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Thursday, November the 26th
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Horoscope for Aries for February 2014

  Written by Daisy

You think a lot, maybe too much?
A month for looking to the future, making plans and coming out of your shell? This will be so you can connect with the entire world and preferably with your friends, who will be waiting just for you to celebrate or give full rein to their dreams! Your imagination will enable you to create something very appealing, but... since the end of December, you have been very preoccupied with the past and memories to be explored, for better or for worse.

This nostalgia could turn into an obsession and distance you from the joyful prospects on offer in February? Maybe you'll be searching deep within you and within your memory to pour oil on the troubled waters currently causing divisions in your relationship, Friend Aries, or setting you against others.

Conflicts dragging on eternally!
In fact, a combative Mars, somewhat aggressive and on the offensive, has been winding you up against your partner and making you the target of his/her anger since 7th December 2013. You would do better to tackle this in no uncertain terms, rather than withdrawing into yourself and feeling guilty, which would undermine you, or worse still, feed resentment, which will only reinforce the criticism and digs you are giving each other! And don't count too much on Venus for support! Since last November, this delightful planet has put more effort into parading around in society and creating an effect, than looking deeply into things, at the risk of exacerbating the situation still further.

Stopping chewing things over and try to understand!
From 18th February, the Sun is going to invite you to withdraw from the scene (which will become rather risky) and take the time to identify your real enemies (often yourself, in fact) and retrace your steps. This won't be to chew things over, Friend Aries, but to learn the lessons of the past and prepare to tackle the next cycle coming up (from your next birthday) with as much awareness as possible. The end of the month will cut you off from your fellow creatures, but it will help you to sort out the essential from the trivial effectively, so you can recover, rest and recharge your batteries!

You will currently be one of the darlings of a cosmos which will be somewhat rampant, so would you really ignore this privilege, willingly? Ultimately, however, you will emerge from this turbulent period (and the trials and tribulations) with increased maturity. This will have enabled you to grow as a person, evolve and probably love in a genuine manner, growing closer to your other half without sacrificing your freedom , in the hope that that your relationship will last and bring you the best in life!

My Advice:

An atmosphere of ructions and great tension around the 26th? Better to find a solution than be provocative, or you will risk disappointment, not to say rejection!

Over the month of for February 2014 for the star sign for Aries:

The first week,
On the 3rd, avoid getting worked up about something and nothing in a counter-productive manner. Keep a cool head and study the situation before diving in head first!
On the 4th, feeling hemmed in on all sides? Give it all you've got, if you want to avoid finding yourself in a position of deadlock!
On the 5th, reflection will enable you to take a step back and see the events upsetting you from a higher plane! Better to withdraw from the scene, so you can identify your enemies and count your losses!
On the 6th, play it safe, which will reassure those close to you, as well as your colleagues, who will be somewhat on edge at the moment and maybe worried by decisions taken without much thought?
On the 7th, having to face up to a (financial) problem which goes back quite a long way? Try to get a grip on things and come up with some sensible solutions, rather than sink into self-doubt, or worse still...into disarray!

The second week,
On the 11th, your plans will come up against resistance that will be insurmountable for the moment. Better to accept this, rather than grumbling or trying to force the issue, which could rebound on you!
On the 14th, the full moon will appeal to your creative flair, enabling you to give full rein to your dreams. Unless you think of love as a way of lightening the atmosphere and lighting up the way ahead, which will currently be rather ... chaotic!
On the 15th, thanks to support from a circle (of friends) or a network (clients or people in general), you will manage to mount a defence which will hold firm, and come up with future solutions for resolving conflicts!
On the 16th, imagination will win the day and a circle of friends, who won't let you down and will enable you to see a way out of the crisis? You can count on your faithful supporters to defend you and enable you to free up an exit route!

The third week,
On the 19th, a sizeable financial obstacle blocking your route and ruining your plans? Don't dig in your heels, especially in the face of evidence, or you'll risk strengthening your adversary without managing to pull things off for the moment!
On the 20th, in retreat, you'll take a necessary step back to tackle situations with greater awareness and thus learn the lessons of the past!
On the 21st, carry out a review of what you need to do, and study closely what is stopping you from making progress at the moment (and maybe has been for a long time). Opt for reflection, rather than direct and impulsive action, in order to put strategies in place that will soon get you out of the current situation.
On the 23rd, guided by intuition and inspiration? Make the most of this to ask yourself deep and searching questions. Don't sidestep the issue and try to flee the evidence before your eyes!

The fourth week,
On the 25th, your seductive powers will enable you to score points and gain the time to make arrangements?
On the 26th, don't push things too far on a day when you will be faced with responsibilities on the family front, or clashes which have been threatening for quite a while. Avoid straining at the leash and accept your responsibilities!

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