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Monday, November the 20th
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Aquarius!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Between a Quest for Love and Social Ambitions
A hypersensitive sensuality in this early autumn when Venus exalts passions and makes you want everything? Until the middle of October, this delicious planet reinforces your desires and your libido and could sometimes give you eyes bigger than your tummy, exposing you to possible frustrations. Starting October 14th, you'll definitely want to evolve your links or find that special someone. No question, indeed, of contenting yourself with mundane loves or routine exchanges but to raise yourself above the daily routine to live inspiring moments with your partner, friend Aquarius or in search of the other! Then? You will no doubt be looking for social recognition (between November 7th and December 1st) and you will thus use your irresistible charm to try to melt everyone and get your boss on board. Note that Jupiter, which encouraged you to broaden your horizons since September 2016, will take charge from October 10th to boost the professional ambitions that you will seek to realize by the fall of 2018! In December, there is room for the tender projects that you hatch with delight and that you have at heart to realize as soon as possible. You can count on your friends, your loved ones, a network, a clientele or an audience to carry your dreams and relay your initiatives and thus close the season and the year well surrounded.

1st decan (January 21st – January 31st ) between big inspirations and the need for authenticity
A Torrid beginning of the season, followed by great impulses to live without too much reserve between October 14th and 22nd when you dream of embarking for the land of love with your partner, to find your soul mate and in any case to revive your loves. From the 10th of October (until the end of November), an ambitious Jupiter could mobilize you on the professional front where you will want to be noticed. You will be able to distinguish yourself on October 18th and 26th and especially mid-November (the 13th) where your popularity rating could skyrocket. Then bet on your indisputable power of seduction to mark the spirits and score points and why not some hearts in passing. In December (between the 1st and the 9th), Venus will inspire you with tender projects and will favor the nettles between friends, social ties and solidarity in general. Enjoy these warm networks without delay before Saturn, from December 20th, will cast a little shadow on this charming picture. It will then be time (by the end of 2018) to draw lessons from the past and sort out what is still working and what you definitely seem to be giving up for one day or another, Begin a new cycle of evolution resolutely in agreement with yourself!

In a Relationship, this autumn, you will have many assets to experience a season rather favorable to your expansion on all levels. If Jupiter invites you to concentrate primarily on your business and to do everything possible to turn a corner (a priori with success), you will not neglect to reserve for yourself, moments of complicity with a partner who will undoubtedly be proud of your success! You will not hesitate then, to buil,d castles in the sky together while awaiting the arrival of Saturn which, from December 20th, will force you to closely examine the path traveled and perhaps to leave behind what does not seem in tune with the future you are considering!

Single, a rather benevolent autumn with your loves, which will have to contend with social aspirations likely to hold your attention from the 10th of October. It is up to you to extract yourself from your quest for glory (legitimate) and a busy schedule, in order to to set yourself in search of that special someone. Unless you find it at work (between the 7th and 15th of November)? This fall, you will have many opportunities to shine with all your fire. Do not miss any because Saturn, which comes out of the shadow of your decan from the 20th of October, will ask you to go through your hopes, your recent or older choices to learn the lessons of the past and affirm a new maturity that will push you, one day or another, to make fewer unnecessary concessions!

2nd decan (February 1st – February 10th) : Beware of the challenges of a promising season
At the beginning of the season (between September 28 and October 6), you will be able to count on your boiling senses to create sparks in love and conjugate passion and great thrills, without too much reserve, around October 3rd and 5th where your relations with your partner (and the others) will be neither lukewarm nor compassionate! You will then aspire (between October 22nd and 30th) to move the lines and evolve your stories. However, will have to contend (around the 28th) with a tendency to sabotage your great impulses (often unconsciously)! Try to determine what motivates you to do this, to regain control of your ambitions and get your relationships back on track! In November, you may want to make an impression on the world around you and use your seductive power to increase your social prestige. All the more so as Jupiter clearly encourages this trend from the 25th of November. Your loves may then be relegated to the background of your concerns even if nothing prevents you (16th and 21st) trying your luck and taking off! You should end the season and the year rather carried by a good economic situation that should fill your desires of ascension and do not forbid you to have a good time and to build tender plans (between the 9th and the 17th of December)!

