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Sunday, February the 25th
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Tweet for St. Valentine's Day!

  Written by Alison

To have one of the most successful romantic nights, thread some fluid (but not chilly) words that will call to your darling's zodiac personality. Here is what we have crafted for your preliminaries in words in the context of each sign, to make it a very romantic chirp:

Let's love until out of breath!
Would you like to have an unforgettable dinner with me, with some rock music at the background and with a chance to dance between two sips? We'll make our emotions go round in a waltz and will dance our life!

Miming feelings and playing the big game
For a moment, let's find ourselves where improvisation will run the show. Let's have fun by playing everyone their role, by revealing who we are by virtue of the Game of Thrones characters.

Cocooning tendency with pinch of emotions
Your sensibility opens up my own heart and I'd love to fuse our feelings in a cocoon just for the two of us. I will make a nest specially conceived to protect and preserve you.

Intellectually intoxicating
May I solicit you to profit from your critical sense and your analytic vision concerning a matter that appeals to me? I'm sure you can lend me a hand. Someday I'll return like for like.

Love or rage
Your strong character and intense intuition never leave me indifferent. If I unveil myself to you, do you promise to burn inside me?

Organized and unclouded happiness
I promise you I'll take charge of this night out from A to Z so that we could get to know each other better in a climate of perfection and exigency.

All daft, all fire
I could see us at an incredibly free-and-easy party sprinkled with eccentricity and a taste of experience. Living in liberty and together, isn't that your credo?

Your sensibility and inspiration strike me right in the heart. I'd like to be part of your dreams for enriching them. I'm sure we can make an all-mystery duo.

In the menu: senses' delight
I love cooking yummy meals that leave behind an unforgettable taste. Would you like to get carried away by my cuisine's temptation? It has a faculty of awakening the depths of our nature, our love for delicacies!

Shine with a million lights
You are so sunshiny that I need to live on your light. Upon closer view, you are on top with your drama sense and your panache, that's why I'd like to get to know you!

Affinity with classiness
I'm convinced that you're the perfect presence for Saint Valentine's Day. Your sociability, subtlety and harmonious relations with others, whatever happens, are a pledge of the art of life…

Trip invitation
Inside yourself you conceal a world that allows your company to go on a trip. May I embark on my own tour with you?

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