though certain topics will shake communication up at the start of the season (between the end of March and the beginning of April), you will, starting on April 28th (and up until mid-May), know how to supply the right responses that will put everyone in agreement and let you take advantage of this spring-like climate in May and June to get closer to your lover, reworking your day-to-day life to better fit your aspirations.

If you are single, you've likely been enjoying a certain level of popularity with those around you since February, who will appreciate your ideas and irresistible charm. Take advantage of this great popularity to try (at the end of March, beginning of April) to bring up certain sensitive topics that might impact your tranquility. You will without a doubt find the right responses to your (material?) problems and will, starting at the end of April, get to bounce back at the top of your game, more sure of yourself and ready to make a few sparks fly in love, as well as restore harmony home.

2nd decan (February 1 - 10): Cloud cover ahead!
You will start this spring off in a rather uncomfortable position. Frustrating conditions will force you to reel it in a bit, to put up with obstacles that might be difficult to understand at times, even harder to overcome, and which could darken your horizons around March 30th. You and your partner (and others) won't get along too well, and so you will likely have to wait until the end of spring to find (at home) a means of making yourself heard, understood, and respected. Fortunately, you can count on a nice lull in June (on the 3rd, 13th), when love could sweep you off your feet and enable you to enter this summer at the top of your game.

If you are in a relationship, it might be difficult to find the right arguments to get everyone to agree this spring. From the beginning of the season on (around March 30th), you will run into some push-back that will be hard to understand and which could thwart your desires. So, keep calm and try to wait patiently until you find the right words or means to convince those around you that the solutions you're proposing are the right ones (May 9th, 13th?). Though you might suffer a few disappointments at the end of May (the 25th), you should, in June, bounce back thanks to the love of your partner or children, which will enable you to once again see the bright side of life.

If you are single, you will definitely have to put up with a few cosmic hazards that should disrupt your happy bliss. You've been yearning to spread your wings, but the weather will suddenly turn and stop you from taking flight (around March 30th). You will all season long have to fight to stand up for your rights and make your voice heard. Which won't be easy in April. In May, you will be more convincing (on the 9th, 3th) but probably a little disappointed on the 25th. You will have to wait until June to once again enjoy a somewhat lighter atmosphere that is favorable to your love-life, new encounters, and thrilling romance (on the 3rd, 13th). It's enough to make you forget all about this mixed season's ills.

3rd decan (February 11 - 18): Keep your feet on the ground (hard for an air sign)!
Your ideas won't exactly win over your loved ones at the start of the season when difficult decisions will be the topic of debate. Make sure, in April to control your desires so that they conform (at least somewhat) to reality and are credible. You will, in fact, encounter some trouble communicating effectively and will probably have to wait until May to restart discussion, to your advantage, and find a path forward that is likely to please all (around the 19th). You should get to close out this spring all abuzz but advised to take others' suggestions into consideration as well.

If you are in a relationship, you will think big and not really want to rein in your desires, though you will have to make sure to consult those around you first and to follow their advice (at least a little) if you don't want to end up in an uncomfortable spot this April. A lack of funds preventing you from realizing your aspirations? So try not to clown around and wait until May (the 19th) to come up with the right solutions, the ones that will convince your loved ones to follow you by involving them in your unconventional life plans while respecting the limits in place (like your bank account, perhaps?). You will manage to end this season supported and publicly acclaimed as long as you stick to your commitments and don't spiral out of control.

If you are single, you will yearn to push the boundaries of what is possible and attain a new life ideal. Why not? As long as you don't overstep your bounds at the start of the month. If you refuse to keep at least one foot on the ground, you could end up not appreciating the energies coming your way in April, which will tend to nail you down and chill the passions of your loved ones. In May, you will fortunately once again be in touch with reality (on the 19th) and so can hope to get your bold message across and make your wildest ideas a reality (on June 1st, 3rd), as long, that is, as you stay conscious of your limits (on the 15th?) and don't overstep them.

My advice:

This is a season that will shake your convictions, upset your emotions, and, in the end, help you figure out what is truly important to you and what is not, what gives you wings and what has run its course.


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