In a Relationship, between sensual and perhaps fusional moments that you will share with a delightfully willing partner in early autumn and a thirst to broaden your horizons and evolve the relationship; beware around the 28th of October not to lose yourself in the meanders of your unconscious that often plays bad tricks on Aquarius' in love. Between contradictory desires and subliminal messages sent to the other likely to upset them, be sure to pinpoint your real expectations. This way you avoid putting your foot in your mouth unnecessarily and can manage more easily whatever comes. Indeed, in November, you will certainly seek to strengthen your popularity rating at work and will ignore any effect to achieve it. You can bet on Venus (between the 15th and the 23rd of November) to charm those you speak with. Starting on November 25th, Jupiter makes you want to deploy your wings and nothing and nobody will seem able to slow down your impulses. In December, count on a sky complicit in your social (and financial) ambitions to accelerate the movement on all levels and why not enjoy some time rather complicit in your desires to train the other in your dreams and tender wishes !

Single, if you start the season rather in an uproar, endowed with a libido in trance, you will then be interested in discerning correctly (end of October) the missed acts that could alter your success in love. Beware of what you say (or do not say) it could make you doubt who you want to seduce and retain the authenticity and depth of your commitment. In November, Venus is in charge of increasing your social prestige and Jupiter, from the 25th, follows suit. It will then be a combination of professional ambitions and desire to preserve your recent links or to catch someone you like in your nets! In December a rather inspiring cosmic state of affairs could well give you the opportunity to hit the bulls eye on all levels!

3rd decan (February 11th – February 18th) : Fall Storms Forecasted
Small (big) tensions to be expected in early autumn? Between your desire to express your originality and the need to convince the greatest number, beware of uncontrolled slip-ups at the end of September. Whether in business or in love, you will have to manage people and events with a grain of salt, and if Venus winks at you, tending to boost your libido (between October 6th and 14th) you are not safe from setbacks and experience some moments of intense frustration around the 8th, where your voracious appetites will have to cope with some restraints to your projects! You will no doubt seek to push back the boundaries of the possible and to regain your momentum between October 30th and November 7th when Venus will incite you to raise the debates! Count on a constructive environment that has protected you since December 2016 and encourages you to move forward, no matter how difficult it is to clear the issues and re-engage with others. A story now of ending the season in osmosis rather than squabbling with those you love. In December, if you take care not to initiate polemics (the 1st) you should be able to pacify the exchanges and finally make yourself understood the 10th, 16th and 20th, where love and friendship will finally resume their rights!

In a Relationship, a rather hectic season is coming and you would be well inspired this autumn to prefer consultation over confrontation, if you want to win at the game of love (and social) without causing too many sparks. Beware, in fact, of a tendency to say aloud what others think in their heads, at the risk of upsetting the feelings of your partner or a friend who might then be angry with you; thus leading to the risk of clashes and misunderstandings around the 8th and 11th of October. In November you will have an interest in surfing on a harmonious cosmic wave, without reserve, to calm things down and then try to persuade your partner to believe you and follow you. In December, if you know how to do it and spare your audience, you will succeed in seducing them and getting everyone on board.

Single, an autumn placed under high cosmic tension with precautions to take so as not to explode in your exchanges. Be careful especially late September (the 28th) and the beginning of October (the 8th) not to exceed the limits and not to claim too much that you have all the rights, if you do not want to trigger shields against your interests, whether they be emotional or social. You will enjoy the unconditional support of the sky (which protects your initiatives since December 2016) to renew a constructive dialogue with those you love and why not then build castles in the sky for the long-term, with someone you like, where you will do everything to seduce them, successfully around the 6th, 10th, 13th, 16th and 20th of December when your difference in tone finally allows you to score points and mark minds and hearts!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season that will not exclude, in any way, the effusions and the highlights to be sought or shared, but where certain challenges to be met on the professional plan could take precedence over your hoped and planned embarkations to the land of love. It is up to you to succeed in marrying love and ambition so that in the end, one does not prevent the other!


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